Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Of Being A Bride-to-Be

My wedding is the 11th wedding in our family. The first wedding in my family (of our generation) was Angah, held in April 2004. It was a really enjoy-full year for us, with Abg Nain in September and Along in December 2004, followed by yearly weddings :)

Since then, I was always involved in the making of the wedding. I would follow mama to Bunga Riben or Semua House or SSF to get supplies and we will be making our own door gift and bunga pahar. I had so much fun during every wedding or engagement ceremony as it would involve crystals, ribbons, flowers and even chocolates and muffins!!!

When my parents said - no engagement, the discussion that day was the ceremony -.-" , just nikah - I was surprised. Then I started to write in a new notebook - Nana's Wedding Planner 2012. I have my own dream wedding and I wanted it to be as much as a reality as possible.

Many of you would think that I would want a grand ceremony that would cost a fortune. I believe that every girl wishes for a blank cheque to be able to spend for their wedding, but I realise that a wedding ceremony is only a one day ceremony, it's the marriage that would last a lifetime.

So I sat down with Mr. Fiancé and started to write down a timeline and things that needed to be done. Call be OCD but having organised multiple weddings before, I hardly missed anything.

Experience does matter when organising your own wedding. Helping mama all those years in all the previous weddings gave me the opportunity to plan ahead, having multiple backup plans and having a strict timeline.

I am grateful that my wedding preparations are almost 90% done, and that everything in my checklist has been done. Now it is time for me to focus on the pre-wedding preparation - my final MBBS examination.

I am also grateful having such an understanding fiancé. We hardly fight for anything regarding the wedding and everything decided is based on a team agreement. Thank you sayang. But we do fight, on when to submit our reports and time to study -.-"

As a bride-to-be, I have my own concerns regarding my wedding, and also my exams just before it, but I would like to thank my family for always being supportive and help me whenever in need. Being a student I don't have that time to go for facial treatments (never been to one my whole life!) body spas or anything as such, but all I do is burry my head in books (and reports). Having another friend who is going to have her nikah one day after mine also gives me the chance to be more expressive and I know I have someone else (other than Mr. Fiancé) to listen to me :)

Just weeks from now I'm going to become a wife, and I pray that everything goes well, before, during and after the ceremony. Ameen.

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