Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Miss You

Kissing through skype

No matter how difficult my day was, they can always make me smile

Sunday, June 26, 2011


.. almost the starting of the second week of paediatrics, my first posting for my final year..

Nothing much to comment about, I'm just glad that I'm in a group with a mixture of different personalities - from nerds to jokers. And I'm enjoying every minute of it. Especially with Era around =)

Something really bad happened last week, but I can't share it here. Just let me say don't contact me on BBM/whatsapp till further notice. Huhu..

On the third day, I was already assessed for my long case. I couldn't sleep the whole night!!!!!! But now it is over, I should hit the study gear. Hehe

Ohhhh... Mummy and daddy are back! It is an *almost* full house for almost the whole week. Something is bugging me, at the back of my mind. But not to be addressed no. Thank you =P

And I have to write a special entry for a special princess =)

28 weeks to professional exam 2
19 days to kakak's wedding

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Final Weekend..

... of being home. Haha. Well, it is not that I have to go back to boarding school or anything as such. But I'm starting my ninth semester of medical school on Monday.

When I first enrolled into medical school, I wondered how would it be after a year, after two years, three years and after I graduate. I did not have the answers then, nor do I have the answers now.

Kakak's engaged, getting married in less than a month. Didn't see that coming four years ago.. Haha. Everybody is changing. Me included.

Oh well, I'll just take it as I go, like I always have.

Visiting adik later in the evening, then kakak and future bro-in-law will be coming over for dinner.

Tomorrow's plan??
Sleep late!
Get ready
Drive off.

Maybe number one should not happen. Need to train myself to sleep early! Haha.

Friday, June 17, 2011

That Book

Before you left, we made a promise to write in that little book. To share what we felt at times when we were apart. I had mine, you had yours. And before we went our separate ways, we made that promise. A promise to stay true. A promise to share.

You left. And I was numb. I can't feel anything, I was lost.

I kept my promise, I wrote in that book. Everything I felt, what went on with me in my life.

But then I found out you didn't keep your words. You didn't write a single thing. You claim you were busy with your life.

I had to act like I understood, when truth is, my heart crumbled with those words.

Till now, I still have the book with me. I don't read it anymore, not like I used to.

But I flipped its pages today. And that feeling came. And I had to hold my breath to let it pass by.

My heart is just as vulnerable as how my feelings was then. Even today. Even tomorrow. As my shattered heart will never be the same again. It might be stronger,could be weaker, but not, never the same.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Many a times in life you tell yourself that people just don't understand you, that you are different from others, that you are just being who you are. You tell those close to you that it is what you think is right, and everything you did had a purpose.

And at that very same time you question why can't people see it your way, and just try to be in your shoes for a change. You wonder what is so wrong about the way you think or act, and you want everyone to think just like you. Do the things you do, say yes to the things you like, no to the things you don't like, smile to your friends and hate your enemies.

But have you tried to look into another person's eyes and see it their way??

No. No one has. I haven't.

I may say I lead a more difficult life than yours, and you can say the same thing. In the end, we will just be arguing over and over about the same thing, without an ending. And where will that put us? One will win, one will lose. But what does it mean?

Self satisfaction will only go so far, as in the end you realize that you are still alone.

I know for a fact that it is not easy to accept. Found out something, and the next thing you know is you're digging for more answers.

I'm learning the hard way to accept someone's past. It is not just by saying sorry. How would you know what you did then will be something you regret today? Knowing how difficult it is to be honest about actions in the past is the first step.

People make mistakes all the time. So do I.

Accepting that people are different from you is the most difficult of all. But most important is to have a stand in life, not to just follow the direction the wind blows. People are different, in every single way imaginable. And it doesn't make them bad people, just, different.

I am for a fact glad I had to undergo all this. It is not easy, but I'll make it though, step by step. Sometimes I take a pause, sometimes I slow down, but I'm not going backwards.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Saviour

All my life,
I wish to find someone who understands my fears,
my worries,
the things I keep to myself,
to hold my hand through difficult times,
to listen to what I have to say,
to the things I wish to have,
to the things I wish didnt happen,
to find someone who accepts my past,
to accept me as who I am.

I guess every girl does,
wishing to find their prince charming.

And I found you.


I no longer believed in the idea of soulmates. Someone who just happen to be the person, 'the one' for you. Love at first sight is not realistic anymore, not when people are chasing dream, and with that they chase time in the process.

I've been hurt countless of times, by myself, by not being able to express myself to the one that I love hurts me to the core. An encounter with my old diary of 2007, and another notebook that meant so much to me, but might not mean as mush to the other. I don't know. Could it be time? What went wrong? Tell me how am I suppose to keep on fighting for something that is just not there? Something I can't feel.

I tried to hold on to the words, to the promises, but no. It hurts. And reading just one single entry in it, all the feelings of that moment came rushing back, drowning me, suffocating me that I had to reach out for air.

Maybe then it was because I was looking for the way to be perfect in your eyes, not realizing that the little imperfections of the both of us combined is what makes it stronger.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Promise Me

...that you won't give up

no matter what happens

no matter how hopeless.

Promise me now...

and never let go of that promise.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Doctor In The House

Congratulations Kakak!!!!!

You're now Dr. Aziah Ab. Rani

We are sooooo proud of you

After all the hard work, everything paid off, EVERYTHING

Now it is the start of a new chapter

And we wish you all the best

Love you always.

-Nana & Adik-

Ps: Pre-welcome to the family, Farouk =)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Being in and out of love happens to everyone. One second, you think this person is 'the one'. Then you try to hide every imperfection with hope that he will somehow see everything you gave up. But then you grow up and realize there is another definition of love out there, one that does not require tears and uncertainties all the time.

I realize that I'm not 'the girl' every guy would like. I don't have the looks, or anything that would make me attractive in their eyes. Even, I'm not the type of person someone would even have a good first impression on. Maybe it is because I'm too gedik and manja. =P Not maybe. It is. LoL. But whatever. I know I can't change the way people think and see. My mind is not transparent, neither are theirs. Jugding are purely their right. So be it.

But honestly, I'm lucky. Being a girl who can't really demand to have prince charming as a boyfriend, I'm lucky to have someone who fulfills my own criteria.

1. Talks to me for hours on the phone till I fall asleep, and wakes up for another long conversation if I wake up in the middle of the night and can't sleep

2. Treats me like a kid, a teenager and an adult all in the same time

3. Listens to me when all I need is not advice but someone to just shut up and hear me out

4. Tells me that I'm wrong and is willing to help me change

5. Reminds me everytime I made a mistake

6. Builds the confidence in me

7. Holds me when I'm scared, or lonely, or tired, or sad

8. Looks into my eyes and tell me he loves me

9. Fights for me

I need that. Just that. And it's perfect =)

You might have your own reasons for being unable to own up and explain yourself about me. But as long as you fight for me, that is enough.

ps: I'm sorry for not being good in pulling out surprises, I've never done anything like that in my entire life. But the cupcake was nice, no? Hahahha =P

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wish List

I really do have a long list now..

It starts with.....

1. New shoes *more shoes kot*
2. ..
3. ..

And I have a full list of movies yet to be watched.

2 weeks to go before school starts. Excited? Not. Thank you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I just finished watching the final episode of Glee Season 2...

Nothing to look forward to now :(

Maybe the end of the holidays? Definitely NOT!

Can I just stay here forever???

Will you come and stay with me?