Tuesday, December 17, 2013

From The Roots

They say that to nurture and instill good behaviour in children you have to start from the very beginning. Not by raising your voice or physical violence, but to make a firm statement and be firm with your decision. I guess it is something like 'no means no.' This way, the child will be able to recognise your tone when you are upset. 

When I was pregnant, if I don't have time to read the Quran I'll just play it while I sleep. Even after she's born, I noticed that she'll be quiet when I pray and making dua. I will always read my dua so that she can hear it too and she'll always smile when I mention her name.

Recently she has been very curious towards everything! Yesterday while Farid was reading the Quran she was jumping excitedly to be with him. 

I'm happy to be a mother and not a day goes by that I do not pray to become a better person for her sake. I'm far from perfection and I have a fair share of mistakes, flaws and sins that I have commited along the way. I just pray that I'll be able to improve every single day. I also pray that Aleesya will be a good muslim, be blessed in everything that she does and be rewarded Jannah in the hereafter.

My Baby Bump

Is it weird that I miss having my baby bump? 

During my pregnancy days, I used to feel alright, and I loved to go to work. I had so much energy at times I even look forward to work. Pregnancy has really bring out the best in me, and I totally miss it.

Motherhood on the other hand has been different. I feel 'lighter' but I do feel tired at times. Sometimes I wonder why, but then I realized that I do not miss being pregnant, I miss having my baby with me all the time!!

When she was still in my womb, I was able to talk to her all the time, feel her movements and also 'hugging' her when I feel like it. But now I just get messages with pictures of her having fun without me and it just breaks my heart with a 'I want to be there too' feeling.

Sigh. I'm grateful for having such good help in taking care of Aleesya. If not because of that, I would have been quitting my job. I can't imagine sending Aleesya to nursery and having to wonder about her all day. 

There are some days when working is so unbearable I just feel like laying on my bed with her. But everytime she smiles to me when I come home, all the tiredness that I feel will be wiped away and all I want is to repeat that smile across her face over and over again. I can even go on playing with her without sleeping after my night shifts and for me, that is HUGE! 

I want to be a role model to my daughter, someone successful so that she can look up to me and be proud. That is why I am enduring my days working. It is surely not easy, but I'm hanging on :)