Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My January

This is my second post of the year!! Hello January. I know it has been ages since I've updated my blog. With my second professional exams earlier this month and a massive trip after, I hardly have any time to come online and write.

So how has January been? I would classify is as wonderful. My new year's eve was filled with books and notes with my dearest, and hearing the sounds of fireworks from the lakeside.

Then on the 6th, we had our first paper. Remember adik's knee?? That she fell down and her knee was injured, BAD! She had her arthroscopy on the 6th as well!!! The scope has been delayed for months as she was going to have her SPM. Now since everything is done, she's all ready for ther mini surgery. I felt really bad not being able to be there, but since I was having holidays later, I decided to travel to Johor later after I finished my exams.

Adik is always so manja, so I was worried when she complained about pain. But then kakak assured me that adik's condition was going to be better, so I felt much better. Even Mak Lang and Pak Lang said that the pain will go away day by day. And eventually everything went well for her :)

As for my exams, no words could express how I felt to have it over, and to pass it. But we couldn't celebrate as there were some friends who didn't make it. Don't worry friends, I believe that all of you will do well in the re-sit and that we will all be able to enter the final semester together. My prayers will always be will all of you...

So yea, that's all for my exams section. :P Another 10% and me and my friends will be doctors, InsyaAllah... Please pray for all of us, may us pass through smoothly.

After the exams I went down to Johor to visit adik and kakak. It was great!! Haha. And on Monday, I went to Universal Studios Singapore with Farid, Didi, Chia and Chia Jr. :P. Hhehe. Was super fun though I felt slightly bad for leaving adik behind. But she can't really go and play around, can she? So I promised to bring her to USS once her leg is strong enough. We spent two nights in Singapore which is definitely NOT ENOUGH and are DEFINITELY COMING BACK SOON!!! Haha. Need to spend the night with my adorable cousin Shafik more often and to dig our secrets too!!!

I went to Shah Alam for a wedding and Melaka to visit my grandma, all in one week. Hectic, huh?? But I had super fun.

Now I'm back home in Kelantan after AGES. And it's really good :) to be able to laze around doing nothing. Heeeeeee....

One week left in January and I've got my whole week planned. Can't tell you now, but it's awesome!! And exciting too :) hehe. Me? I'm super excited! Will update soon!!

Ps: Can't update the photos in USS as they're with Farid. Later, perhaps?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

H. O. L. I. D. A. Y.

Yup, I've finished my exams, and I have like a thousand things to tell!!! :)

Now I'm at Pak Lang's house in Singapore with my cousins. But Shafik is on duty today (sadly) so I would have to wait for Mak Lang to come home, then we'll be going out. Shafik's free tomorrow tho (such a killjoy, I know) but tomorrow I'll be heading back to Johor, then to KL. So yea.

I'm grateful for this holidays and will be entering semester 10 with a fresh spirit :)

Final semester, only one more to go till I graduate. Time does fly :)