Saturday, July 31, 2010

End of July

It's already the end of July. Sigh. Time flies, it really does. I can hardly remember anything I did this whole month. Well, there was a lot of things that I did, but it seems like just yesterday I wished everyone a happy July. Now we're going to August, and so not fun, as I'll be starting my clinical rotation soon. Now I'm currently still in my EBM posting. Sigh.

A lot happened in July. Birthdays, celebrations, lost love, new love, new friendship and everything else in between. Who knew July would be so complicated to me.

Oh, I haven't been able to update much, my broadband is not really awesome, and I don't come online much except in campus on my phone. So yea, I just update my twitter instead.

Oh well, welcome August.

To my long lost best friend, Zakiah Saizan, Happy Birthday my dear.... =)

Everything happens for a reason, maybe it's a blessing in disguise, maybe it's trying to teach you a lesson, or maybe, just maybe, it means you should move on...

Sunday, July 25, 2010


My favourite time of the day, definitely. Sometimes I would just laze around, waiting for the sun to rise, for dawn never fails to bring hope of a new approaching day.

So, my weekend was pretty full, so is next weekend, and the next one too. Can hardly believe that I am going to the second week of EBM. What bothers me most is that I am so not ready to proceed to clinicals just yet. Heeeeeee. Oh well, life goes on.... As usual.

So yea, adik was in this British Parliamentary Debate held in KDU and I spent my whole weekend there. It was fun, though she did not win. It's the first time she ever competed in a debate *outside school* and I think she did pretty well. Fyd and I were trying to rebut all the points given by both teams, and we had so much fun. Haha. I miss debate, I miss being in high school altogether. Sigh.

Oh, we went to Fyd's house for a kenduri too. =)

I'm devastated, the End Of Season outlet in Damansara Jaya is no longer there. When was the last time I went there anyway? More than one year ago I'd reckon. Sigh.

I'm looking forward for a nice shopping day somewhere around next week or the coming week. I went shopping for my kitchen stuff and hair products today, apparels can wait =)

It's almost August now. And Ramadhan is approaching too. Real fast. Haven't got any baju raya yet. I'll be having a ONE day holiday afterall, so I'm not really looking forward for anything right now. Quoting Prof Y "You have to learn how to survive as this is what you will go through when you are housemen." Sad. Huuuu. Mummy called, she bought a ticket on Wednesday. Guess I'll be skipping one day of class. Haha. The Mecca trip is still under discussion as most of us are not sure if we can 3 days off or not. Sigh.

Oh well, week 2 EBM, here I come.

Friday, July 23, 2010


It's a long night, tonight, though it's not even midnight yet. It has been some time since I stayed at home doing stuff on my own, and yes, a bowl of ice cream with ANTM cycle 10 on the TV really made my night.

So, yea. We've commenced into EBM for a week, but why am I feeling like it has been forever? Haha. I can hardly remember my holidays, at all. Oh well, fine, I'm a nerd. So??

There are a few things that I am really excited about, but not to be revealed till the time comes. Let's just say it's about someone special taking a big step in her life =) Heeee.. Ok, that's all. Need to get things confirmed first before I share anything here.

Oh, we've got our 1st posting for year 4 clinical, and I'll be starting with Ortho. =) Terendak, here I come, again. Thankfully Chia is still in my group, would have a lot of fun eating kupang. Sorry Era and Syazz!!!! Hahahahha....

Oh well, adik's in a debate competition this weekend.
Good Luck Adik!!! Will be praying for you!!!

Anyway, her competition tomorrow starts at 8.30am. Maybe I should get my sleep now. Heeeeee =)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

After 11 days.

Who knew our birthdays would be exactly 11 days apart!!!!


I wish you all the best in everything that you do, happiness in your life and love to fill your heart.

Just know that I will always be here by your side.

I'm gonna miss doing crime with you in class =P

We shall hangout some time, when we have time. To update! Heeee.... Oh, oh, and for movie and shopping trips too!!!!!!! =))

Whenever you need me, I'll be a text or phone call away! I promise.

I love you doll!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I read reviews saying that this movie would not be nice. To top it off, most them said it would be as boring as Twilight. I never liked Twilight *the movie, I mean*. I read the book during Eid and completely fell in love, but then I watched the movie and fell out of love again! Haha. In one week, I finished the whole series, all four books - Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

I would say that I find New Moon and Eclipse a bit annoying, but Breaking Down did mend up some of the damage. Oh well.

So last week I went to watch the third installment for this series.

I would say, all the bad reviews actually made me enjoy the movie. Honestly, I was expecting it to be bad, like really-really bad! Haha. But then it was not as bad as I thought it would be, so yea, it was and OK movie to me.

The book didn't really entertain me either, and I thought that maybe Staphenie Meyer was loosing her touch. But Breaking Dawn was OK, and I hope the movie will be an at least OK movie too.

I was at home watching E! when they had this documentary about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I found out that how Robert got the role was by making out with Kristen Stewart in front of the director for two hours! No wonder they won "Best Kiss Award"! This reminds me of when the award was first being introduced, the winner was from "The Notebook"'s Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. =) Oh I just love those two! Huuuu..

I should say that if you don't expect too much, the movie could blow you off your seats. Not saying that I was blown, but it was a nice movie. It could have been worst. Honest. =P

I'm starting Evidence Based Medicine tomorrow, and I have no idea what to do! *counting my last hours in this holiday =(*

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Favourite Line

I read Wafaa's entry about The Nanny and I laughed out loud. Each time I'm home, I would stay up every single night to watch the back-to-back episodes of The Nanny till 1am and the replay in the evenings at 6! Haha. See how much I am addicted to the series? I've been watching this series since I could ever remember!! And I have also found a few people who has the same interest as me =)

Currently on Hallmark Channel is it 6th season of The Nanny, the season AFTER Fran married Mr. Sheffield.

My favourite line that made me laugh so loud this week was......

*Fran in the kitchen with Val*

Fran; Oh Val, I've been sitting on a secret for a whole week and I haven't told a single soul *sits and eats the cookies*


Val: Are these mad out of chocolate?

Fran: Niles and Miss Babcock are having an affair

Val: With who????

Fran: With EACH OTHER!!!!

Heee... You should see their faces during this scene! It was hilarious!!

Well, let me give you a walk through this whole series.

Fran fine works in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens when her boyfriend kicks her out on one of his crushing scenes. So she went to sell make up and Mr. Sheffield she was fit enough to be the nanny of his three children, Margret, Brighton and Grace! There's also Nile the Butler and CC Babcock who is madly in love with Mr. Sheffield!!! Fran's mother Sylvia likes to eat and her dad Morty was hardly in the movie at all!! =P Oh, there's also Fran's blond best friend, Val, who is super blur!!!

I can watch the episodes over and over again, and never get tired of them! They really make my day! =)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's About Forgiving, Forgetting and Second Chances

Can you really forget when you have forgive? Or does the pain that it caused you in the past lingers around in your mind intermittently, especially when you are reminded of it? I have no idea. But I can't say I am the forgetting type. Yes, I forgive. I have forgiven many mistakes before, but I can't say I fully forget. Sometimes it's like a tape, replaying over and over again, and sometimes, even the tape can re-hurt you once more. I try to let go, turning a new leaf, but there are times when my heart is just torn into pieces, unrepairable.

Does everyone deserve a second chance? How can we tell? By tears, effort or hard work? What does second chances even mean, cause it will mean nothing when you just use it to hurt the people that love you over and over again. Second chances could be taken for granted. It could also be a life changing point of someone. How are we to know which one is which?

I'm in a current state of dilemma. I don't know if I have fully forgiven, and I can't deny that I also have never forget.

But people make mistakes. Someone I cared dearly and love deeply has made a stupid decision once in her life. She did something stupid. Over a year ago, when I first thought that I could hate her forever, that I don't have to care anymore about her. It hurts so bad when someone you love lies to you and does bad things an the worst part is, you don't even know how to tell them that what they're doing is wrong as you just can't find the right words.

Today I met her after a very long time, we had a chat, and I accidentally said something that happen over a year ago. She cried, and told me that she had wanted to forget about everything that has happened in the past. She said she's used to live alone, all by herself. I realized then that I could not, not care for her. She's like my own flesh and blood, and I love her deeper than I realized. I think she was sincere, if not a great actress to be able to shed tears like what I have just seen.

I made her promise that she will be good, and not to be who she was in the past. She needs to prove herself, as no one will believe anything unless it is proven.

I want to give her a second chance to face life, a second chance to prove herself. I'll be here if she needs me, as long as she doesn't lie to me anymore. I'm trying to find it in my heart to really forgive her, lock the past in a chest and throw the key away. Most of all, I would want to love her like a sister again, a feeling I once felt. I miss her, I really do.

I can never say that I can forget though how hard I try. It's going to be difficult, something that only time can tell. And time is not kind. It's uncertain, mean and cold. But if given time, then I will wait. I am not in the position to judge, not punish. I should be the one to forgive, to guide and help.

But don't break my heart twice, cause after that, there is nothing left in me to believe.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Yes, finally, my long awaited entry. I'm sorry!!! =( I wanted to update about India so much, but my life has been moving in a very fast pace. *yea right* Haha.

I went to India during my Chinese New Year holidays this year with my aunts, uncles and cousins. In total, there were eight of us! And it was definitely super fun!!! My trip there was totally coincidence. My mama had stayed in India 10 years ago for about 8 years, and her maid's daughter was getting married. They were so close, especially Aty, with the bride-to-be, Pinky, and they wanted to revisit the place so much! Aty practically grew up there, so yea, she was really looking forward for it.

As for adik and I, we were just offered to join the trip. And we went like, "Why not?" Haha. I was divided at first, as I wanted to go back to Kelantan as well, and going to India means I would have to wait for another holiday to go back. But then again, when is such opportunity going to come again. So I agreed =) Oh, adik even bought her DSLR months earlier for this trip.

India is totally different from other countries that I have visited in the past. The life, culture and way of living is just like a movie, like those scenes shown in Slumdog Millionaire. Like really.
Upon arrival at the airport!

I can say I enjoyed India a lot, not just because of the vacation. Each place we went to was really pretty! The people were okay, we met some really helpful people. Bapak and mama became our unofficial tourist guide, and we had a driver to drive us around for the whole week.

Outside Suman's house

We did not stay in those hotels that we are used to stay. Our hotel is Ajanta Hotel and is located at the backstreets of Delhi. Bapak said, if we want to appreciate India, this is the kind of environment we have to stay in. It would be just like any other countries if we stayed at Asoka Hotel or The Grand Hyatt. For that, I am totally grateful!

The food was awesome! Some of my friends warned me that I might get my tummy upset when I am in India, but thankfully that never happened. I ate A LOT! The briyani rice, chicken tandoori and everything else tasted nothing like I have ever tasted before. We went to good restaurants and avoided stalls so we were safe =) Anil, our driver took us to the most amazing restaurants around!!

The weather in New Delhi was rather cooling as compared to Jaipur or Agra which we also visited. Our first three days in Delhi was super fun! We went to Suman's house to meet the bride. She's very pretty, the Indian look which will capture the hearts of many. According to my mama, their house condition is way better then what they used to have, and she's very happy for it.
See all the pretty saree!!!!

Then we went shopping at SaroginiNaga. I think that is how they spell. Hehe. Anyway, I got myself a lengga to wear on the wedding night. Legga is a top and skirt, the ones we always see Kajol or Aishwarya Rai wearing in movies. Heeee. I've always been a fan of Bollywood movies since I could ever remember. I love their songs, dance and everything!In front of our hotel waiting for our driver

We went to the Red Fort. I don't really know the history of this place but the buildings were pretty and we had fun taking pictures. If I'm not mistaken it was the palace Mughal Emperor. We had to take a trishaw to go to the fort and it was really fun!!! Then we went to a memorial park, and also the Indian Gate. I did not go close to pay respect to the president, but I loved Indian Gate! Reminds me of the movie Mann. =) Do you know that movie??

The Red Fort guard

We did more shopping before the wedding. Mostly we bought sarees and shawls. I made myself a pink saree! Haha. I would never know how to wear a saree on my own, and thank technology, I have a ready made saree! Now I wonder where I should wear it to. Haha.

The wedding was awesome! Pinky was stunningly beautiful. It was an arranged marriage, but the groom was good looking, so yea, I think it works just fine. If I'm not mistaken he has a good job too. I'm happy for her.

What mesmerizes me most is that everyone, yes I mean it, EVERYONE knows how to dance!! And they dance the same step! OMG! Seriously!!!!! Though not seriously choreographed like what we see in movies, their dance moves are smooth, and there was this one song which had a pause, EVERYONE PAUSED! Amazing!!!

But the most famous one that night was not only the bride. It was Aty!!!!! They were all in shock to see Aty all grown up! They were like "Nurbaity! Nurbaity!" They were even worried when Aty went missing, when she was actually at the washroom??? Haha.

We did not wait till the ceremony ended as it was getting late and we had a long trip to Agra and Jaipur the next day.

Our original plan was to stay in Agra for one night before going to Jaipur, but all the hotels were fully booked, so we went to Jaipur immediately after Agra. In Agra, we visited the famous Taj Mahal. I've posted an entry about it here. The journey from New Delhi to Agra was about six hours, same goes for the next journey from Agra to Jaipur. Even so, we had so much fun to bother about the long journey. Anil entertained us with a CD which contained famous Hindi songs and there was nothing to ask for. The scenery was breath taking. I love it! It reminds me of the scenes you see in movies such as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai =)

Our hotel in Jaipur was originally a huge mansion! It was really pretty, with a pool and a beautiful garden. It took time for Anil to finally locate the hotel as it has a common name. The breakfast was awesome!! Heee. The hotel was cooling, and we watched Veer-Zara WITHOUT subtitles!! The good thing is I have already watched it =)

We went to the Lake Palace and another palace in Jaipur. Urgh, okay, I can't remember the name. My bad. But I know that the palace is super stunning. At the roof, there is a dance floor, where all the maidens dance underneath the moonlight. Yes, something I would want to have =)

There were some places made out of mirrors to keep the place warm during winter. Oh, there's also a ramp where the queen will be pushed on a wheelchair. No, the queen is fine. She's just wearing A LOT of jewelery and the total weight of the dress is about 15kg!! Imagine walking in that everyday up and down stairs! Haha.

Oh, there's also a window where the queen will wait for the king to come back and will shower him with flowers. Haha. Sweet and cute. Definitely.

Being in India opened my eyes, that there still are people who are really poor and actually beg for a bowl of rice. It breaks my heart seeing these people, they carry their undress babies in their arms and ask for money from people. The problem is, if you give money to one person, there will be 100 more who would come to you! So giving is not an option, and not giving makes you question your conscious. Sigh. It's still a difficult life out there.

Going to India was really fun! I wish to go there with my parents some day. I would love to see the Taj Mahal again =) Oh, on my way back there's this really cute Indian guy who sat next to me. Haha. He asked me if I liked India, and I said I enjoyed it so much. He wanted me to come again for his brother's wedding. Haha. Can I mummy? LoL =P

Now, I'm looking forward to my family's plan to go to Mecca this Ramadhan, God willing, if we can find a suitable time to accommodate everyone *kakak, adik and I* since our schedule is completely different. And also another Singapore trip to visit Pak Lang =)

Oh, holidays ending soon =(

From India with love....

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Carnival and Birthdays

There's two important events this year on this day!

Firstly, it is adik's carnival day. That needs an entry all by itself. Haha. And I haven't transfer the pictures of the day, yet. So yea, I need a new entry for that.

Now secondly... Is an important annual event....

Happy Birthday Ammar!!! =)

Thanks for being someone who has always been there for me
Someone who understands me
My shoulder to cry on
Wall Climbing with Amar, Fifi and Nina

You mean a lot to me
And I don't know how would've I ever been without you by my side
You make me laugh, accompanied me, talked to me, listen to me
And you believe in me
PGL the musical encore 2009

I hope you had a great birthday
A year older, a year wiser

May all you dreams and wishes come true
And you find the happiness that you dream of

Thanks for everything
I'm sorry for making you worry each and every minute
I'm sorry for being stubborn =P *not really.. haha*
And I'm sorry for hurting you =(
Zoo electives 2009. Jom g jumpe Abg Hamdan lg! Heee

Thanks for accepting me for just who I am =) and appreciating me. Hee!

Shah Alam Health Carnival 2009

Good luck Dr to be!
Hey, smile =)

And just so you know
I'll be right here =) heee.

Delicious with Wafaa & Syazz

10th July 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

For 9th July

So... what's up today??

A special day for two beloved friends of mine....

H.A.P.P.Y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y

I hate that it's difficult to see each other anymore, and the fact when I need you, you are no longer just a phone call away.

Remember when we used to stay up in my room all night talking

And when you would hold me tight when I cry

I miss whose memories.

One year older, one year wiser

I wish you all the best in the world, and may Allah bless the path you're on.

I love you my dear... Do take care..

And I'll be right here, always. Friends till the end, okay??

oh, and another one..

H.A.P.P.Y. B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y

My college mate here in CUCMS..

Hee... here's a special dedication for your birthday..

May you be blessed in everything you do

And you find peace and what you're looking for.

Thank you for always listening to me, making me laugh, and bringing me to karaoke =)

Miss those moments we spent together with the rest of the gang. =(

All the best and good luck in everything that you do....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Of Floral and Perfumes

I remember talking to Daniah yesterday about a boy she knew that had bad breath, and she asked me, which one bothers me more - to have a bad breath or bad body odour? The answer was simple, body odour! To me a person should at least be aware of how they smell in general. I don't mean that you have to smell all flowery or anything but at least have some courtesy towards others. Sometimes people do not realize that they smell bad, and if it's your friend, do tell him or her. It would mean the world to them. They might not know why people are starting to avoid them so much, and think that it is of a different matter. But hey, they invented deodorants and perfumes for a purpose you know!!!

I am a HUGE fan of perfumes. I have tonnes of them! Since in Dubai, a bottle of perfume is really-really cheap as compared to what they sell here in Malaysia, each time I'm there, I would get myself a bottle or two, just to add up to my collection.

When I say I have a lot of perfumes,I mean A LOT!! My collections include.......

Curious Britney Spears
Believe Britney Spears
DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom
Elle Yves Saint Lurent
Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne

Pretty Elizabeth Arden


Romance Ralph Lauren

Back Xs Paco Rabanne

Heiress Paris Hilton

The very first perfume that I ever had was Curious by Britney Spears. It was released in 2004, but I only purchased it in 2006. The fragrance is a white floral scent. Its notes are Louisiana magnolia, golden anjou pear, lotus flower, tuberose, star jasmine, pink cyclamen, vanilla-infused musk, sandalwood and blonde woods. It gives a fresh smell, energetic and lively. I would wear this to classes and on casual outings as the smell is not really strong and it pleases the people around me =)

Summer in Dubai this year, I bought DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. This perfume has recently been launched earlier this year and it took me all I had to restrain myself from buying it here in Malaysia. The price would have been much much more expansive then. Hee.. I've never tried any of DKNY perfumes before, but this one gives a bit of a fresh-floral touch and is extremely soft for the smell. Mind you, I don't really go for those stinging perfume smells as I can't stand them and I get dizzy. I would choose this on for casual outings or a date =) The smell is soft, so you won't mind to have it on you for formal occasions either.

Next on the list is Guess Pink. I never really figured out the actual name for that one, but when I first smell it, I immediately fell in love! Ecah was the one who introduced me to that perfume at Kota Kinabalu Airport on our way back from a college programme. It opens in accords of berries along with apricot, then seduces with blueberry, nectarine and a juicy peach. The base caresses with the sensuous notes of musk and vanilla. It was released in 2003, but I only got hold of it in 2008. I don't mind, as long as I finally get it =) The smell is soft, and it comes with a pouch, so I usually take it with me while I travel. I've recommended nearly 10 people and influenced many into buying this one!

Then there's Pretty by Elizabeth Arden. I was in KLIA going to Singapore when the promoter asked us to try this new product then. Wafaa was there too, and we were like, 'I'm so gonna get this!!!' The floral heart is surrounded by a mélange of fruits, wrapped in a well-rounded background of serene woods. At its core is a premiere ingredient, Petalia. I immediately called my mom and asked her to buy me a bottle, which came with a miniature, and she had it for herself. =) Heeeee... Oh, this was also my birthday gift for Wafaa's 21st. I used to wear this perfume a lot during my third year, and my group mates will know that it's me =) Haha. This perfume gives you a hint of confidence and makes you feel pretty at the same time! Perfect for meeting people, clients or patients at any time of the day!

Then I have the Elle Yves Saint Laurent. I would say I got a very good deal for this one as it would have cost me a fortune to buy it in Malaysia!! Opening with citron and lychee smoothed by peony, the fragrance follows with a vibrant heart of jasmin sambac and pink berries and ends with woody notes of patchouli and vetiver. I would say that this perfume is a bit strong for me, but I suggest to wear it during parties and dinners. It will definitely rule you out and you get noticed. The smell is not like those I have had before, but still, I love it!

Another piece from Yves Saint Laurent that I have is Parisienne. This one I completely love. I was in Pavilion when the promoter handed me a sample, and I fell in love completely! It was released somewhere last year, and I couldn't stop myself from purchasing it last winter!! It has a combination of vinyl accord, cranberry, blackberry, damask rose, violet, peony, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood and musk which makes the perfume perfect for daily activities like shopping or hanging out or even to class! *Forgive me, I'm STILL a student* =P

I have another piece from Britney Spears, Believe. This one I bought in Sasa Alamanda almost immediately when it was released - while the workers were still hanging out the posters! I don't know why this perfume was not really a hit, but for me, I love the smell. I wore this all through my second semester in medical school! =) This perfume gives me a balance of sophistication and youthful spirit, patchouli aura is wrapped in a wink of sensual amber and pink pralines. It's not really soft, so I would suggest that you wear it when hanging out at night especially.

I once got a perfume for my 20th birthday, Romance by Ralph Lauren. I would say that this perfume is refreshing, flowery and woody at the same time, and definitely perfect for a romantic evening - as the name suggests - a perfect outing with friends, hanging out and meeting people. The smell is pleasant and also soft that it can draw attention towards you and you fall in love again =)

My next favourite is Black Xs. It is also my baby sister's favourite perfume as well. She wears it to school! Haha. Seriously! It reminds me of her, a lot! The fragrance has notes of hellebore rose, tamarind blossom, pink peppercorns, cranberry, massoia wood, patchouli, vanilla, black violet and cacao flower. I think the smell is not really soft, though not really strong either. Suitable for teenagers *cough* and anyone who wants that youth smell.

Then there's Heiress by Paris Hilton. This perfume to me, has a bubble gum sweet kind of smell which reminds you of the joyful days of childhood. Really, the smells travels, and you can smell it's sweetness from miles away. The notes include passion fruit, orange, peach granita, champagne mimosa, star jasmine, tiare flower, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, dewberry blossom, grenadine, violet leaf, vetiver, tonka bean and blonde woods. Oh, I just love the smell. Perfect when you wanna hang out for fun and leisure, or if you're planning to attend a party. =)

So yea, these are among my most favourite perfumes so far. I still have some other perfumes, but I'm not really fond of them. They include CKin2U. CK Euphoria and Coco Chanel.

I choose a perfume not because of the reviews in the internet or anything in between. I would choose a perfume that is gentle to my sense of smell, which I think can work well on me. For me, my perfume would be perfect with a sense of softness and floral. I would sometimes go with very distinctive smells, but that seldom works on me. It doesn't define me.

I believe that every single one of us have their own preferences in smell. Thankfully, I have found my soul mates in this - Syazz and Wafaa. We could go perfume testing ALL DAY and list down all the perfumes that we think is nice and I would buy them when I'm back in Dubai. Anyone wants perfume now? Hehehhe. Syazz LOVES Heaven by Ferragamo while Wafaa.. We kinda have the same taste when it comes to perfumes, though not all. She's more into Issey Miyaki and Forever by Mariah Carey. Haha. But we have a few bottles which are the same. Oh, I have no problem of smelling the same perfume with anyone, as I truly believe that the perfume picks it's master. Haha. Seriously, you wont smell 100% the same!!! =)

And oh, I still have a few other perfumes in my wish list!!! Haha. If you ask me what I collect, the answer is PERFUMES!!!! Yay!

Which smell defines you?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Song For You

I've been a huge fan of Celine Dion since I could ever remember. I have all the CDs, I watched all her concerts that were on TV, and I even have some of her world tours! Her voice travels, and it is so sweet that you can feel each and every word being sang, like a story of someone's life, you see the person in front of you, you feel his pain, share his happiness.

I love all her songs, I almost memorize all of them! Haha. Songs like 'It's All Coming Back To Me Now', 'Because You Love Me', 'Immortality' and loads more have been the songs that accompanies me at night when I am about to sleep, the melody that I hum while doing my chores and the tunes I sing in my shower! =P

I saw this clip as I watched Hallmark channel today, among my favourite channel, because they show The Nanny =P . Hee. I love that show, it never fails to make me laugh. So there's always back to back episodes of The Nanny, and in between there's a slot called Oprah Moments. I haven't have time to watch Oprah lately since most of the time I'm in uni, so this is the first time I watch this clip. This clip was showed on The Oprah Winfrey Show on 10th February 2010. =)

The montage earlier in this clip really touches my heart. I remember reading an article of how she and her husband are trying to conceive another child. They love their daughter so much! And they love each other so much, it shows in their gleaming eyes!!!

I would like to dedicate this song to my family for their undying love and support, my friends, Syazz, Wafaa, Era, Ira, Zue and loads more who has always been by my side, and that special someone who has never failed to bring a smile on my face. Thank you. My world is a better place because of you =)

I couldn't live
I couldnt live without your love
for one kiss
well I'd give everything up
there's no words I can describe
what I feel deep inside
so I let this song say it all

Then I hope you'll understand
once you've listened till the end

Heard the music in my head
so before I could forget

I start singing
yeah I was singing
this song
for you

Just made up the words
la la la ohhh ohhh yeah
my heart with a melody

so I am singing
this song
for you

Those Years

I am awfully elated today, as I just came back from seeing my so-long-lost friend. She's Daniah, now doing psychiatry and Biology in Canada. She's a Pakistani, yet has been in Malaysia for 10 years, thus her Malay is good :) Her parents works in HUSM, where my parents work, so yea, my dad has thing thing of bringing back people home especially when they just arrived in Malaysia just to make them feel comfortable and stuff. That was how I got to know her. Her whole family came for a dinner at our house, and since then we contacted each other occasionally and we will meet during special occasions like Eid.

Our friendship became closer when my youngest sister enrolled in Kelantan International School. She was 8 years old then, I was 14. Daniah was in the IGCSE class along with other students that I eventually got to know like Saliy, Manar, Nabiha, Todor, Andrea, Vishesh and a whole lot more! During holidays, I would join their classes just for fun, and I even participated in a debate competition. It was fun and funny!! I really had a great time. I even thought the whole grade how to dance! Urgh. Looking back, I think my steps were awful!!!

I miss those days when I would just hang out with everyone at Saliy and Manar's place, and we will be gossiping non-stop about EVERY single guy that we knew!! Such girls were we then, and I believe not much has changed though it is almost 10 years now.

Next thing I knew, I was in Sunway with Andrea, Daniah and Nabiha were in Taylors. And that was the last time I saw Daniah.

I kinda like see Daniah as my twin sister, though we look nothing alike. She has this Pakistani look that is definitely a head turner, and me, I'm just a plain Malay girl. But the way we think, the way we act, is SO similar. Even our birthday is only TWO DAYS apart! How cool is that?? Haha

After Sunway, I enrolled in Medical School and almost left everything behind. I miss those days, I miss my friends, but I had no means of being connected to them again. I don't have their phone numbers *we used to use the house phone* nor their emails.

And miraculously, I found them again on facebook!! We exchanged walls for a bit before sinking in our busy schedule, it's exactly 12 hours difference between Canada and Malaysia, so I did not expect much. That was when I saw this on my wall....

I was literally screaming in excitement! I longed to see her, I love her company SO much! So we decided to meet up today, and we did!

I waited in front of PPSG in HUSM and when she was finally there, I couldn't believe my own eyes! She was there, right in front of me. It took all I had to avoid myself from screaming, as we were in the Dental Faculty, and we started to scream and laugh and hug each other all the way to the car!!

We spent the whole evening updating each other on everything we missed for the past three years at Secret Receipe and it felt like the years had never gone by. There were so much that we had to share, yet sometimes, as I sat there looking at her, I felt like I can already tell what she was about to say, and sometimes we say it at the same time and laugh out loud!

Apparently, we were in the same boat all the time, we were twins, no wonder. Haha. She understood most of the things I'm going through, and I understood hers. Till now, staring at this screen I still wonder how did we got so comfortable with each other that we never felt separated at all.

And as usual, we camwhored! Haha. But I did not bring my camera, so all the pictures were in hers. I'll try to remember to update them later =P

We planned on seeing each other again in KL at the end of this month. She's leaving to Canada in August, and God knows when I'll ever see her again. But I know that whatever I do, and whatever she's going through, she got my back and I got hers. We're planning a gathering with the rest of the gang. I hope it'll work out. Can't wait to see you again dear!!!! =) *hugs*kisses*

Oh, I just found out that the smart guy from the class, Todor, who is currently in Oxford just got a perfect mark for something something that he took in uni. OMG, who gets a PERFECT????? He's super genius!! LOL.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


All I needed was to tell her I needed her, and I twitted her..

That was all I had to say. She's all the way in Great Britain, and I have no idea of how to get hold of her. She's a friend since high school, which makes this year a good 10 years of friendship with laughter and tears.

I think about an hour after I posted this, which I almost already forgotten I have, my cell rang, showing a private number. +60301. That's the number that usually will appear when someone's trying to call you using Skype or anything. Since my parents are here, I suspected nothing.

To my disbelief, it was HER!!!!!!!

We talked for a good hour or so before Skype started to cut the lines.

We talked about almost everything, what's her plan since she has already graduated, how's her life over there. She shared with me a few things and we laugh non-stop over the phone.

I told her what I'm facing, and being a good listener, she did not suggest anything, but simply said, "Honey, you know what's best for you, and even if it is the wrong step now, you will definitely make it through, and I'll be here for you."

That's why I love her. She never made me do anything, she just listens. Only when I ask, will she tell me her point of view, but if not, she will just keep it to herself. She never says "I told you so" and will always be there even if I took the wrong step.

Oh, I miss her so much!!!!

I haven't seen her in almost a year, and by the end of this month she'll be back for good, insyaAllah, unless she gets a job somewhere in Vietnam or something, so she said. LOL

I can't wait to spend my days with her. We still have a lot to catch up, and a lot of story telling to do! This calls for a slumber party, once you're back, okay dear???

My friends are all going to the 'career-woman' phase right now. I feel so left behind. Why did I choose medicine anyway? Oh, they do need a doctor after those long hours in the office, don't they? Heeeee......

I can't feel more blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. Thank you sayangs.. Love you girls so much. And I don't need to say that our friendship is forever, as it is more than that, across time, across universe, God willing, across lives.

Oh, I was asked of why I love them so much, the answer is easy.. It's a girl thing =)


..... you can't keep your promise, don't make them in the first place.

It's Tuesday, and I'm dreading for tomorrow as I will be out with my bestfriend from KIS. She's a Pakistani and currently residing in Canada, and somehow she's back in Kelantan for a few months!! I haven't seen her for almost 5 years, and the last time I saw her was during my first semester in Sunway, where I had a dinner date with her at Asia Cafe!! OMG, that is really a long time ago!!

Well, a series of unfortunate events happened, my phone accidentally fell into water, I had a tough time at TMpoint and other stuff that has happen. Well, I am really hoping that today would be better. Since I am not really allowed to drive here *the drivers here really thinks it's their own road they're driving on* so I have to wait till my driver is done with my grandpa before it's my turn to go out. My phone is functioning, though not well, and I'm planning on getting a backup phone in case anything happens to this one. I've had this phone for over a year already, I think it's time to go =P

Why aren't there any decent movies on Astro these days? I mean, each time I am on holiday, it seems like the movies keep repeating themselves. I know it's common, but if you were to repeat a movie over and over again, please make it something nice, easy and light to watch. I wonder does anyone even watch the television anymore???

My parents are now in Malaysia for the summer, and are still WORKING in HUSM. I never imagine my dad would keep his word when he said he wanted to rest this week, as this is the way he 'rests'. Daddy's kinda a big fan of hard work. So figures. I wonder why none of us inherits those traits. Heeee...

You, I miss you. I dreamed of you last night, and I miss you when I woke up. If only you were here with me, things could be much more easier and simpler. Wishing you a wonderful, lovely and perfect day. And oh, do take care yea!

I'm thinking of eating ice cream. Hmmmmm....

With The Love of Chocolate

Chocolates have been practically a part of everyone's life in this whole wide world. From Cadbury to Beryll's, everything brings sense of happiness and joy to the soul.

I have been in love with chocolate, though I am really a sweet tooth person.

So, I have joined venture with my cousins and my aunt to set up a chocolate business for all the chocolate lovers out there!!!

Feel free to visit us and order at any time!!! =)

Somehow I find chocolate making as something interesting and relaxing.. Heee....

Anyway, I am having so much fun at home and I'll be going to KL again on Friday morning. My weekend's almost fully planned and I'm really looking forward for it. =)

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's the 4th of July!!!!

No no no, I am not talking about the independence day of the United States of America. I'm talking about something more meaningful than that, to me.


to three beloved family members!!!



We celebrated her birthday after visiting adik at her school. She seemed content, and I think it's good news for everyone.

We went to mama's and a cake was prepared for Kak Anje. The cake was GOOD!!!! We only had an hour to stay as we had to go to the airport to catch our flight.

I wish you all the happiness in the world, all the love you can ever find, blessing in your life and everything you ever dream of! I love you!



We've been close since forever, and I remember being teased and fooled around. Urgh. My childhood days were nightmares when he's home!

But he's been nice, sometimes. Hehe. We played Old Maid and Happy Family, where he would cheat almost ALL the time, and worst when we play Saidina!

But anyway, I love you. Hehe. Wishing you well in everything you do!!

And lastly...


She just became a family member last year, though I've known her like since I was younger.

She's now currently pregnant with our youngest family member!!! Can't wait!!

I wish you a happy life ahead. And I love you!!!

Right now, I'm home in Kelantan. The flight was delayed a few minutes, almost half an hour and was almost bumpy all the way! Sigh.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Notebook

Every so often a love story so captures our hearts that it becomes more than a story - it becomes an experience to remember forever. This is a celebration of how passion can be ageless and timeless, a tale that moves us to laughter and tears and makes us believe in true love all over again...

I've seen the movie a million times. Most of my friends have. Nope, I did not watch it in 2004, when it was first released. I learned about it after I read A Walk To Remember, yet then, I was in boarding school and I had no means of getting the CD or even the book. So I waited till I finished school, yes, AFTER my SPM results were out and I finally settled down in Sunway College did I manage to get a hold of the CD and watch it.

It was beautiful, and could still bring tears into my eyes each time I watched it. The love felt between two souls separated by time, distance and destiny, and finally getting back together. It was wonderful, and it touches my heart.

The book on the other hand, touches me in a completely different way, though it still brings tears to my eyes. I read this book after I watched the movie, I do that for most books now, since I realized that it helps me to visualize more, and it makes me understand the movie even more. The movie is like a synopsis, and the book is the elaboration.

There are some quotes in the book which I marked, some pages I folded to remind me where to look if I would want to find those words again.

I've been reading Nicholas Sparks writing for years now, I think I've covered almost all of them, yet they never fail me. The words can be simple, yet deep and drown you into an ocean of emotions and by the end of it, you've completed the whole sail with laughter and tears, all at once!!

'You are the answer to every prayer I've offered. You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don't know how I could have lived without you for as long as I have. I love you, more than you can ever imagine. I always have, and I always will.'

Oh I would love to be pampered with such words by a man like Noah. In this story, he seems to be well shaped, content and even confident with himself. He knew what he wanted, and never give up. I would want a man to fight for me, to stand by me, and to support me in every little thing that I would want to do in life.

'In times of grief and sorrow I will hold you and rock you, and take your grief and make it my own. When you cry, I cry, and when you hurt, I hurt. And together we will try to hold back the floods of tears and despair and make through the potholed streets of life.'

I think I should consider a poet. Haha. Nope, I don't want someone who is just simply sweet and good with words, I want someone who means everything he says, keeping his promises and convinces me, even when I am unsecured for almost every second.

'How would it feel, to be always together, yet forever apart?'

For that, no, I don't have the answer. Like night and day, the moon and the sun, always together, yet forever apart. Would it hurt, would it tear you apart? Would it break your very soul and crushed your feelings? I don't know.

This book, this story has made me wonder, if such love truly exists. To love someone, to be able to overcome odds with the person you love, just for a simple explanation - love. Could it be that simple, can love always lead the way, leading you back where you belong, somehow, somewhere to that special someone?

The ending of the movie and the book has been slightly changed for more dramatic effects on the movie. In the book, Sparks explained the moment perfectly, and I wiped the last teardrop on my cheeks. Wonderful.

Thanks For The Memories

It was wonderful, and pleasant, what we shared, though it did not last. I would never have been where I am right now without you by my side. Though I still want you with me here, I know it would be impossible, as we would end up hurting each other every day. Our thoughts don't match, our perceptions don't match. Then what does? We argue about our opinions and our belief. We just can't agree with anything. Can we be happy that way?

I've been thinking about this for a while longer, and I believe this is the best thing to do, at least for now. You were never a mistake, neither was we. It just was not perfect, and I can never be the person who is perfect for you. I can't give you what you wanted and what you needed, worst, I can't even understand you. You've done a lot for me, with me. Being by my side all this time and I appreciate every second of it. And I'm sorry it had to end this way.

I want to be your friend, want to talk to you, text you, laugh with you and cry with you, though it might be impossible to be together. We just don't match, there's no click, and you knew it. I think you knew it long before, that was why we were never secure, you never trusted me. And as for me, I could never be with someone who cannot trust me, and we fought a lot. Yes, a lot.

It hurt, the fact that you are no longer with me. It tears me into pieces. But it's for the best, for both of us. I don't want to be a burden in your life, I don't want to be the one you will have to worry about each and every day. I don't want to be the reason you are held back in everything that you do.

I hope one day we will be able to forgive each other, and look into each others eyes again, and be friends.

I am really sorry, and I wish you well in everything that you do.

Happy July!

Heyy. It's been some time since I updated. My moving out was quite smooth, and we have settled down almost 95% in this new house. I am loving it, having a room all to my own, and having all my stuff distributed mean so much.

Well, it's already July! And what do we have in July?

Firstly, it's gonna be the start of our first posting of fourth year!!! OMG, I am already in fourth year! Can't believe it!

Next, birthdays to look forward to!~ *winks*

Then there's kakak... she's already in her final year of medicine!! You go sista!!!!! Weeeee...

Oh, there's also adik, who is somehow staying in her school. I guess she finally found peace wit it. LOL =P

And to FyD, good luck in your enrollment in Sunway, will see you every weekend starting from tomorrow!!

Oh yes, Adi is also coming back to Malaysia this July! Haha... Wanna come visit Aida with me??? Heeeeeee... This time, your car! Haha

Currently, I am enjoying my holidays as it is. Going to go back to Kelantan on Sunday since I only have TWO weeks left and I haven't gone back once yet! I miss ma!!!! =(

All the furniture has finally arrived and all stuff has been put into place, this house is finally a home!

Oh, I am suppose to bring Dr. Sausan to MidV to go to the fish spa.. Hmm.. Gotta find time for that!

And facial! Urgh! I never did facial my whole life! Would want to start now. Nope, I don't have any facial problems, I just want to try... Heeeee....

I feel like singing. Being happy for no reason at all is better than being emotional for a thousand of reasons. My emotions lately are like a roller coaster ride. So yea, figures.

Oh, Brazil lost =( Who'll win tomorrow ey? FYI, I ONLY watch the World Cup. Been staying up late a lot lately, and thank goodness it's holiday season!!! Yay!

I have a list of to-do and to-eat things. Which ones comes first??? Heee

Application for UK needs to be resumed... SOON!

Happy weekend people. Tomorrow's adik's meet the teacher's day, and I will have to be her mama to meet her teachers for her. Huuu... I think with Fyd here, she'll be okay =)

Gotta get back to my comfy bed which is waiting for me. Leaving at 12 tomorrow. What's that new thing from KFC again???? Adik wants it =P