Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Little Milk Addict

Since I was pregnant, maybe even before, I was a big fan and a true believer of breast milk. For one thing, it comes for free :p haha

I'm grateful that from my 32nd week of pregnancy, my body has been showing signs that I am, God willing, able to lactate. I've been reading a lot about latching and good foods for breast milk and everything, so when Aleesya came, I was ready.

The first time I fed Aleesya was immediately after she was out. I was really happy seeing that the sucking reflex of my baby is good, and that she was able to latch on well.

I am planning to breastfeed Aleesya till at least 2 years old, and I hope that my breastfeeding journey will be eased. Even before Aleesya was born, I bought all the essentials needed to be able to store my milk once I return back to work :)

I've been training Aleesya to be able to feed by bottle so that she will be able to take EBM. It has been successful at home, however I noticed that Aleesya refuses bottle when we're out. Maybe she's not comfortable taking bottle and feels more secure when she's closer to me :) So I've decided to just walk to the baby room whenever she's hungry. 

Outings and shoppings will never be the same again, but I am certainly havinh fun. If you have a date with me and I'm late, I think you can find me here...

Sometimes I get scared if Aleesya is too full or something as she keeps on demanding milk! But she is growing anyway, so I feed her on demand :) her weight has doubled up from birth, and she's even longer. Haha. She's fitting into her clothes better now. And me, being an overly attached mom, bought a bunch of clothes online for her! Hahah. Oh well, she is my daughter afterall :p

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How My Day Starts

Lately my days have started rather early as Aleesya has been constantly waking up at 5.30am. She'll sleep at about 12 or 1 am, with no interruptions in between. Such a cutie.

Usually I'll have to feed her, then try to put her back to bed, which will only be successful after Farid has left for work. Such a daddy's girl. Huhu.

Then I'll put her on my bed and hug her as that's her favourite way to fall asleep, and sometimes I fall asleep as well!

Sigh. It's such a blessing to have you in our life, Fayruz Aleesya.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aleesya's First Jab

Today marks Aleesya's 6th week of life! And she has a doctor's appointment for her first immunisation. 

I usually tell her if we're going to do anything new, so I told her about the jab and that it might hurt. I told her that it was okay to cry a bit, but not too much and that the jab is to make her healthy :)

Farid's working late today so he can't come to the hospital with us, so mama, bapak and little Dayyan brought us to the hospital instead.

Aleesya had to fast before the vaccine is given, so I fed her till she was full before leaving the house. She feeds two hourly, so I was rather worried that she might get hungry if the waiting line was long.

The first vaccine was given orally, and as Aleesya was already hungry, she did not reject it at all! The next one was a jab at her thigh. I was really worried, so I got mama to hold her while the doctor was injecting.

She did let out a cry which lasted for a whole 30 seconds, then went quiet. Sigh. She's such a good girl.

Now we are home happily and she is back in her comfort zone, on her bouncing chair with blankie and beanie ;)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Ready

Life has definitely change for Farid and I with the presence of Aleesya. I wouldn't say that it is easy, but we are having fun learning day by day.

Yesterday marks the day I finish my pantang and we had a family outing + Baem's wedding.

Usually it will take about an hour for Farid and I to get ready before any date. But yesterday, we had to add up another hour to get our little princess ready.

The fuss was all about her. Is she full? Are her diapers wet? Have we pack her bag? How many extra diapers do we need? What about a change of clothes?

I made sure that Aleesya was full before we leave the house, as she'll be in the car seat and I don't want her to feel hungry and need to feed her while in the car as it will be rather dangerous. After feeding and burping her, I ended up with this on my skirt.....

This is totally a new experience for us and we are totally loving it. Aleesya on the other hand has been a really nice baby, even when she's not sleeping she'll be able to play by her own in her pram. 

Here's to many more family outings. What would I do without these two?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Titanic: Nothing On Earth Could Come Between Them

I remembered when Titanic was a big hit in the cinemas. I was only 9 I guess, and the first time I went to the movies was when I was 15, so instead of the movies, I watched it from a video tape (no CDs yet that time)

I was really moved by the whole love story, I even thought that the characters were actually real. Haha. I know, I'm silly that way.

I also LOVE the soundtrack - My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. She has been one of my favourite singers of all time!!

It has been years since the last time I watched Titanic. Then today, it was on Fox Movies, and honestly I forgot how moving this love story is.

Ignore the nudity and everything else that is inappropriate in this movie, but you can't deny that this is definitely one of the most interesting love story ever. Just imagine if it were to be true. Haha. I remember collecting articles regarding this movie, how excited I was when it won awards and how in love I was with Jack Dawson. I remember and article where an 80 year old lady went to watch it for the 100th time as she was so moved by it. Titanic was also in the cinemas for such a longggg time!

Anyways, I'm done with my movie screening. Back to motherhood! Hehe

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Papa's Girl

Farid started working when Aleesya was about two weeks old. Lucky for him most of the time he was in a periphery ward, so he was able to come home in the evening.

Aleesya was initially a bit grumpy when Farid first left for home, but since everyone was around, I guess she didn't mind.

A few nights back Farid was doing night shift, the first time after about a week and a half. 

So at 11+ I tried to put Aleesya to bed, changed and fed her as usual. But somehow she won't close her eyes. She was even grumpy and wanted to latch on though not feeding. 

We tried everything, from putting her in a dark room, singing, rocking.. Everything. Then it crossed my mind that maybe she's missing Farid since every night before bed Farid will be talking to her and lullabying her to sleep.

So I tool Farid's kain pelekat and wrapped her around it, offered feeding, and poof, she's asleep! 

Guess I'm not the only one who misses her papa that night.

Day by day she looks more and more like him, which is something that I don't mind at all :)

Sigh, Aleesya, mama loves you to the moon and back! 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Is never ever easy.

Even if you've said it for a million times before, it will never be easy.

You see, my parents don't work here in Malaysia. And every year for the past several years they would be back in Malaysia a few times in a year, longest will be during summer. 

This year, since I've move into my own little space with Farid, it is easier for them to come to KL as they can just stay with us. The house isn't big, but it is cosy enough to accommodate all of us. 

During Ramadhan, daddy had work in KL and the duration of their stay in KL this year is longer than the previous years. Then baby Aleesya was born, so mummy stayed with me for three weeks.

Tonight both of them will be heading back to Kelantan, and on Friday they will be returning back to Dubai. It saddens me, and I believe baby Aleesya as well as she cried after mummy and daddy left. This year feels different, as I am now a mother.

Honestly, I am scared, and I am trying to plan ahead for my family and also take each day as it comes. I'm trying to learn to understand my baby, and her cries. Sometimes I freak out when she does a certain gesture that she has never done before, forgetting that she's growing and definitely developing new skills.

I miss having mummy here with me. I really-really do. I turn to her whenever I'm doubtful of something and she will always have something to say. I wish they didn't have to go back, and that mummy can just stay here with me, but daddy said that there's a few more years till he's ending his services there.

I know I'm still in the 'pantang' period and should not be feeling sad as it might lead to post partum depression, but let me just be sad for a while more. I miss my parents so much.

Good bye and have a safe journey atuk & nenek. Aleesya will be waiting for your next return home :')