Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to School!

To every school kid out there: Its almost time to pack your bags and enter your new class =)

I remember back then when I first started my primary school. It was the old building back then, and I was placed in class 1 Bakawali. I can't remember how it started, but within days I alreadu had my best friend - Nadiya Akmal and Heliani.

I love my primary school.Those were such sweet memories that I hold dearly in my heart. A lot of people ask me, how do I remember details so well. For instance, I could remember where I tool the photo portrait with mummy, kakak and I. Maybe my parents showed us pictures and tell us stories about them over and over again, so that is why the memory lingers.

Then I proceeded to high school. I was not accepted into any boarding school at first, and I got my offer letter slightly after Chinese New Year 2001. Honestly I did not know what to feel back then. I was happy, all my cousins are scorers and they went to boarding school. So I had to score no matter what. It did not bring much pressure though, as daddy has always thought us to be diligent. Well, we are, not as diligent as him, apparently. He reads in shopping malls!!!!!

Finishing high school in 2005, I went to Sunway University College for my A Levels and then here for my MBBS.

My education journey is less hassle as compared to adik or kakak, except back then during my preschool years in the United Kingdom.

Kakak had a series of schools, adik too. But I think adik's history is the most outstanding one. Let me put a layout for you....

Tadika Kemas --> Some chinese kindergarten ---> SK SIS ---> Kelantan International School ---> SK SIS ---> SMK Maahad Al-ahmadi ---> SMK Kubang Bemban ---> Victoria English School, Dubai ---> SMK Kubang Bemban ---> SMS Seri Puteri

See, no one changes school like she does. LoL

Anyway, I've started my new semester TODAY =)

I'm starting with psychiatry. During this posting, again we will be divided into two groups. This time, I did not consider the people who will be distributed into each group, as I have my sister's engagement to consider. So I'm going to Melaka on Sunday, spend another 3 weeks there. Its an advantage as on the final week we are allowed to return to KL on Wednesday so I will be here to pick up adik from school. I guess I wont be doing my hair, spending my money on other stuff. =P

Anyway, I really should start studying. I don't want last posting's mistake to repeat again. So yea. Will be MIA probably when I'm in Melaka. =) And will definitely update about the engagement. I'm super excited!~ Weeeeeeee

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Its Been...

... days since that last mistake.

And God forbid I would ever cross that path ever again.

God forbid I would ever hurt you again.

God forbid you would ever cross my mind again.

I miss being in Dubai at the end of the year. Winter there does not equal to snow, or snowman, or anything in that sense. Just cold breeze, with a hot bowl of maggie made by mummy =) Bliss. Its easy.

I am really grateful I have a place to go where I would lose touch with everyone, unless I come online or blog or anything. Besides that, my phone is not on roaming, and it is super expansive to call or text using my Dubai number, which apparently is no longer in service. Haha.

You see, sometimes its really nice to escape everything, and just run away for awhile. Run from everything, everyone. It could be sick and tiring sometimes to be at square one over and over again.

But I'm done with that. I'm done with running, and its time to face reality. No matter how bitter it is, how hard it gets, I know I would have to do this. So here it goes. I shouldn't be that scared little girl anymore. Right?

And I know somehow I can do this.

Cause I'm not alone, I never will be alone.

I have you.

For you I will.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Made My Day =)

I was out with my uncle, grandma and sister, and we came home for a short refreshment when my uncle decided to go to dreamland, leaving us waiting to go out! LoL.

Anyway, I was browsing through youtube when adik showed me this video. She said she wants to learn how to play this song with her pink guitar =P

That's So You

This video made me laughing for a full 30 minutes, and I watched it again, and laughed, again, for the next 30 minutes!!!

Its soooooooo super cute!! Hahahahahahaahahahaha... See, I can't stop laughing! And yes, it made my day.

You should watch it too. Its cute =) And a good remedy for this gloomy and cold day! *winks*

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back to December

Life is not a fairy tale. Its not a drama, a sketch that could be replayed over and over again. It doesn't have a fixed script, people don't abide to the script, and the laws been broken all the time.

December is coming to an end. The year has been... eventful.

Heartbreaks, hearts mended. Love lost, love gained. New people, new friends, new environment. New trustee. Friends /acquaintances remain, leave, come, go, reappear and just don't care. Well, spell it with me folks, L.I.F.E

I just love this song by Taylor Swift. I just got hold of her latest album - SPEAK NOW - and as usual it is A.W.E.S.O.M.E! You should really watch this performance by her at the CMA Awards 2010, simple incredible!!! Such talent! I wish I would have the guts to perform like that in front of an audience. I don't think I can even play the piano anymore!!! Haven't touch it in ages!!!

Some people might just see Taylor Swift as a young teenage girl that is pathetic not able to move on by writing songs about every bad relationship she had. But to me, it is a way of expressing yourself!~ Heeee...

I was in Pavilion last week, looking at the Christmas decorations. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L ! Red, white, gold and green everywhere! Had a great date with dearest Era and there's nothing more I could ask for! =)

I have a new look! Haha. Not so new, just new-new. My ultimate new look will be on my sister's engagement day. Hahahahhaha. IF I get permission from mummy. Please mummy, please. Hehehe.. *by new look, I mean new hair!* hahahahhahaha.. Fine, its just new color. Hahahah.

Oh well, I still have a few days till the holiday ends, and apparently I'm using them very wisely! Haha.

I've posted everything that the electives and exchange office in King's College required, and now I'm proceeding to my indemnity and insurance. However, I found out that I have to be a member of the MMA first. Haih. That means another trip to the city tomorrow to get everything done, again. Then, I need to see that person who I need to deal with for my insurance. And then, I need to go see the engagement setting. See, I'm using my holidays to the max! =D

I also went to visit my grandpa's eldest sister. She had a seizure attack at 4am and is currently really unwell. Being 101 years old, my grandpa expected the worst. Her body temperature has spiked up and she's not tolerating orally well. I hope whatever happens next would be the best for her. I've never had the chance to really know her. I see her only during occasions such as Eid. But I know, if she passes on, it will definitely break my grandpa's heart. She's all he has left. His other siblings has already passed on before them. Being the youngest, he's quite sensitive. I pray everything will be fine, and the best for everyone... And I hope I will never forget the way it feels when she holds my hand...

When the world gets darker and things seems so be so difficult, this little smile would definitely make it up..

I really should start studying psychiatry. I was told that the exams were super tough, and I really don't wanna be left behind. Haha. Right. Going shopping again tomorrow. I need a new notebook! Heeeee!~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Comfort Zone

I'm currently home =) Yay!!!

This is definitely my comfort zone, a place where I don't have to think about anything, and do what I want to do.

I'm settling the last few bits of my electives to King's College, London, and will be heading to the bank and post office first thing tomorrow morning. However, due to the hectic week I had last week, I completely forgot to take a copy of my passport!!!

Thanks dear for helping me scan and email my passport to me. Wouldn't know what would I do without you =)

Anyway, there;'s another few days home before I head back to KL for my next postings, and I have a few things to settle, especially for kakak's engagement.

1. Get our dresses ready - done
2. Get in contact with a good 'mak andam' - anyone... please?
3. Check the menu
4. Get rooms for friends who will be coming over - done
5. Get rooms/home stay for my family that will be coming over - done
6. Get my hair done
7. Prepare the house - one month to go.. LOL

I guess that's all on my list right now.

This reminds me, I need to check the flight tickets!!!!!! =P

Fyd, I want the pictures!!! Can't update yet =(

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tron Legacy and Exams

Finally, I've finished my exams for the first two posting in fourth year. It was tough, and I was under a lot of stress during the whole duration. No thanks to some unfortunate events and misunderstandings plus the human mistakes, it really almost ruined my week. But somehow there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel, and before you know it, everything fell into place perfectly =)

I've done a lot of stupid things this week, due to my emotional instability. LoL. Sorry, to those who were hurt, and thanks for being by my side. I've always known that I have you =) heeee.. And thanks for accompanying me and spending some girly time together. Seriously, in need of more!~ Hehe.

Well, yesterday was my last paper. It was OSCE, and I wasn't supposed to go in first, but due to some circumstances, I was in the first group. I finished all the exams by 11++ and hit the road with my girlfriends. Yesterday was super fun!

Oh, back to the post.

So yea, everyone's watch the trailer of Tron Legacy right? I wanted to join Nuffnang's contest to win another free ticket to watch it, but since the show was during the exam week, so I decided otherwise. And I watched it last night with my dearies.

The movie was just an okay movie. Some parts were in 3D, some weren't. I would appreciate it very much if they could have at least let us know that it is in 2D so we could take our 3D glasses off. It was better to watch those scenes without it.

The story line was not really something interesting, but it was okay. The graphic however was really good, especially the part on the grid =) I would not want give you spoilers here though. Go and watch it!~

I wonder if Disneyland Florida will create a game for this movie. It is certainly great to be turned into a game, or a roller coaster ride. Haha.

And I LOVE the bike! It was superb!! =P

Now I'm on holiday. Will be going back to Kelantan since daddy decided against going back to Dubai this time. I really love Dubai this time of the year, Its so..... cold. Haha. Oh well, am looking forward for my London trip, I need to pray hard that I would pass all the exams first though. Huuuuuuu... Please.

Oh, I also met someone very special last week. He's a muslim icon and I felt very privileged to have the opportunity to meet him in person, and have a private dinner with him. Will update about him later, he deserves a whole post all for himself =)

Going to Melaka in an hour, waiting for my ride. Will update about the program there as well... heeeeee..

Anyway, to all my friends, happy holiday!!!

Before I forget,


Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Blue Flower

Sometimes when you're just a kid, you wonder where life will bring you. You used to dream to some day be famous, or someday people will know you and acknowledge who you are and what you've done.

Somehow some of us just gives up along the way, some deviate, and little moves forward with determination.

8th December 2010 marks yet another historical day in the simple life of my beloved friend, Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor. This is the day she was crowed as Dewi Remaja 2010!!

It wasn't an easy journey, I'm sure, the journey this petite girl has been through. Yet she has always been strong and in the end she manages to overcome all the obstacles =)

Lofa, as pretty and soft as her name may sound, with a strong and determined soul inside.

I'm so proud of you dear, and I'm so sorry for not being able to make it that day since I apparently had class till 7! =( . I knew you would win it, and I'm so happy for you! *hugs*

Spread your wings proudly and fly away, but at times don't forget to glance down and remember where we come from. I am sure you'll make it big time, and don't forget me yea!!! *winks*

I guess all those years of public speaking was worth it, aite? And thanks so much for the pictures, they're lovely!!!!

Good luck in everything, be strong facing the future, and know that I'll always be here to support you, like you've always been there for me during those years. =) I love you .

Friday, December 10, 2010

Raccoon Eyes

I was having a conversation with kakak across the hallways *yes, we do that a lot to save time and energy from traveling to steps =P* when she asked me, "Why are you having raccoon eyes??"

Duh.. The answer is too simple, and too obvious too.

My exam is starting on Monday and I'm super stressed and trying to study as much as I could. The examination this time is rather different since usually we will be having long case examination and written for one posting only. This time, we're having OSCE and written, for TWO postings!!!

I really do look like this now

I seriously have no idea how to manage this, as I've never went through this before. But there is always a first time for everything =) Can't wait for the holidays though.

Pray for me peeps!!

Oh, by the way, I would like to congratulate my dear friend - Noor Neelofa - for winning the Dewi Remaja title!! I'm gonna have a special post just for you, okay babes!!! Love you much!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Ending Part 1

I've been introduced to Harry Potter by a good friend of mine in high school, Adilah, She keeps on asking me to read the book, but I didn't budge. It was the era of romantic novels, oh, malay romantic novels like "Kau Yang Satu" and "Ombak Rindu." I know, I know, I used to have this big thing about reading, but those novels were my preferences back then. It was even easy to get them from my friends =)

I started reading Harry Potter not chronologically. I started with the fourth book - The Goblet of Fire, and I literally forced Adilah to bring the whole collection back to school. We were in boarding school, and after our PMR we were stuck in school doing nothing, so I decided to read them all.

I remember spending my stay up time during my SPM years to read the fifth installment of the book. I'm that type you see, the type that doesn't put down the book until its done.

The last book was released in July 2007. Luckily I was on break and I had ample time to be reading the book =)

The final book was divided into two movies, to not kill the fun of it. Honestly, I am a big fan of the books, but not the movies.

However, I think due to my low expectation, I had fun watching the final movie, Part 1.

I think they had most of the parts well places, though there still are missing things that needs explanation, but I don't think the explanation needed was as much as the previous movies.

I can't wait for the second part next year.

What I've learn from this is:
Don't expect too much, you'll be happier that way =)


And I've hurt myself by hurting you...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Rising Star

I would like to tell you the tale of how I got to know this pretty young successful lady, but I guess it would take pages to finish a whole story! To put in simpler, we've known each other since primary school, standard 4, right? And we were in most competitions together.

Neelofa is my childhood friend. She's competing in a competition called Dewi Remaja. Its from a famous magazine, Remaja, for teens. The purpose of this competition is to find a role model and the beauty pageant.

I really hope she'll win this one, she deserves it!

So to all my readers, vote for her - DEWI LOFA to 33333!!

And to my dearest Lofa, being a star is not easy. You will have to face all the haters out there who hate you and envy what you've achieved. But to believe me when I say there will always be people who will support you and love you, no matter what you choose.

All the best, love.