Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Prof Nasa!~

today's Prof Nasa's birthday!!!! we planned a surprise birthday party and had everything ready, but sadly he was off to KL and we did not get the chance to celebrate... Thankfully, today (22nd October) we still manage to have a small party for him during our break between CST and the pathology lecture... the chocolate cake was really nice, and we had so much fun.... Well, we owe it to Prof Nasa for helping us A LOT in anatomy... thanks Prof!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Prof Nasa's Birthday speech (EVERYTHING must be related to anatomy)

The birthday cake

Prof Nasa receiving his present

Prof Nasa opening the surprise gift

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Le tOur dE kUaLa LumpUr...!

yay!~ another day of going jalan2!~ This time it's in Shah Alam and KL... Well, initially Farid Jo told me that they plan to make a move at 10, so I didn't want to drive at first, but then Sha was willing to follow me in my car, so I decided, let's just do it.. =)

At 10 we gathered at Farid's house in Putrajaya.. Niza came with me in my car, as it was kinda free.. Only 3 cars, we convoied to the first house of the day.... it was fun as we had the "Do you know your Disney Songs + Movie" quiz... heheheh... by the end of the day, Niza is officially the Disney KING as he knows most of the classic movie songs (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty,Cinderella) and Ammar (who joined us later in the journey) is officially the Disney PRINCE as he knows most of the new movie songs (Pocahontas, Enchanted, Mulan).

Abel's House

Abelllll..... I still love your mum's sambal sotong!! =) ... it was simply delicious.. and the pizza too, with the cheesecake.. just enough stuff to fill in my empty tummy that was really hungy at that moment... (pictures yet to be uploaded.. PINK, I NEED YOU NOW!!!!) .... some of us were already there when we arrived, not to mention some that were stuck in the traffic jam....

Pink's House

Our next house was Pink's house, also in Shah Alam, tho not reall that close to Abel's house.. She served us with laksa Sarawak... Pink, lets go sky diving, shall we?? huhu... make it 20k.. LOL.... anyway, I think what Pink said was right, we really have to try it, once in a lifetime..... ngehehehe....

Syaz's House

The 3rd house for the day is Syaz's house... Her house was somewhere in Gombak, so it took us quite some time to reach there... Her sister just delivered a baby girl which is SOOOO EXTREMELY cute!!!!! Niesa Erina... huhu... there we had beehun soup which was really delicious, and spicy... ngeh ngeh... "eating spicy food competition", participated by kencang and anis... LOL :P

Biha's House

When we arrived, I was almost bloated, so we told Biha not to prepare much, but we end up staying there for 3 hours, playing cards, uno stacko, and eating A LOT!!!! huhuhuhu... at first there were just 4 cars (mine, Syaz, Farid and Ain) but then we were joined by Syafiq, Sara, Fana, Wani, Abel and Fitri (I did not leave anyone out, did I??).. it's been so long since I played any home-games, and it was really exciting...

The journey home ws scary as it rained really heavy... But thank goodness there was Sha as Ammar and Niza decided to go to Farid's house.... I arrived home tired, yet content..

Thanks so much Abel, Pink, Syaz and Biha... had so much fun, I'm actually elated!~ ngeeeeeeeee

(Apologies for no pics... huhu... will update SOON!~)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Day in Negeri Sembilan...

Well, I could say that I was still undecided when I woke up today, not knowing either to go to the 2 open houses in Seremban or not.. But since everyone's leaving, kakak going out and no one staying, I decided, lets make it a shot.. So hurriedly I dressed up and waiting for Bee to come back since I have to service my car and cannot afford to drive it so far yet without servicing it...

Approximately 2.30 we left home, convoied in 4 cars, Elly, ours, Syafiq and Mum/Jimmy... hehe.... It took us one hour+ to arrive there...

Wani's House
Our 1st stop of the day.. We even arrived there BEFORE the food was fully prepared.. but hey, when it was done, I just couldn't stop eating... she prepared satay, cendol, laksa and rendang + lemang... everything was simply wonderful.. her house was very homey and it made us wanna stay.. but we had to leave to go to the 2nd stop of the day.....

We're enjoying so much food here!!

Happy-full-tummy faces

Me - eating with high speed
Abel - drinking with high speed
Sha - ermmm???

We look like angels with the light shinning above us..~

Farhana's House
The 1st thing I wanna say about this house is it is simply beautiful!!! and again, my 1st time to her house... When we arrived, Fana was actually quite unprepared.. haha... then the boys switched on Shrek 2 as Fana said "Buatlah macam rumah sendiri" so they really did!!!! The food was once again amazing!! Fana's Shepard's pie, nasi goreng cina and chocolate cake were simply the best!!!!!!! There were other dishes, but I couldn't taste them all, or I'll blow up!!! LOL=p

Me, Biha and little Ain at Fana's courtyard

Inside the house - ready to eatttt!

Everyone's having so much fun

Pink and I - watching Shrek 2

One picture in the house before we leave

Mum!!!! ngeee.... let's go home!~ (E83-AB)

everyone's not ready in this picture anyway... LOL =P

I really had a wonderful day today... with all the food and all the commotion, it was really2 fun!! The pictures here are only from my camera.. Will try to get from other cameras as well soon!~

Fana & Wani, thanks SO much for inviting all of us to your wonderful houses... It was really great!! Thanks SO SO SO much!~

Friday, October 17, 2008

Salam Lebaran

This week really felt SO long... with all the anatomy, the lectures, and as usual the weekly assessment, I'm glad finally it's Friday, aka time to really-really take a break... Well, the reproductive system, as we are now in seems not really as 'interesting' as it should be. Maybe because we're still in anatomy, so it's still just something very common and basic.. Next week we'll be going to physiology, might be interesting.. LOL =p ... and I thought reproductive system should be something everyone 'looks forward' to.. ngeh ngeh....

Well, my Syawal this year was fun as usual.. I spent the first day of raya in Kelantan.. But there was a heavy traffic jam everywhere, so I ended up receiving guests rather than going other places being guests. Mummy and daddy took off to Dubai on Saturday (4th October) and my almost all the raya pictures are in their camera.. Just a few that i took are with me.. LOL =P

Adik and I

Saying goodbye to mummy and daddy at the airport.. Me miss you!~

Anyway, my last weekend was very fun!! On Friday, I went to Sunway to watch a midnight movie with Shameera, on Saturday another whole day with Hanam in KLCC.. And on Sunday I actually went to three open houses!! -Prof Nasa, Mumtazah & Shahada's Brother - It was honestly REALLY fun as it had been quite some time I've been out with my friends.. Though it started to rain so heavily and we were freezing in the car, it still was really fun!! I did not take much pictures, so will have to wait until the pictures that have been taken by my other friends are uploaded. (Fana, Mum, Rusha... and everyone with camerasssss!~ calling for everyone!! )

Happily watching Jaws at Sha's Brother's house with our full tummies..

Nana & Nana =)

Off to go home.. Tired, yet so happy...

Anyway, today (17th October) started off just like any other Friday would be, assessments (tho we were lucky this time it started at 9.30 = more time to study), discussion, reflection session with our mentor and usually everyone will immediately be going home to spend their weekends.. This week is more special, as we had a jamuan raya in campus..

It started at 3 and ended about 5+, with so much food and I had so much fun eating and taking pictures. But well, my camera had no battery (just realized it!!!) and I had to rely on other cameras for the pictures.. I'll re-update this post when I get all the pictures with me... I hope that'll be soon...

The food was awesome!!
  1. Rendang + nasi impit
  2. Satay
  3. Bihun goreng
  4. Roti jala
  5. Lemang + ketupat
  6. Kuih raya
  7. etc

The best part of all... haha...

Prof Ikram as usual jual pantun and replied by Faidhi, Sha and ummmm.... a 1st year student... then there were dedications, to lecturers and students, and some VERY LAME ones too... haha... something about 'meluahkan isi hati' is not really something that should be shared with the whole world, unless you're trying to propose, of couse.. haha... and some even mentioned their matrix number!! Impressive how this people are.. everyone was in their best suites, except some who just came back from the hospitals (clinical students)..

It was fun, really, to be seeing everyone so happy after a whole week to study, even Nik and Shakir were there (Nik, sorry!!! I'll make it up to u at your next show!! ) and Farouk too!! - with short hair!!! LOL =P.. there were also some of them who I haven't seen at all since the beginning of the semester (they're in hospitals, of course..)... it was great to actually hang about and ask about their new life... Can't imagine my life once I'm in that situation... I came back exhausted but content with the day.

The overall results of the assessment for this week was also OK so I guess my weekend will be quite something I will look forward to. And yes, I've finished Eclipse, maybe getting my hands on Breaking Dawn as soon as possible...

The pictures for today's event will be uploaded soon (Sara, Fana, Rusha, Maryam, and EVERYONE who brought their cameras with them.... I NEED YOUR PICTURES!!!!)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Zubalqiah and Jiji... may both of you have a smooth future ahead!! God bless...

Tomorrow I'll be going to Seremban, open houses at Wani's & Fana's!~ yay!~

Thursday, October 16, 2008


It's has been quite some time since I've started reading something.. and thanks to my so-much-annoying little sister who introduced me to my new obsession - Twilight by Stephanie Meyer ..

The cover of the book itself is already fascinating, which actually makes u pick it up at a bookstore, and there is always the thrill of action and romance in each chapter..

To those who had already known this, the movie for this book will be released on the 21st November 2008!! which mean... erm.... we still have approximately one month and a few days!! I am so watching the premiere of this movie!!! OMG, I am so finding a vampire on my own..!!!! LOL =P..

anyway, the final trailer has been released from Summit Entertainment, and I hope everyone will enjoy this video I would love to share..

(Extras about the movie: Edward Cullen is acted by Robert Pattinson, the same actor who acted out Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire... owh, you girls should know, he was described as the MOST handsome young guy in the triwizard competition... LOL =P)

well, I hope this movie will come to make box office... I would really love to have New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn turned into a movie... It might not be exactly the same, but the differences is what that makes both book and movie special in their own way...

This story unfolds its mysteries in 4 books :

New Moon
Breaking Dawn

Trust me, it'll be worth all your time reading it.. I had trouble trying to put it down!!!! I'm just about to finish Eclipse, and right now I just cant wait to get my hands on Breaking Dawn.. It's just light reading, would be great to let your thoughts wonder off for awhile and immerse yourself in a world which only exists in a dream..

Well, I wouldn't want to do any spoilers yet, maybe not just yet.. I think I should compare the book to the movie, then I'll spoil the rest for you... =)

Anyway, since soon enough I'll be getting Breaking Dawn, it means that I have to start looking for another new book... suggestions anyone??

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays.....

It had only been one month....
Just one month....

The fact that it had rained so heavily today haven't done any good to what I'm feeling...

The cold whether and the gushing wind.. if only it could have blow me away, far far away.... to where my heart longed to be...

Just for this moment, I'd rather have a beat less heart..... at least it could be more bearable than bearing the empty feeling inside...~ *sigh*

Sports Carnival 2008

To be more than just medical students..~

I guess they did get that right..
and since I'm in charge for the promotion of the whole event, I ought to say something, aite?

Today's the opening for the Sports Carnival 2008 of CUCMS....
Let the games begin.....~ hiks...

Anyway, I had fun playing with the letup-letup thingy for the first time... haha... don't really know the actual name for it, well, it's something that when u pull the string it goes 'boooommmmm' and there will be 'strings' - I guess - coming out.. but hey, I'm not the ONLY one holding that thing for the first time... but it did scare me *a bit* at the beginning....

The opening event had started off with Prof Hatta kicking a ball into the tiny goal... Next the presentation of the Sports Carnival banner by the silat people... ngeh ngeh... Then we were off to the games..

The sports carnival will be going on for one whole month, and the finals will be somewhere in early November.. the venue has not been confirm yet.. hope they'll get the permission to do it somewhere cool... hehe... would have love it then..

The selections of games are also cool... which reminds me of someone looking at the board and talking to herself, 'Maybe I should play chess, or scrabble?? OMG, I sound so like a nerd!!' haha... mind her... hey gal, you ought to enjoy yourself you know...

and to everyone, good luck in whatever you are participating (since it is compulsory for everyone to participate in at least one sport... LOL =P ) play fair, have fun, and NO cat fights!!!!!

(no picts yet.... who brought the camera????? -yet to be uploaded *winks* )

Monday, October 13, 2008

Slipping through my fingers...~

Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture
And save it from the funny tricks of time

Slipping through my fingers all the time
I try to capture every minute
The feeling in it
Slipping through my fingers all the time

This is one of my favourite song in the movie Mamma Mia! (honestly, there's no FAVOURITE of all favourites... I love them all...!) Originally sang by the group ABBA and it is again performed by Sophie and Donna in the movie. This song is simply beautiful, the lyrics and all... It could be defined in a million ways, through ticking time that passes by..

Honestly, sometimes I wonder myself if I am letting precious time going by, not letting myself appreciate things and people around me.

...Time and tide awaits no man...

Time is not something that could ever be brought back, and sometimes we let things left unsaid, tasks left undone, till there's nothing else left to be said and done. If I could just have more time, and more courage to really express how I feel.. If only....

If I could freeze this moment, and trade it with anything, I would trade it with the world... If I could trade anything for the times that had passed me by, I'd trade my life... Time seems to pass so fast that it just keeps on going...

But hey, Mamma Mia! is a really MUST WATCH movie... honest, you'll love it... *winks*

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've promised someone that I would start blogging, just for the sake of sharing my ideas, what I do, my interests and some common stuff. It was really hard for me to actually start, as I am not really sure about blogs before. I am used to read other blogs, but I always question myself, if I could write something as good or as interesting as they do?

Why are we so different but feel so much the same? Sometimes we tend to think differently, see things in a different way when actually there are just so many other ways to interpret something, may it be anything at all..

I really hope that I could share my thoughts with others and also in the same time having other people to share their thoughts and ideas too. I might not be good in expressing myself much, not as I often do when I start talking tho.

I'm a new learner, a starter, the baby in the family.. blogging is very new to me, and I have always seen it as sharing who I am with the world.. and as time goes by, I hope to improve myself just as much as everything else.. Thanks to those who inspired my life..!~

Anyway, welcome to my life...!~