Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tale As Old As Time

Flipping that story book you've had for so long sometimes bring unexpected feelings. Joy, happiness and also sadness, all combined into one, giving you that unexplained feeling.

Two nights ago I went to watch one of the greatest movies of all time, Beauty and The Beast in 3D with Pink!!!

I remember those days when I would be rewinding the video tape over and over again, and how I wanted brunette hair so much, and that yellow dress :p

Maybe my love of Disney influenced my choice of stuff bought for my wedding. Hahaha.

The movie was awesome, and the pictures were super clear! I enjoyed watching it as a child, I enjoyed it even more that night.

Thanks Pink for our girls night out before I tie the knot. Reminds me of a lot of other girlfriend dates I need to fulfill before my big day :) Wait up girls!!

And yes, final semester plus wedding planning has been tiring and time consuming, but I'm enjoying every single moment of it. Thanks sayang :)

Week 2 in Internal Medicine! Time flies!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


A. M. A. Z. I. N. G

Was the only thing I could say as I walked out the cinema hall. Given that this is Neelofa's first movie, that word can't even describe half of it!!

You know when you watch a movie and you kinda have the feeling like the hero and heroin are really in love, and that you would die to see them come together in real life? That is how real it felt, the love between Azura and Zack.

Azura 2012 is a different movie from the previous Azura. I would ask the viewers not to compare these two as both of it has their own stand in the eye of the film maker. What I can say about Azura 2012 is that it has a fresh approach to the movie, combining parts that are most important to be instilled in a remake and combining it with what we can relate here nowadays.

Azura is about a girl raised by her aunt after the death of her parents, trying to pay her way through college, and she meets a guy, who is rich and spoiled. And the journey of their story begins there.

This is not just about a story of love, it is a story about trust, promises and faith. And most importantly, change. It portrays how one can change, if he or she desires.

This is the trailer of the movie, and I feel really bad for not being able to watch it on its release date as I was in Kelantan. But the chance to watch it with Neelofa herself made the wait worth it :)

Well I met Lofa before the movie started but we had to had our chat down at the parking lot as the fans were really excited to see her and that they wouldn't want to miss the chance they have to take pictures with her :)

It feels good to be able to see her again though it was just a small chat. She was exhausted as she works from 7am to 11pm daily and has another shooting the following day!! Oh well, she's young and energetic, so this is definitely the time to aim high!!! As for me, I am definitely gonna watch Azura again. I'm loving the acting and the soundtrack!! And no, I am not just saying this because she's my friend. Watch it yourself, and judge :)

To miss Neelofa, congrats dearest for your first movie :) I will always be supporting you!!

I would also like to wish Happy 23rd Birthday dear Neelofa :)

May all your wishes and dreams come true!

Love you to bits!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saying Yes

I said yes.

Now that everything is official and set into place, I can finally announce it...

I'm getting MARRIED, insyaAllah :)

Just a few months ago, Farid and I were chatting and he said, 'In a few months things will be different, would you want to be with me and face all the changes together?'

I somehow knew it was coming, with kakak's wedding fairly after her final examinations, but there is always something in me which made all this commitment scary.

It wasn't as romantic as I pictured it would be as a child, no fireworks, no jets or hundreds of flowers, just a simple ring, and a question.

I looked into this eyes and wondered if I am ready to be with this man for the rest of my life, to have and to hold through thick and thin, and I realize, I love him, and much more.

Our relationship was barely a year old when he proposed, and he told his parents about the idea. So when my parents came back for their holidays, and they met each other. Everything was set. And I can't be any happier.

I know I haven't shared much about Farid before. My love life has been a roller coaster ride, with a lot of emotions involved, heartaches and tears, and also joy and laughter. But what I'm sure is that I am happy to finally find someone who can understand me, to be by my side in my worst state and to love me despite my monthly mood swings :P

And with all my heart, I love him too :)

We've been setting the dates, the venue, the color scheme, the dresses, bridesmaids and everything during this one month holidays, and I'm grateful I've got everything in order before school starts next week. I know it is not an easy task, but watching my aunt plan almost 10 weddings before me kept me on track.

I've got my budget list checked and rechecked, list of to-do's and necessities done. I'm practically all set for a wedding. :) Will update on how it goes, definitely.

Pray that everything runs smoothly, and that I will be able to endure the stress of all bride-to-be's better :) Ameen.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Racing World

The world is a race.

That is what we learn since we were born, or even before. Since young, we were trained to survive, to live and to be able to held our heads up high.

With the fast world ahead us, sometimes we forget the small things in life that matters most, like family, friends, laughter and tears.

It is Maulidur Rasul tomorrow, the birth of the final prophet, Muhammad SAW. Let us all take a moment to reflect on the years that has pass us by, years, times we could never get back, seconds gone, leaving us with uncertainties of tomorrow.

Sometimes I wonder what would it be if I were to live back then? What would The Prophet say if I went to him consulting my problems?

But I believe he has left enough for us muslims to live our life, and great guidance - The Holy Quran and his Sunnah.

In this racing world, I miss you, ya Rasulullah, hoping that somehow someday I would be able to see your face and understand Islam like you. In this racing world, I wish to be better, for my family and everyone who loves me. In this racing world, I wish to live by your guidance, and be a better muslim, insyaAllah.

Salam Maulidur Rasul.