Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Rising Star

I would like to tell you the tale of how I got to know this pretty young successful lady, but I guess it would take pages to finish a whole story! To put in simpler, we've known each other since primary school, standard 4, right? And we were in most competitions together.

Neelofa is my childhood friend. She's competing in a competition called Dewi Remaja. Its from a famous magazine, Remaja, for teens. The purpose of this competition is to find a role model and the beauty pageant.

I really hope she'll win this one, she deserves it!

So to all my readers, vote for her - DEWI LOFA to 33333!!

And to my dearest Lofa, being a star is not easy. You will have to face all the haters out there who hate you and envy what you've achieved. But to believe me when I say there will always be people who will support you and love you, no matter what you choose.

All the best, love.

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