Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Sayang

Sometimes love comes when you least expect it to, in the weirdest times and moment, and stays with
you for a lifetime.

It's hard for me even to begin to tell the beginning of our love story. It is not romeo and juliet, nor is it between a prince and a princess. It is just a story about two people who loves each other, and plan to stay together forever.

Different, is the word I would use to describe this man that I am going to marry. He fell in love with my character, and I fell in love with his care at first. It was different and difficult back then, so I denied my feelings towards him at first. But his persistence made me fell even more deeply in love with him. He's not pushy, not emotional and completely rational.

Our love blossomed in the oddest times, a time of darkness, but we found the light and made it through.

What I love most is his acceptance, his care, the way he takes care of me and advice me to be a good student, a better daughter and closer to God. He tries to make me a better person overall. He accepts my past and stays in the future, and has taught me that people change.

He is my best friend. Yes we have our differences and we will have them till the day we die. And we do argue, a lot, with tears and sweats. But our arguments has shown to make our love only stronger. The more we fight the closer I am to him, and the deeper I fall in love with him.

He is far from perfect, and so am I. But we complete each other and that is what matters most.

With a final examination coming and the wedding after, it has been difficult for us. It is indeed stressful, and both of us needs to focus on our priorities, which are both!

This post is for you, sayang.

No matter how hard things may be for us, I will be by your side and stand by you, as your fiancé and soon enough as your wife. I can't wait to spend forever with you.

I love you, Ahmad Farid Zulkifle.

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