Friday, December 17, 2010

Tron Legacy and Exams

Finally, I've finished my exams for the first two posting in fourth year. It was tough, and I was under a lot of stress during the whole duration. No thanks to some unfortunate events and misunderstandings plus the human mistakes, it really almost ruined my week. But somehow there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel, and before you know it, everything fell into place perfectly =)

I've done a lot of stupid things this week, due to my emotional instability. LoL. Sorry, to those who were hurt, and thanks for being by my side. I've always known that I have you =) heeee.. And thanks for accompanying me and spending some girly time together. Seriously, in need of more!~ Hehe.

Well, yesterday was my last paper. It was OSCE, and I wasn't supposed to go in first, but due to some circumstances, I was in the first group. I finished all the exams by 11++ and hit the road with my girlfriends. Yesterday was super fun!

Oh, back to the post.

So yea, everyone's watch the trailer of Tron Legacy right? I wanted to join Nuffnang's contest to win another free ticket to watch it, but since the show was during the exam week, so I decided otherwise. And I watched it last night with my dearies.

The movie was just an okay movie. Some parts were in 3D, some weren't. I would appreciate it very much if they could have at least let us know that it is in 2D so we could take our 3D glasses off. It was better to watch those scenes without it.

The story line was not really something interesting, but it was okay. The graphic however was really good, especially the part on the grid =) I would not want give you spoilers here though. Go and watch it!~

I wonder if Disneyland Florida will create a game for this movie. It is certainly great to be turned into a game, or a roller coaster ride. Haha.

And I LOVE the bike! It was superb!! =P

Now I'm on holiday. Will be going back to Kelantan since daddy decided against going back to Dubai this time. I really love Dubai this time of the year, Its so..... cold. Haha. Oh well, am looking forward for my London trip, I need to pray hard that I would pass all the exams first though. Huuuuuuu... Please.

Oh, I also met someone very special last week. He's a muslim icon and I felt very privileged to have the opportunity to meet him in person, and have a private dinner with him. Will update about him later, he deserves a whole post all for himself =)

Going to Melaka in an hour, waiting for my ride. Will update about the program there as well... heeeeee..

Anyway, to all my friends, happy holiday!!!

Before I forget,


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