Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to School!

To every school kid out there: Its almost time to pack your bags and enter your new class =)

I remember back then when I first started my primary school. It was the old building back then, and I was placed in class 1 Bakawali. I can't remember how it started, but within days I alreadu had my best friend - Nadiya Akmal and Heliani.

I love my primary school.Those were such sweet memories that I hold dearly in my heart. A lot of people ask me, how do I remember details so well. For instance, I could remember where I tool the photo portrait with mummy, kakak and I. Maybe my parents showed us pictures and tell us stories about them over and over again, so that is why the memory lingers.

Then I proceeded to high school. I was not accepted into any boarding school at first, and I got my offer letter slightly after Chinese New Year 2001. Honestly I did not know what to feel back then. I was happy, all my cousins are scorers and they went to boarding school. So I had to score no matter what. It did not bring much pressure though, as daddy has always thought us to be diligent. Well, we are, not as diligent as him, apparently. He reads in shopping malls!!!!!

Finishing high school in 2005, I went to Sunway University College for my A Levels and then here for my MBBS.

My education journey is less hassle as compared to adik or kakak, except back then during my preschool years in the United Kingdom.

Kakak had a series of schools, adik too. But I think adik's history is the most outstanding one. Let me put a layout for you....

Tadika Kemas --> Some chinese kindergarten ---> SK SIS ---> Kelantan International School ---> SK SIS ---> SMK Maahad Al-ahmadi ---> SMK Kubang Bemban ---> Victoria English School, Dubai ---> SMK Kubang Bemban ---> SMS Seri Puteri

See, no one changes school like she does. LoL

Anyway, I've started my new semester TODAY =)

I'm starting with psychiatry. During this posting, again we will be divided into two groups. This time, I did not consider the people who will be distributed into each group, as I have my sister's engagement to consider. So I'm going to Melaka on Sunday, spend another 3 weeks there. Its an advantage as on the final week we are allowed to return to KL on Wednesday so I will be here to pick up adik from school. I guess I wont be doing my hair, spending my money on other stuff. =P

Anyway, I really should start studying. I don't want last posting's mistake to repeat again. So yea. Will be MIA probably when I'm in Melaka. =) And will definitely update about the engagement. I'm super excited!~ Weeeeeeee

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