Friday, August 17, 2012

Picture Perfect

Our reception pictures are almost done!! Can't wait to share it!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Daddy's renovating our house here and the people has started to work on it since yesterday. Nothing is going to changed at the current house, just a few additions at the back which is fine.

Yesterday the people cut off the water supply and we had to take out bath at the well outside! It was so fun, adik, mummy, ma and Farid all took our shower together in the dark! Haha. It was after iftar so daddy was worried that adik and I will not be used to the cold -_____-" But we survived!! Hahaha

So yea, our rooms will be on the first floor and what's most exciting is that we get to design our own rooms! I know it just started but I'm browsing through magazines already!! :))

Sunday, August 12, 2012

On My Way

..... Home :)) ...

Drive safe everyone.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Tomorrow we'll be heading back to Kelantan with mummy, daddy and adik :)) and there's loads of work around the house.

This morning I managed to wash, dry and fold all our clothes and now I'm packing for tomorrow while hubby, FIL and BIL does some other stuff to the house (they just moved into this new house one week before our wedding, so there's still loads to be done by Eid)

Packing for hubby and I is not easy. I'm used to having a bag all for myself filled with my hairdryer, makeup and all those girly stuff. Now I have to make room for his stuff! Haha. But I'm still having 70% of the space anyways, so it is fine :)

How's you Eid preparation going on? Final days of Ramadhan, where the blessing is the greatest, don't waste it.

And to my friend who just had her operation done yesterday, I wish you a speedy recovery and may Allah ease your way. Be strong girl, you can do it!!! Lots of love :)

My New Life

Is different, and completely amazing.

We've celebrated our first month together just a few days back, and I can't be more than happier in my entire life.

It seems just like yesterday that I finally said yes to being his girlfriend. Now I'm his wife!

For the past one month we've been staying at my in-laws as it is not really possible for us to travel much due to some stuff that needs to be settled here at home. MIL just got discharge from a surgery so Farid and I had to take matters of the house in our hands.

A lot has happened since I changed my title into a Mrs. Great, wonderful stuff, like our first honeymoon to Pangkor a few days before Ramadhan and sending adik to INTEC.

Living under the same roof with my in-laws is definitely different from the comfort zone that I'm used to. For one thing, Farid had 4 younger brothers, and this is really something new to a girl with only sisters in her life. But we got close and I managed to make them watch Hannah Montana and see my new shoes that I bought :)) hehe

This is also my first Ramadhan as a wife, and my first time ever waking up at 4am to prepare sahur. Farid's a great cook, so he helps out and that makes it so fun to wake up at the break of dawn.

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up next to the person you love and wondering how you've became so lucky to be so loved in your lifetime. I am currently still on cloud 9 and I pray that I'll feel this way for at least another 65 or 70 years to come. Ameen