Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finger Blisters

Farid was playing with my hand the other day when he noticed the blister I had on my middle finger of my right hand and he went, "What's this baby?"

My work requires me to be writing like almost 90% of the time, that is when we are not taking blood or examining patients. We have to write to document every single tiny bit that happens daily as this work deals with life and trust me, you wouldn't want to screw that up.

I've always had this habit of writing with compressing my pen against my middle finger and in the end there will be this blister that will never go away :( . I used to have this during my student days when I had to a a thousand word essay but it has been some time that it has been gone.

Oh well, I guess it would just be a part of me as long as I am working, which means a looooooong way to go.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To Love

Is to accept
To understand
To learn

To love is to be able to cry
When you're at the highest point in life
And to laugh
When you're down below

To love is to hold
Each fond memories
Till time grows you old
And senile and forgetful

To love is to cherish
Each other's company
As long as both shall live
Till eternity

To love to to able to let go
When the time comes
And realise that life only takes you so far
Then there's eternity

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Of Being A Doctor - so far

Time flies, so they say. It has been almost 6 weeks since I am officially called Dr. The first few times people actually call me that, I actually cringe and felt really awkward. Seeing my name being written with the title in front of it makes it all look surreal.

The first week of work was rather smooth. Slowly, I began to love my work. I praise to God that up to this very moment I have not regretted my decision into becoming a doctor. Seeing my patients smile, and some of them even said thank you and remembered me when passing by around the hospital makes me think. "At least I am making a change and touching people's life."

But I do feel tired and exhausted at times. My whole body aches, I get leg cramps almost every single night, and I dream of managing patients! It is pathetic, I know, but sometimes I cannot help but wonder if I could have done something better during my duty.

Having a friend to talk to is more than important to get you through the day. Yes, I have Farid, but we decided not to go into the same ward as it will be difficult to ask for leave. So I am gladly stuck with Aneesah, a partner in crime and Milo drinker almost every single day! Having her around makes the day bearable. Apart of having other new friends who have the same wavelength, it is just awesome!!

A few days back I received my first pay. Surreal, I thought. All this while I wondered how it would feel to be spending your own money, and trust me, it felt good :) I treated mama, bapak, Aty, Abg Pit and Kak Rosha for lunch and my in-law's family for dinner on our post-call day. Spent quite a bit, but definitely worth it.

If I were to summarise my feeling of working, it is simple - I love it. And I thank God for making me have a strong heart and supporting friends. I pray that this enthusiasm will last a lifetime, insyaAllah :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Of Love

What does a relationship mean to you? To have someone by your side? To be able to talk to that person till dawn? To know that you have someone to turn to each time you hit the ground?

I know that there are a million ways people look at relationships. Some are in it for the long run, some just to waste time, most of them are in it just to feel wanted, not alone.

Being married to the love of my life changes my perception about relationships altogether. For one thing, it is not just about yourself, nor is it just about your other half. It is about taking all the things you hate and complimenting it with all the things that you love, combining it with all the things that you care about and cherish.

Being loyal on the other hand is different. I've seen newlyweds fall in and out of love during the first few months of their marriage and god forbid that to ever happen to my marriage. Praise to God, till this very day I am still very much in love with my dear husband, even though things are not like they used to be. Working life has brought a new meaning to the relationship and I am grateful to be able to come home everyday to his loving arms. And for that, I never forget to thank God for every single passing day spent with him :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kissing through the phone

Because I miss you so much!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Road trips are fun, be it with friends or family. But being a mix-blood of Kelantan and Melaka, I have spent countless hours on the road and eventually grew tired of it.

It is really important to be safe. No sleepy drivers please, as it is really dangerous with all the lorries and busses on the road with you. If you feel tired or sleepy, turn the radio on really loud could help, or just stop at any R&R station for that matter. It is also good to bring someone who can drive so that if you're tired they can drive for you :p

Today we are heading to Melaka, for our induction. First day of work. Pray for us!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Convocation

I have no words to describe my feeling. Mixed joy, happiness and sadness all together, changing from a student to a doctor. I pray that everything will be smooth sailing for me and my friends, ameen.

Now let the pictures do the talking, from the pre-convocation dinner till the day itself :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Promise of Love and Devotion

Dr. Omar and Dr. Bee's solemnisation.

6th October 2012.

Was it yesterday when I first met this wonderful girl, cried on her shoulders, listening to her stories? Was it just yesterday that we argued and fight and finally became friends again?

It sure does seem like it.

I've known Bee for five years, right from the very first day I stepped into medschool. Never will I say that our friendship has been full of roses, it has been tested multiple times, but till this very day I am proud to call her my friend.

Yesterday was another life changing and history making day in her life, she was finally reunited with the love of her life, Dr. Omar.

I can't tell you how much I love you Bee, and how much I treasure this friendship. And I wish you all the happiness in the world and hereafter.

To Omar, you're such a lucky man to hold the heart of this young lady, and I pray that your love will flourish till eternity. Take good care of her, love her and always be that person she can always count on.

Her reception is next week and I just took a few photos with my phone. Till the reception photos are up, here's what happened yesterday :))

Monday, October 1, 2012

Desert Safari

This is my first time going on desert safari in Dubai. Kakak has been on it, adik has, even mummy, daddy, abang nain and Kak Dian has been on desert safari and I hear a lot of different stories, which varies from extreme to relaxed stories. So when we arrived, I told mummy that hubby and I wanted to try it!

It was not easy to get a good deal as sometimes the prices are marked up so high and ridiculous. Good thing is mummy has a lot of contacts and we manage to get a great deal.

Before going, mummy said no heavy food, as there will be dune dashing and we do not want to throw up in the car!

It took about 45minutes from our place to arrive into the desert. I was sleeping the whole way, trying to fight the jetlag I'm still having.

First activity - dune dashing
It was awesome!!! We were brought into a 4wd across the desert and dashed trough the dunes of sand mountains. It caused us a slight headache but was really thrilling!

We arrived at the campsite just as the sun sets and we had great food accompanied by great performances such as belly dancing and some dance I don't know the name

I had so much fun in the sand and it made me wonder how people in the past walk through the sands to travel. Because for one thing it is really tiring as the sand is as soft as flour and your foot sinks in. And next is the extreme weather in the desert! It is not easy, yet there is always a way. We spent the rest of the evening counting the starts as the night was rather dark.

I enjoyed every moment of it and can't wait to bring my friends to experience it too!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012


I know, I know, I have not been updating for ages. Well, I am still out of the country, currently chilling with my parents in Dubai. Not so chilling I guess, it is more like relaxing in the hot hot weather. But whatever, I am enjoying it regardless.

I've so much to update about - my nikah ceremony, both the reception and my one month honeymoon trip. All of that has to wait till I am safe and sound in Malaysia next week! Haha

This post is dedicated to my obsession to fragrance! Haha. Believe it or not, for the whole trip I got myself two perfumes and another gift set as a wedding gift, making it theee new bottles in a month! Even my Purr by Katy Perry is not even half yet! Heeee. I've been in love with bottles of perfume for almost 6 years and each bottle is arranged nicely on a shelf. Maybe I will assign each perfume when I get back to a certain occasion like work, dinner, home. But thinking of it again, maybe I'll just assign it by days :p

I haven't tried all three bottles, just one - Valentina by Valentino. I love the smell the moment I tried the tester at Dubai airport during my transit to London late last month and I had to buy it!! I decided to wait till I am in Dubai to purchase it as the price difference is really huge!

So yeah, a few nights ago I bought it and even mummy and hubby likes it! The elegant floral touch on the bottle gives a soft impression and sure does tell you everything of what is inside.

To me, I like this kind of smell. It is sweet, soft and flowery. Not to forget fresh! Thank you hubby for letting me buy this one! Hehe.

Will update again, soon I hope :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Picture Perfect

Our reception pictures are almost done!! Can't wait to share it!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Daddy's renovating our house here and the people has started to work on it since yesterday. Nothing is going to changed at the current house, just a few additions at the back which is fine.

Yesterday the people cut off the water supply and we had to take out bath at the well outside! It was so fun, adik, mummy, ma and Farid all took our shower together in the dark! Haha. It was after iftar so daddy was worried that adik and I will not be used to the cold -_____-" But we survived!! Hahaha

So yea, our rooms will be on the first floor and what's most exciting is that we get to design our own rooms! I know it just started but I'm browsing through magazines already!! :))

Sunday, August 12, 2012

On My Way

..... Home :)) ...

Drive safe everyone.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Tomorrow we'll be heading back to Kelantan with mummy, daddy and adik :)) and there's loads of work around the house.

This morning I managed to wash, dry and fold all our clothes and now I'm packing for tomorrow while hubby, FIL and BIL does some other stuff to the house (they just moved into this new house one week before our wedding, so there's still loads to be done by Eid)

Packing for hubby and I is not easy. I'm used to having a bag all for myself filled with my hairdryer, makeup and all those girly stuff. Now I have to make room for his stuff! Haha. But I'm still having 70% of the space anyways, so it is fine :)

How's you Eid preparation going on? Final days of Ramadhan, where the blessing is the greatest, don't waste it.

And to my friend who just had her operation done yesterday, I wish you a speedy recovery and may Allah ease your way. Be strong girl, you can do it!!! Lots of love :)

My New Life

Is different, and completely amazing.

We've celebrated our first month together just a few days back, and I can't be more than happier in my entire life.

It seems just like yesterday that I finally said yes to being his girlfriend. Now I'm his wife!

For the past one month we've been staying at my in-laws as it is not really possible for us to travel much due to some stuff that needs to be settled here at home. MIL just got discharge from a surgery so Farid and I had to take matters of the house in our hands.

A lot has happened since I changed my title into a Mrs. Great, wonderful stuff, like our first honeymoon to Pangkor a few days before Ramadhan and sending adik to INTEC.

Living under the same roof with my in-laws is definitely different from the comfort zone that I'm used to. For one thing, Farid had 4 younger brothers, and this is really something new to a girl with only sisters in her life. But we got close and I managed to make them watch Hannah Montana and see my new shoes that I bought :)) hehe

This is also my first Ramadhan as a wife, and my first time ever waking up at 4am to prepare sahur. Farid's a great cook, so he helps out and that makes it so fun to wake up at the break of dawn.

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up next to the person you love and wondering how you've became so lucky to be so loved in your lifetime. I am currently still on cloud 9 and I pray that I'll feel this way for at least another 65 or 70 years to come. Ameen

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Officially A Doctor & A Wife

It has been ages since I've blogged!!! With my final exams and all, I have been really busy and not up to date with the world. Haha. That's an exaggeration! But yea, it has been difficult for me to find time to  write, and I don't really have much to blog about except for the exams and wedding preparations and I don't want to bore my readers by blogging about that over and over again :)

So yea, last week, on the 5th of July 2012 at 6.20pm I finished my last OSCE station! (Happy belated birthday Kak Anje - 4th July!) My nikah was on the 7th of July, so I had to rush after the exams to get my henna done. With baggy eyes and all, I was wondering how I would look like on my nikah day.

On the 6th of July, at 4.45pm I am officially Dr. Azlina Ab Rani. I am so grateful to everyone that has helped me through the five years of medical school and those who has been around since even before that! I can't thank you enough, and I know that this is only the beginning of my life's journey in the medical field

Thank you to everyone for everything words cannot describe!!! And to my study groupmates, Chia, Syazz, Kencang and Farid, THANK YOU for helping me :) we did it!!!!!

Yet the celebration does not end there.

On the 7th of July, at 11.30am I am officially Mrs. Farid :)
Words alone cannot describe how lucky I am to have you in my life my love, and I promise that I will love you till eternity and after.

We've been through a lot, and no one knows best except for us. With blessings from both our families, we are finally joined together in this union for eternity, and that is all we need. Nothing else in the world matters when I have you :)

I love you sayang

I can't stop counting my blessings and being grateful to God Almighty for making my every dream come true. I will try my best to become a safe doctor and a good wife.

Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hello July, Sorry June

No posts in June!!!!!!!

Hahaha. I'm currently struggling for my final professional examination. Done with two, and one more to go.

June has been eventful and busy at the same time, with exam and wedding preparation, it has been really chaotic!!!

And no thanks to my mood, I'm being teary almost everyday. When I'm done with this exam, my life will change 180 degrees, and sometimes I am scared of the things that might happen.

Having supportive friends by my side has been helpful and I can't help but be grateful for giving me such great friends in this time of need.

Tomorrow is my last task before being a qualified doctor, and I need prayers and luck from everyone to get through. I promise I'll be a caring and safe doctor and that I will attend to anyone in need!

One more friends, just one more. We can do this!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Pain

When I see a child cry, my heart longs to hold them tight and tell them that everything will be fine. The look of fear in their eyes breaks my heart.

But in healthcare, you can't really do anything, as everything done is to make that child better.

I've been having so much fun in the paediatric ward I don't want to go elsewhere. Seeing how the disease improves and their smiling little faces makes my day bearable. One more week to go and I'll be in my final posting.

I pray that everything goes well, that the children I encountered get well and for my friends and I graduate as safe and competent doctors, Ameen.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Love Is Not Enough

On the way to the hospital this morning, as usual Mr. Fiance and I were talking about unimportant stuff when suddenly someone called the radio station, and both of us were stunned.

This was the conversation:

Caller: Hello. I want to share with you today that I feel guilty towards my wife
DJ: Why?
Caller: Recently I've met with someone new, her name is the same as my wife's name. And I've been going out a few times and coming back late. But my wife doesn't seem to matter.
DJ: So you've decided to leave that girl and be honest with your wife?
Caller: Well, actually I decided to proceed with the relationship, but I don't know how to tell my wife.
DJ: Why don't you just tell her? How long have you been married?
Caller: It has been almost a year since our marriage and we just had our first baby. The problem is that I really2 love my wife

That's all I could remember.

You see, the caller can't possible not love his wife on the day they got married, right? And he must have loved her before. And he said that he still loves her, yet his heart also belongs to another. I honestly don't know what he was thinking or what he was even doing, but to the caller, and all the men out there, love is not enough. Both must be able to learn to honour the love to make it last.

You see, marriage is not only about love, though love do take up a certain percentage in making a marriage work. A marriage is a commitment, understanding, and the ability to accept the other half, and also to change for the better.

I'm not married yet, but I will be soon. And I know that there are a lot of things about me that he doesn't know despite us seeing each other almost every single day, and that applies to me too. I know things are easier said than done, but I'm trying to adjust myself to being a good fiance, then only I can be a good wife. But I'm scared as well. What if I'm not a good wife? What if I don't meet the expectations of my in laws? I have a million questions running through my mind. I don't just marry a guy, I marry the whole family, and that is a challenge I will have to face!

Our relationship's policy is honesty and everything has to be made crystal clear no matter how hurtful the truth is. And I'm glad that he knows everything that I have done in the past and vice versa. Sometimes it is scary to pour out all that you've done to someone you love, as you're worried that person might judge you. But if not now, when? And yes, we had some disagreements, but in the end, it is all in the past and there is nothing we can do to change it, isn't it? All we can do is to change, to improve and try to be better for each other.

Trust me, being honest is just the first step to everything, and the past can and will haunt you.

I told Era about the call and she told me another surprising story, someone she knew who just delivered her second baby had just been divorced! Oh God, people are really getting out of love right now.

Kakak told me that during her wedding preparation she hardly fights with Farouk, and thank God until now they only fight on small stuff like where to eat and where to hang out. She also said that it has been awhile since she had a real fight, and she's really happy with her wedding life.

I'm glad having Mr. Fiance with me through all the wedding preparations as he is someone who is easy to talk to and really tolerable. I hope the peacefulness we are experiencing during this wedding preparation will last for the whole marriage. It's only logic to fight at times, but sometimes fighting can be energy draining I would want to just forget about it and be good to each other. I hate fights, and I pray that we can always find a solution each time an issue comes up, to be able to complete each other and to be strong, be loyal, loving and caring. :)

But exams are coming soon and my mood swings are definitely gonna get the best out of me. But this time it is gonna be different, because this time I have him by my side :) I love you sayang.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of Being A Bride-to-Be

My wedding is the 11th wedding in our family. The first wedding in my family (of our generation) was Angah, held in April 2004. It was a really enjoy-full year for us, with Abg Nain in September and Along in December 2004, followed by yearly weddings :)

Since then, I was always involved in the making of the wedding. I would follow mama to Bunga Riben or Semua House or SSF to get supplies and we will be making our own door gift and bunga pahar. I had so much fun during every wedding or engagement ceremony as it would involve crystals, ribbons, flowers and even chocolates and muffins!!!

When my parents said - no engagement, the discussion that day was the ceremony -.-" , just nikah - I was surprised. Then I started to write in a new notebook - Nana's Wedding Planner 2012. I have my own dream wedding and I wanted it to be as much as a reality as possible.

Many of you would think that I would want a grand ceremony that would cost a fortune. I believe that every girl wishes for a blank cheque to be able to spend for their wedding, but I realise that a wedding ceremony is only a one day ceremony, it's the marriage that would last a lifetime.

So I sat down with Mr. Fiancé and started to write down a timeline and things that needed to be done. Call be OCD but having organised multiple weddings before, I hardly missed anything.

Experience does matter when organising your own wedding. Helping mama all those years in all the previous weddings gave me the opportunity to plan ahead, having multiple backup plans and having a strict timeline.

I am grateful that my wedding preparations are almost 90% done, and that everything in my checklist has been done. Now it is time for me to focus on the pre-wedding preparation - my final MBBS examination.

I am also grateful having such an understanding fiancé. We hardly fight for anything regarding the wedding and everything decided is based on a team agreement. Thank you sayang. But we do fight, on when to submit our reports and time to study -.-"

As a bride-to-be, I have my own concerns regarding my wedding, and also my exams just before it, but I would like to thank my family for always being supportive and help me whenever in need. Being a student I don't have that time to go for facial treatments (never been to one my whole life!) body spas or anything as such, but all I do is burry my head in books (and reports). Having another friend who is going to have her nikah one day after mine also gives me the chance to be more expressive and I know I have someone else (other than Mr. Fiancé) to listen to me :)

Just weeks from now I'm going to become a wife, and I pray that everything goes well, before, during and after the ceremony. Ameen.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Sayang

Sometimes love comes when you least expect it to, in the weirdest times and moment, and stays with
you for a lifetime.

It's hard for me even to begin to tell the beginning of our love story. It is not romeo and juliet, nor is it between a prince and a princess. It is just a story about two people who loves each other, and plan to stay together forever.

Different, is the word I would use to describe this man that I am going to marry. He fell in love with my character, and I fell in love with his care at first. It was different and difficult back then, so I denied my feelings towards him at first. But his persistence made me fell even more deeply in love with him. He's not pushy, not emotional and completely rational.

Our love blossomed in the oddest times, a time of darkness, but we found the light and made it through.

What I love most is his acceptance, his care, the way he takes care of me and advice me to be a good student, a better daughter and closer to God. He tries to make me a better person overall. He accepts my past and stays in the future, and has taught me that people change.

He is my best friend. Yes we have our differences and we will have them till the day we die. And we do argue, a lot, with tears and sweats. But our arguments has shown to make our love only stronger. The more we fight the closer I am to him, and the deeper I fall in love with him.

He is far from perfect, and so am I. But we complete each other and that is what matters most.

With a final examination coming and the wedding after, it has been difficult for us. It is indeed stressful, and both of us needs to focus on our priorities, which are both!

This post is for you, sayang.

No matter how hard things may be for us, I will be by your side and stand by you, as your fiancé and soon enough as your wife. I can't wait to spend forever with you.

I love you, Ahmad Farid Zulkifle.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Crazy Moments :))

Just having some crazy moments in the car on the way to Pavilion while Mr. Fiancé drives the car :)) And talking about school! Hehe

Our normal smile

Now let's make a sad face!

A surprise face!!!


A crazy face!!

Showing off our lovely teeth!!
And someone's tooth is loose!!!
Dentist appointment soon :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Date

I know I haven't announce this yet. And I've told everyone that I can't say anything yet. But this is the clue...

It will be 5 days after my one year five month anniversary.

Make a guess.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Decision

Since my update about the wedding, many has asked me how and why I made that decision. Each time I'm asked with that question, I would smile and ask them why did they ask.

There are two most common answers that I get.

1. I'm just turning 24! I should live my life and wait a few more years before making a lifetime commitment
2. My relationship just passed the one year mark. How am I to decide if he's the one?

Many a times in life will you experience situations when you need to decide. Life is full of crossroads, and some people choose the long way through, while others take the short cut.

There is no right and wrong in life. There is just 'making it happen' and 'letting it go.'

I know and I've heard this a million times before, that I am still young and I should wait and live my life first. But how do you define living your life? I've passed the chapter in my life where I want to be just a kid and take everything lightly, I've passed that phase when everything is just a joke and you should just make a fool out of things, I've passed the phase of being immature and reckless and irresponsible.

This decision I made is not an overnight decision. I've thought of postponing it, or considering the fact that things might not be as it may seem, and I've listened to people's reasoning. But in the end, I turned to God, and I found my answer.

I read a blog recently about change, and now I am at that phase. I'm changing to be a responsible person, to own up for my own actions and to prove where I stand, insyaAllah. I know some people have every bad word in the world to throw at my face, but as a Muslim, I believe that everything is arranged according to what's planned way long before time. And if we can't find peace in that, it means we can't make peace with God's decision.

I don't decide years ago who I will be married to, and when for that matter. 10 years ago I was in a relationship with another man, who I thought was the love of my life, but then things changed and we grew apart, and I found a friend, a very good friend in him. I know it is impossible for us to be together ever, but friendship is something that remains. Have I foreseen this? Of cause I have not. I would never know, till that moment when God decides its time for us to part.

I found love, trust, care and security in this man I am going to marry, Farid. I know sometimes we don't see eye to eye, and our personality clashes like mad, but our differences made our relationship unique. I know right from the beginning that it wouldn't be easy to have a relationship with you, but we've made it through this far, and insyaAllah God willing we'll start a family together.

So to those who are asking, no I am not getting hitched because it is the 'right thing to do now' or 'the trend' or 'I'm so afraid of being apart.' Nope, not those stuff. I'm tying the knot to this man out of love and trust, and out of the blessings of all who loves us. And I decided this after 'consulting' with my heart, and God. And please pray for our future life together.

I read a blog by Miss Vivy and she asked us to answer one simple question, What do you want in life?

Her answer was simple, a balanced life.

And that is something I would want for my life too. And most of all, I want to be organized.

In 4 months I will graduate and become a wife at the same time. I'm super nervous, but somehow am feeling this tranquility I've never felt before. Finals are approaching which makes me super nervous, but my friends has been helping me a lot, and the wedding preparations are almost done. Maybe this wedding thing is getting into my head and I'm so particular about every single tiny detail of it. This is when being organized helped me, A LOT. I know I'm not really miss organized before, but maybe I've grown out of my clumsiness :)

The next few months will definitely not be easy for Farid and I, but with each other, we'll make it though, step by step, insyaAllah :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week 3 Final Semester

So yea, welcome March. I haven't been able to update much since we had a lot of reports to write. And by a lot, I mean A LOT. But no whining here, since I'm already 80% done :)

This week is a bit more relaxed than the last as there were not many cases. Adik's in Johor for her appointment and physiotherapy and me am freaking jealous!! I wanna go to Johor :(

But I'm going to Melaka this weekend so am happy about it! Hhehe..

Anyway that's all for study updates. I still have a few of to do's for the weekend and next week, but I guess it can wait :)

Now wedding updates! Hahahah

Its been rather eventful I would say. I managed to find the material for my bridesmaids and maid of honour, finalised all the colours and designs and sent in my final budget to mummy which was happily approved :)

Next is to find the stuff for the hantaran. Maybe next week, before the next posting commences and I become super busy.

I've also bought my pengapit's dress for the groom's side. Now I need to find for the pengapit for my side. Aiyak, this is difficult :( why? To be updated. Haha

I'm already super tired! Sigh. Can't wait to go back this weekend :) weeeeee

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tale As Old As Time

Flipping that story book you've had for so long sometimes bring unexpected feelings. Joy, happiness and also sadness, all combined into one, giving you that unexplained feeling.

Two nights ago I went to watch one of the greatest movies of all time, Beauty and The Beast in 3D with Pink!!!

I remember those days when I would be rewinding the video tape over and over again, and how I wanted brunette hair so much, and that yellow dress :p

Maybe my love of Disney influenced my choice of stuff bought for my wedding. Hahaha.

The movie was awesome, and the pictures were super clear! I enjoyed watching it as a child, I enjoyed it even more that night.

Thanks Pink for our girls night out before I tie the knot. Reminds me of a lot of other girlfriend dates I need to fulfill before my big day :) Wait up girls!!

And yes, final semester plus wedding planning has been tiring and time consuming, but I'm enjoying every single moment of it. Thanks sayang :)

Week 2 in Internal Medicine! Time flies!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


A. M. A. Z. I. N. G

Was the only thing I could say as I walked out the cinema hall. Given that this is Neelofa's first movie, that word can't even describe half of it!!

You know when you watch a movie and you kinda have the feeling like the hero and heroin are really in love, and that you would die to see them come together in real life? That is how real it felt, the love between Azura and Zack.

Azura 2012 is a different movie from the previous Azura. I would ask the viewers not to compare these two as both of it has their own stand in the eye of the film maker. What I can say about Azura 2012 is that it has a fresh approach to the movie, combining parts that are most important to be instilled in a remake and combining it with what we can relate here nowadays.

Azura is about a girl raised by her aunt after the death of her parents, trying to pay her way through college, and she meets a guy, who is rich and spoiled. And the journey of their story begins there.

This is not just about a story of love, it is a story about trust, promises and faith. And most importantly, change. It portrays how one can change, if he or she desires.

This is the trailer of the movie, and I feel really bad for not being able to watch it on its release date as I was in Kelantan. But the chance to watch it with Neelofa herself made the wait worth it :)

Well I met Lofa before the movie started but we had to had our chat down at the parking lot as the fans were really excited to see her and that they wouldn't want to miss the chance they have to take pictures with her :)

It feels good to be able to see her again though it was just a small chat. She was exhausted as she works from 7am to 11pm daily and has another shooting the following day!! Oh well, she's young and energetic, so this is definitely the time to aim high!!! As for me, I am definitely gonna watch Azura again. I'm loving the acting and the soundtrack!! And no, I am not just saying this because she's my friend. Watch it yourself, and judge :)

To miss Neelofa, congrats dearest for your first movie :) I will always be supporting you!!

I would also like to wish Happy 23rd Birthday dear Neelofa :)

May all your wishes and dreams come true!

Love you to bits!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saying Yes

I said yes.

Now that everything is official and set into place, I can finally announce it...

I'm getting MARRIED, insyaAllah :)

Just a few months ago, Farid and I were chatting and he said, 'In a few months things will be different, would you want to be with me and face all the changes together?'

I somehow knew it was coming, with kakak's wedding fairly after her final examinations, but there is always something in me which made all this commitment scary.

It wasn't as romantic as I pictured it would be as a child, no fireworks, no jets or hundreds of flowers, just a simple ring, and a question.

I looked into this eyes and wondered if I am ready to be with this man for the rest of my life, to have and to hold through thick and thin, and I realize, I love him, and much more.

Our relationship was barely a year old when he proposed, and he told his parents about the idea. So when my parents came back for their holidays, and they met each other. Everything was set. And I can't be any happier.

I know I haven't shared much about Farid before. My love life has been a roller coaster ride, with a lot of emotions involved, heartaches and tears, and also joy and laughter. But what I'm sure is that I am happy to finally find someone who can understand me, to be by my side in my worst state and to love me despite my monthly mood swings :P

And with all my heart, I love him too :)

We've been setting the dates, the venue, the color scheme, the dresses, bridesmaids and everything during this one month holidays, and I'm grateful I've got everything in order before school starts next week. I know it is not an easy task, but watching my aunt plan almost 10 weddings before me kept me on track.

I've got my budget list checked and rechecked, list of to-do's and necessities done. I'm practically all set for a wedding. :) Will update on how it goes, definitely.

Pray that everything runs smoothly, and that I will be able to endure the stress of all bride-to-be's better :) Ameen.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Racing World

The world is a race.

That is what we learn since we were born, or even before. Since young, we were trained to survive, to live and to be able to held our heads up high.

With the fast world ahead us, sometimes we forget the small things in life that matters most, like family, friends, laughter and tears.

It is Maulidur Rasul tomorrow, the birth of the final prophet, Muhammad SAW. Let us all take a moment to reflect on the years that has pass us by, years, times we could never get back, seconds gone, leaving us with uncertainties of tomorrow.

Sometimes I wonder what would it be if I were to live back then? What would The Prophet say if I went to him consulting my problems?

But I believe he has left enough for us muslims to live our life, and great guidance - The Holy Quran and his Sunnah.

In this racing world, I miss you, ya Rasulullah, hoping that somehow someday I would be able to see your face and understand Islam like you. In this racing world, I wish to be better, for my family and everyone who loves me. In this racing world, I wish to live by your guidance, and be a better muslim, insyaAllah.

Salam Maulidur Rasul.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My January

This is my second post of the year!! Hello January. I know it has been ages since I've updated my blog. With my second professional exams earlier this month and a massive trip after, I hardly have any time to come online and write.

So how has January been? I would classify is as wonderful. My new year's eve was filled with books and notes with my dearest, and hearing the sounds of fireworks from the lakeside.

Then on the 6th, we had our first paper. Remember adik's knee?? That she fell down and her knee was injured, BAD! She had her arthroscopy on the 6th as well!!! The scope has been delayed for months as she was going to have her SPM. Now since everything is done, she's all ready for ther mini surgery. I felt really bad not being able to be there, but since I was having holidays later, I decided to travel to Johor later after I finished my exams.

Adik is always so manja, so I was worried when she complained about pain. But then kakak assured me that adik's condition was going to be better, so I felt much better. Even Mak Lang and Pak Lang said that the pain will go away day by day. And eventually everything went well for her :)

As for my exams, no words could express how I felt to have it over, and to pass it. But we couldn't celebrate as there were some friends who didn't make it. Don't worry friends, I believe that all of you will do well in the re-sit and that we will all be able to enter the final semester together. My prayers will always be will all of you...

So yea, that's all for my exams section. :P Another 10% and me and my friends will be doctors, InsyaAllah... Please pray for all of us, may us pass through smoothly.

After the exams I went down to Johor to visit adik and kakak. It was great!! Haha. And on Monday, I went to Universal Studios Singapore with Farid, Didi, Chia and Chia Jr. :P. Hhehe. Was super fun though I felt slightly bad for leaving adik behind. But she can't really go and play around, can she? So I promised to bring her to USS once her leg is strong enough. We spent two nights in Singapore which is definitely NOT ENOUGH and are DEFINITELY COMING BACK SOON!!! Haha. Need to spend the night with my adorable cousin Shafik more often and to dig our secrets too!!!

I went to Shah Alam for a wedding and Melaka to visit my grandma, all in one week. Hectic, huh?? But I had super fun.

Now I'm back home in Kelantan after AGES. And it's really good :) to be able to laze around doing nothing. Heeeeeee....

One week left in January and I've got my whole week planned. Can't tell you now, but it's awesome!! And exciting too :) hehe. Me? I'm super excited! Will update soon!!

Ps: Can't update the photos in USS as they're with Farid. Later, perhaps?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

H. O. L. I. D. A. Y.

Yup, I've finished my exams, and I have like a thousand things to tell!!! :)

Now I'm at Pak Lang's house in Singapore with my cousins. But Shafik is on duty today (sadly) so I would have to wait for Mak Lang to come home, then we'll be going out. Shafik's free tomorrow tho (such a killjoy, I know) but tomorrow I'll be heading back to Johor, then to KL. So yea.

I'm grateful for this holidays and will be entering semester 10 with a fresh spirit :)

Final semester, only one more to go till I graduate. Time does fly :)