Friday, July 24, 2009

Moods Emotions and People

I was having breakfast in a stall when I noticed a family of five walking in. The mother looked oh so radiant, probably happy to bring out the whole family together, the eldest son looks sleepy, so as his two younger sisters and the father looked as if he just came out from a hospital or something - extremely tired, exhausted and annoyed. Then my dad asked me, "How do you differentiate if someone is nice or not?" I obviously had my own arguments - helps you out, cares about you, says hi and all of those stuff. But he says that it takes one more step to become someone nice, it takes patience. The fact stunned me as I know patience is important, but I never knew that it could be a measuring point between bad and nice.

Come to think of it, I think what my dad say is definitely true. Try to imagine someone who is all moody, he or she might be nice, helping out and all, but when he or she is in a bad mood, everything goes haywire. Would you want to live with someone like that? When we grow up, would you want to be scolded by your spouse just because he or she is tired? Seeing them scolding the children who definitely wanted attention at that time. Would you want a boss who is like a hurricane at times and the other times being so radiant like a flower blooming. Yes, unless there is something to be scolded about, I think everyone should try their best tp put their patience level to a max. It is no harm at all, in fact, it would make many people like you more and the easier for you to communicate with people.

I know for a fact as human beings we held thousands of emotions within ourselves. Sometimes we feel happy or sad for no reason at all. That is what is called mood. Mood could be influenced by the environment externally (people, weather etc) or internally (health etc). I know sometimes I do get mad at small things and I usually will feel very bad about it. Sometimes I scold people who are close to me just because I know that they will always love me. There are times when I am stressed out that I will ignore some people and get mad or moody. Now I know that it is wrong, even people who love me sometimes cannot endure it.

I once visited a hospital where the husband was looking after the wife who is in a coma. When asked why he never leaves her even to go back home was simply, "I want to be by her side if some day she wakes up and looks for me." Even after persuaded by their children he does not want to go home. It shows how deep his love is for his wife and he does not want to leave her sight even for a split second. I don't know how this relates to the topic, I just feel like typing it down. One day, along the road I face in life, I would love to have somebody who I know will be there for me no matter what, will stand up for me, will speak up for me and will guide me in life. And I hope I could give the same to that person in return.

This holiday has definitely made me SO LAZY! I've been spending the days literally doing nothing. Another two weeks and I'll be back to books, but this time it will be more interesting (I hope so) as the seniors had told us. Nevermind about that, I do not really know if I am excited or not, haven't decided yet. LOLz. Anyway, I am really up to date with all the sinetrons. Haha.. Very entertaining indeed!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just another uncertainty

I just dunno what to do, what to think just yet. It's too complicated.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Half-blood of simply everything

I watched Harry Potter and the half-blood prince over the weekend. Bought my tickets through Maybank2u and definitely saving myself from all the trouble of lining up and having to watch it from the front row. First I bought 5 which was for the whole family (yes, including mummy and daddy) but apparently (I should have figured it out) my parents did not want to watch it, so I made some phone calls to any lucky person that might me there. Thank goodness Mya was there with Fitree! So we headed off to the cinema and was comfortably seating with popcorns and hot dogs in our hands =)

The first thing about this movie is that it is better than the fifth movie. I guess they really tried to put all the elements in, which was I think impossible, but I think they have put almost every important detail in it. They did miss out Dumbledore's funeral which for me would be so enchanting if they did put it (and another 30-40 minutes added =P) and also the history of Tom Riddle (how his mother fell in love with a muggle and love potion and so on). I think the only essential part they missed was that. Hemione was also more matured, not to mention Ron's snogging part with Lavender was as nauseating as it was in the book!! And I think Ginny's taller than Harry?? Apart of everything, I shall agree with Fyd, two thumbs up!

I hope the 7th movie will be better. Two movies would be able to explain everything (I have my fingers crossed for it). The 7th book is really the best of all as it explains everything that happens.

Now I'm back in Kelantan after a weekend with my family in KL. It was fun, though tiring. Family time is REALLY important for anyone, anywhere =)

Monday, July 13, 2009

First love is not always your true love

It's been a while since I've updated here. Well, this holidays has been quite busy for me (yeah right), filled with zoo trips, reunions and ups and downs in the hospital. Yes, I have had a surgery done to remove the mass underneath my left ear, now waiting for the results if I have to go in again to cut away the superficial lobe of my parotid gland. Haiz.. I wish not.

I watched Enchanted for the zillionth time, well, usually not from the beginning but this time I got lucky enough (me so bad luck, even in the cinema pun lambat masuk.. LOLz) Well, this story is a combination of all the fairy tales in Disney, Snow White (the poison apple) Cinderella (12 midnight) Sleeping Beauty (when Narissa changed into a flaming dragon!) and lots more. Whats funny about all this was the beginning when Prince Edward met Giselle and annouced 'We shall be married in the morning' Oh that was hillarious. But that has been fed to us in movies and cartoon all this while.
This movie is different. It gives us the reality in life, about love, about friendship, happiness and everything. First love may not be our true love sometimes, but it would definitely be the one you'll remember your whole life. There are times when you meet someone new and think that he and she is 'The One', but the first love of your life will sometimes flashes back in front of your eyes out of nowhere and all you have left is a feeling of uneasy deep down in the pit of your stomach, where a huge hole has taken place and nothing in this world could ever fill it again.

Anyway, back to enchanted. I LOVE the songs!! And also the pure happiness in Giselle's eyes each time she speaks. It's magical! But it surely does give you the Disney feeling when you watch it. Although it does not really convey the normal Disney messages like happily ever after, it is still a movie worth watching for it's message, and as for me, the message is 'just keep moving on'.