Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mommy To Be

In a blink of an eye, it has been almost 7 months that I've been married to the love of my life. Alhamdulillah, we are still very much in love, even more every single day. Maybe our similar schedule makes it easy for us to spend time together and make the marriage even more blissful.

Praise to Allah, I am now expecting a new life. Maybe being a doctor I did not need to wait till I miss my menses before noticing that something is wrong, different with my body.

It started a few weeks back when I was super duper lazy to go to work, and that I would sleep each time I get the chance. My appetite's change as well. But I did not get the nausea and vomiting signs first.

Farid keep on teasing me about my appetite, saying that I'm eating for two, and each time, I would just laugh and played along. We didn't mind getting a baby since the both of us are working and we are ready to head a step forward into the life we are having.

When the blue + sign appeared, I was out of words. Happy, nervous, scared and elated, all combined. But I am deeply grateful to The Almighty for granting me this blessing.

It really isn't easy to be working and pregnant. Being a housemen makes things even more difficult. I am ALWAYS tired and sleepy, and my head hurts everyday by the end of the day. Farid denies me from taking any medication so I had to hang on to minyak cap kapak for dear life. Friends around me have been super understanding and I thank the world to them. Would have never made it through without them with me.

In a few weeks I'll be entering my second trimester, and my weight is still static! Honestly, I can't wait to see that little bump and feel the little movements. Heeeeee. Till now, no one can tell that I'm pregnant unless I tell them and thankfully all my jeans still fit :) yay me.

It is really fun, this new experience, and everyday is a new challenge. Can't wait to see how I would look being plump! Hehe

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Of Being Spontaneous

Celebrated MakPip's birthday in Sunway Lagoon & ThaiThai yesterday :)

I love you girls to bits. Happy birthday dear!