Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm waiting for my dad to come back and we'll be leaving to the airport immediately. I'm going back to Malaysia today, and I'm having mixed emotions about it.

Firstly, everyone, I mean almost everyone is leaving Dubai. Faidhi is going to Malaysia to do pre-U there and after a year he'll be leaving for Canada. Haziq and Luqman are moving to Saudi and Adi is coming back to work in Malaysia.

Though I still have my local friends, Marwa, Radha, Reem and a lot more, I still love the company of my Malaysian friends. I still have Anum *if she does not move to Malaysia too*, and other people along with kids, but those people are the closest to me here. Anum, sorry didn't get to see you this time in Dubai, will see you in Malaysia NEXT WEEK!!! Haha.

Dubai has brought a lot of memories, shaped my life and being a part of me. I can't imagine if suddenly daddy and mummy decided to leave too =(

Well, I have a list of things to do once I'm back in Malaysia and I only have one day before I go back to Melaka for the wedding.

Gotta get going. My flight's in a few hours and we haven't had lunch yet. Maybe having lunch in the airport later...

Adi, thanks for the seats!! =) See you in Malaysia!!!!

Faidhi, gimme your number as soon as you LAND in Malaysia. Haha..

Guess that's all from me, till I arrive in Malaysia...

From Dubai with love!~

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