Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Of Love

What does a relationship mean to you? To have someone by your side? To be able to talk to that person till dawn? To know that you have someone to turn to each time you hit the ground?

I know that there are a million ways people look at relationships. Some are in it for the long run, some just to waste time, most of them are in it just to feel wanted, not alone.

Being married to the love of my life changes my perception about relationships altogether. For one thing, it is not just about yourself, nor is it just about your other half. It is about taking all the things you hate and complimenting it with all the things that you love, combining it with all the things that you care about and cherish.

Being loyal on the other hand is different. I've seen newlyweds fall in and out of love during the first few months of their marriage and god forbid that to ever happen to my marriage. Praise to God, till this very day I am still very much in love with my dear husband, even though things are not like they used to be. Working life has brought a new meaning to the relationship and I am grateful to be able to come home everyday to his loving arms. And for that, I never forget to thank God for every single passing day spent with him :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kissing through the phone

Because I miss you so much!!!!