Sunday, February 27, 2011


When you love someone, you have to love everything about them. Not just the good parts. You have to love the lovable, and unlovable parts about them, and that is what makes love worth it.

I went to Terima Kasih Cinta, a musical adapted from an award winning film - Cinta.

I may say that there are still a lot of things that could be improved by the whole cast, but overall, I enjoyed the whole show. The song selection was great and most of them are famous songs. I even find myself singing to the tunes =)

I remember watching Cinta in Sunway Pyramid with Eri and Iqah. It was 2006, and we were still in pre-U. I miss those days, really.

Cinta, or Terima Kasih Cinta is about five stories, of people being in love. It is about love that knows no boundries, a love between a sister and a brother that has no end, a love that comes late in life, and also lost love.

This shows us that love is not just simply saying "I love you" or having a date or two. It is a word with two spectrum of meaning, which could bring you happiness, or devastation.

But to love and lost is better, than to never love at all.

And for me, love means letting go, praying, hoping and fighting for the happiness of everyone you love.

Love does not come all the time, for some, it might never some at all.

But there's always hope, and dreams. And the one smile that can always lighten up your day.

For me, I know what mine is =)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Never Grow Up

Can I turn back time to when nothing matters, all that I looked forward to were toys and my blanket? And all that could make me cry were scrapes on my knee and my tummy grumbling.

Can I go back to when nothing can harm me, nothing would hurt me and I would be protected?

Taylor Swift sang it all in this song - Never Grow Up. Especially the part where she mention to be tucked by herself and turning the night light on.

I miss being a kid, an innocent child. I miss just laughing and playing all day, making belief that I'm a princess waiting to be saved by my prince charming, waiting to have that one and only true love, and live happily ever after.

But love is never happily ever after. It comes with much more than that, and no, if given a choice I don't want to fall in love, and be stuck as a child forever. I would not dream of growing up, I would dream of playing my whole life long.

But life is life, and we can never undo the course of nature. I have to grow up, I have to be strong. I have to face the world with so many pain and suffering, and sometimes love.

I have not just been hurt, I have hurt others as well. And no, I'm not proud of myself for doing that. I have a chest full of histories that could rip me out and tear me down. I wish I could lock them all up, turn the OFF button and wake up tomorrow having amnesia. Simple.

There are things in life I've done that I regret, things I've said. Nothing can change, not now. Sometimes I wish I could wake up from this dream.

But life is not a movie, and if I don't start to realize that now, I would regret, as there is no RESET button on this one.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Speak Now

Last week we had a day trip to Perak. Leaving at 5am, I was barely awake when the wheels started to turn! Haha.. Lucky for us there were only 19 of us on the bus and we got 2 seats for each person =)

I brought my iPod with me on the bus, something I could not leave behind. I'm not saying that the sense of music of the driver is bad, I just don't know what he'll put on and I would prefer to listen to my own music while I doze to dreamland, recharging myself up =P *The bus driver's taste was actually good! Haha*

I have Taylor Swift's whole new album on my playlist and was listening to that album ONLY through the whole journey!!! Haha

I would say that there are a lot of good songs, with good and meaningful lyrics, though I noticed that she is always singing about her being the 'girl next door' type.

The song - Speak Now - was super cute too! I think the lyrics are funny and she could make a hilarious video clip out of this song!!!

Among my favourite songs in this album are Back to December, Speak Now, Never Grow Up, Haunted, Dear John and Enchanted. I would say all the songs are worth listening to =)

Anyway, its my final week in psychiatry, and I have finish up all my reading and notes before entering specialty posting. I'm planning my whole 9 weeks carefully, which will involve going out shopping and visiting adik, and study and discussion time. I don't want to regret studying last minute like last time. =P Nightmare, totally!!

I'm also saving up for London. My tentative for the whole stay has been laid down, waiting for daddy's approval =) Haha. Should I go to Disneyland??????????

Sunday, February 13, 2011

E! Day

Kakak's engaged!! Finally, after all those days of deciding this and that, she finally got engaged. I know I was super excited about the ceremony, but I can't find the right words to say about it.

It was an nice ceremony, all our relatives were there. Even Pak Busu came back from Egypt for the ceremony =) And the great thing was, we didn't spend much for the whole thing, even if it did look like we spent a fortune for it. No, we didn't =P I've been asked many times about the total cost, and will not reveal it here. But no, it was not THAT much, not as much as you think, trust me.

My sister received a lot of sponsored stuff, which made her SO lucky, and the pelamin package was a great deal as it came with the hantaran and make up as well =) Among the sponsored stuff were the door gifts and half of the food. See???

I had a great time at home, with the kids, of course =P

It was a short weekend for me, home. And I was exhausted by the time we arrived in KLIA after the engagement.

When will the wedding be? It is still undecided. Will let you know.

Anyhow, congrats kakak and Farouk. =)

Ps: Don't ask me when is my turn. Maybe I'll attend yours first! =P

With Love

Last night I skyped with my niece for 2 hours!!!! Haha. I think you would wonder what we talk about, and what I could be saying to a five and a half year old girl, right? But somehow, I enjoyed talking to her SO much!!

I was just looking at her drawing some pictures, and she drew a heart for me!!! It comes with a note too =) I was feeling a bit down and lonely inside, but she made me smile.

This Sara Aqeela, I miss her so much. And yes, I do miss baby Mika too. I think soon enough he'll be talking on skype with us. Heee..

"Dear Anty Nana, on April you are coming to my house. Love Sara"

And undeniably, she is the reason why I can't wait to go to London. I'll be leaving in April, and am super excited for it!! Weeeee..... Even Sara has marked down the day I'll be arriving in London in her calender! So cute right.

Sara said, "Aunty Nana, you'll be coming in April. That means its after March. And it is still a long way to March!"

Haha. Cute, right?

Well for me, another week more in psychiatry and I'll be entering the last posting for this year. This reminds me, BEFORE I go to London I'll be having my end of posting exams. And I will have to make sure all my common session summary are done =P

Let's do the counting - 9 weeks to go =)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Show Me How You


I was really lucky to win a couple of tickets to the screening of Burlesque last Monday. I was looking forward for this movie, as I am really into musical and stuff. I entered the competition in Nuffnang, but please, don't ask me what I wrote =P

Anyway, I went to Mid Valley at six, as the tickets are first come first serve basis. It means, we will get the ticket, but we don't really have a fixed place. So if we come early, we would have a good place. Heeeeeee..

At 2100, we entered the cinema hall......

I would say I love this movie, though it was a bit draggy and at times boring. Hehe. But the dances kept my eyes glued on the screen and how I wish I could dance and have a voice like that! I think Cher is super good and Christina's voice and dancing was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!! And I think Christina is SUPER HOT!

I would say that putting Cher and Christina Aguilera together was simply superb!!!!

Ali (Christina Aguilera) is a small-town girl with a big voice who escapes hardship and an uncertain future to follow her dreams to LA. After stumbling upon The Burlesque Lounge, a majestic but ailing theater that is home to an inspired musical revue, Ali lands a job as a cocktail waitress from Tess (Cher), the club’s proprietor and headliner. Burlesque’s outrageous costumes and bold choreography enrapture the young ingenue, who vows to perform there one day.

This movie teaches you to NEVER GIVE UP and all about LOYALTY.

You've got to watch it to love it <3>

and oh, Jack is H.O.T. =P

Enjoy the trailer and a song from this movie =)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

That Time of The Month

It is a norm in every women's life to grow up and experience the changes in life, physically and mentally, and also hormonally =P

There is just that particular period in the month where everything goes wrong, and you get hurt by the smallest things that usually wont matter. Sometimes you tend to be too lazy to even move a finger, and other times you'd be thinking too much that your head would just want to explode!!!

There'll be abdominal pain, muscle pain and mood swings that would seem like it would never end!

And sometimes, you would want to lose your temper at every living object. Yet the saying always applies - you hurt the one you love the most. Maybe it is because of the security they offer and the promise that they will never leave you, no matter what!

I experience multiple simptoms when I come to this stage each month.

1. I'll be more teary than usual - I would cry for the smallest things, a song, a movie, a harmless statement
2. I'll be homesick, and want to go home so badly! If only I followed my heart in this, I would have to spend almost 4k each month! There goes my $$$$
3. Sometimes, I'll think of him. Hate it when the memory comes.
4. I would want more comforting words by you! =P

.... and the list goes on and on..

However, these symptoms are usually gone when the 'bestfriend' arrives =)

So guys, please understand your girl. If they have cyclic emotional changes, mood swings and silly cravings, don't blame them!! Its the hormones!!!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I had..

... the weirdest dream last night.

It has been a while since I've thought about that particular person who once meant everything to me. Things just got out of the way, and we decided to go on our own ways. Last night's dream was not the first time, though I decided to let it go like the other nights.

I don't find myself thinking about you anymore. I hope you've found your peace.

I'm searching for mine too, my zen, my inner strength.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I apologize for not being able to update as much, I've been busy lately, and having the writer's block. Haha. There are still a lot of entries I owe, but i can't update about kakak's engagement as we don't have the pictures yet. We only have a few pictures taken by adik's camera, sadly those are not the pictures of the newly engaged =P Hehehe

Last night I spent my time in Pavilion watching a Chinese movie - Shaolin.

I was thorn between a few movies but Wafaa insisted on this one. So after class, I bought the tickets online and went for a nap =P Had to be fresh for the outing, right?

We left Cyberjaya at about 6, went to buy a new pair of contact lense for myself at Wangsa Walk before going to Pavilion.

7.45, we stepped into the cinema.

I may say that Shaolin is a very nice movie and worth the watch. It revolves around war in China, the greed of people, remorse, life and death. It was a touching and insightful movie.

I'm biased about Kungfu movies as I love them so much, but this is really a must watch movie. It teaches you that there is more to life than just wealth. There's family, friends, and forgiveness.

After the movie, we went for a quick dinner in Al-Andalus, the new restaurant =) Can't be home late =P

So, I'm quite updated with the movies, so far. Haha.. I watched Faster a few weeks back. And am looking forward for a few other movies to come.

And oh, that date on Monday *grins* Free tickets, who could say no? Haha. Wait for my update okay =)