Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Little Milk Addict

Since I was pregnant, maybe even before, I was a big fan and a true believer of breast milk. For one thing, it comes for free :p haha

I'm grateful that from my 32nd week of pregnancy, my body has been showing signs that I am, God willing, able to lactate. I've been reading a lot about latching and good foods for breast milk and everything, so when Aleesya came, I was ready.

The first time I fed Aleesya was immediately after she was out. I was really happy seeing that the sucking reflex of my baby is good, and that she was able to latch on well.

I am planning to breastfeed Aleesya till at least 2 years old, and I hope that my breastfeeding journey will be eased. Even before Aleesya was born, I bought all the essentials needed to be able to store my milk once I return back to work :)

I've been training Aleesya to be able to feed by bottle so that she will be able to take EBM. It has been successful at home, however I noticed that Aleesya refuses bottle when we're out. Maybe she's not comfortable taking bottle and feels more secure when she's closer to me :) So I've decided to just walk to the baby room whenever she's hungry. 

Outings and shoppings will never be the same again, but I am certainly havinh fun. If you have a date with me and I'm late, I think you can find me here...

Sometimes I get scared if Aleesya is too full or something as she keeps on demanding milk! But she is growing anyway, so I feed her on demand :) her weight has doubled up from birth, and she's even longer. Haha. She's fitting into her clothes better now. And me, being an overly attached mom, bought a bunch of clothes online for her! Hahah. Oh well, she is my daughter afterall :p

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