Monday, February 23, 2009


All good things would come to an end eventually. Last night I went to Istana Budaya with 9 of my friends to watch Tiara Jacqulina as Gusti Putri for the last time. I wanted to make this time memorable, so I spend so much time getting myself ready. Before the show, we went to Nelayan Restaurant for early dinner as we have class the next day and cannot afford to reach home too late. Even though we had our finals for Nervous System coming on Friday, everyone seemed to forget everything and focused on the show that night.

Again, I was brought to a magical world and I was mesmerized and stunned by the beauty of the songs, lyrics and script put together. Eve though I was a bit sad because the Limited Edition Soundtrack was already sold out, having the chance to actually watch PGLM again before it sets its sail for this season is really something I should be 200% grateful of.

The curtains falls and the crowd cheered as the sound of Gusti Adipati filled the auditorium. Beautiful, I thought, and also sad as it will be the last time until I can hear this tune live again.

As the show moved to the next part, more and more tears were shed. The last part where Puteri was praying for Hang Tuah to come and save her from the mountain was heartbreaking! Tiara was actually in tears, and I can hear her sobs and cry. I cried to, knowing that this is her last scene and after this I can only hear her voice singing through the CDs and my iPod.

After the show, I ran (yes, literally) to the autograph place. Again, I was thrilled as Tiara actually remembered me and wrote my name in the book!! Ah, Tiara, you are simply the best. It really feels good to actually being acknowleged by someone you really look up to, and actually getting the chance to talk to. I felt very lucky that night.

Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical is just legendary. Simply amazing, breathtaking and mesmerizing...

Just simply something I would fight for...

I was just lazily doing my daily routine after a group discussion with my group mates - reading blogs, when I stopped at my favourite one, ... I feel that I was so lucky as there had just been a new post about 200 tickets for the encore session being released on the 18th of February starting from 9am. My sleepy eyes widened with excitement as I immediately asked my group mates if they were also interested to watch PGLM with me on the 22nd of February - the ENCORE session. My friends were surprisingly excited just as I was, so I decided to go to Istana Budaya straight after class the next day. But I changed my mind. Instead, I left class at 8.30 to actually reach Istana Budaya by 9 am and grab my tickets.

It was a smooth journey, the next day, at first when there stared to be heavy traffic in front of IJN. I was scared that the tickets would actually be sold out, so I called to clarify. To my surprise, it was only 9.07am and the tickets left were only 77! As I was talking to the operator, she informed me that the number has reduced to 69! How could tickets for a show be more famous than this??

When I reached Istana Budaya, it was already 9.12am. I heard that the tickets left were just 45, but there was a few people in line before me. I wanted to cry, afterall, i did tried so hard to be there. Then it was my turn, and I actually managed to grab 10 tickets for the 22nd's encore show. I was elated and I felt so happy thet I would actually stand a chance to watch Tiara as Gusti Putri and meet her again!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical

A few months ago, I received a news that stopped my heartbeat.


is coming to Istana Budaya in February. I have always been a great fan of Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical since I watched the first season in February 2006. It was awesome and it touched my heart in so many ways other broadways may not. Honestly, I feel that PGLM could be on par with other productions from abroad which has already been in the industries for many more years as to compare with PGLM which has only been in this industry for a couple of years.

Some people do question me, since I am a big fan of musicals and theatres if PGLM is worth watching, what more to get myself and my family the best seats in the house. I simply told them that how one perceives the theatre is obviously different, but in my eyes, PGLM is definitely one of the best Malaysian production ever!

I immediately opened Tiara's blog to confirm the news - ... It was true!!!

Blogger NaNa XD said...

Hi Tiara..
it's great to know that PGLM is returning to IB!! I just can't wait!! anyway, will u be in all the shows, particularly on the 6th and 13th, and i might get my tickets on those dates, and am dying to see u on stage!!!

October 3, 2008 11:13 PM

Blogger tiara jacquelina said...

dear ms hart,
let me know when your princess is coming to the show k, i will look out for her..

dear shahrul,
i promise you it will be worth the wait ;-)

dear becky,
i know how much you seem to enjoy films and musicals.. hope you will enjoy the 3rd season with the enhancements we are adding to the show!

empress darling,
Pat is hoping to change 50% of the ensemble this season, for some new energy.

if you miss it this time there might never be another time cos (hint-hint) this might be my last fling as PGL.. ;-)

watch this blog, you might see a herve ledang outfit sometime..

i'm very honored and flattered.. hope the 3rd time will be more exciting than the first 2.

what can i say, i don't deserve such honor in your blog! thanks so much, i don't think any of my other fans have ever done something like that for me. glad we met at the esplanade, all the best and take care.

nana xd yes i will be in every single one of the shows, God willing of course. we haven't planned for any understudy performance at all this season. see you on the 6th or 13th then.. 13th will be fun, valentines eve, hee hee..

*thanks again for dropping in, everyone, keep watching this space for blog updates! tiara j.

October 4, 2008 5:30 PM

Blogger NaNa XD said...

Hi Tiara,
I've got me and my sisters the gold class ticket on the 13th.. as u said, valentine's eve would be interesting, and romantic.. heheh...

i really hope i'll be standing a chance to see you!!! i was there during the 1st season, and i still have the picture of you then!!!!! hope to see you soon... oh please make February come fast!! i'm so excited!!

anyway, do u have any plans in bringing this performance to London or somewhere in Europe? my friend is dying to watch it, but what to do, he's in UK studying... =(

October 4, 2008 7:18 PM

Well, I cannot explain in simple words how elated I was when Tiara replied my comment!! Just simply happyyyyyy!!!!!!!

So, I went to watch the show on the 13th of February 2009. I cried watching the show. It was awesome! I could die to watch it again!! All the songs were resounding and what thrilled me the most is being able to sing along the songs during the show and actually knowing most of the script. Though there were some addition and I may say that the songs this time are more up beat than the 1st season, but it does not make this show less better. In fact, I think that this is the best ever!!

I love the scene where Sultan Mahmud was singing that catchy and cheeky tune being happy to be able to be engaged with the most adorable Gusti Putri. The part where Gusti Putri and Hang Tuah had to separate was heart-breaking and as the audience I can actually feel the pain inside. (well, talking from experience I suppose)..

The song arrangement, script and music put together was simple magical and made me want to actually be a part of the production one day (even if it is just pusing away the props... hehe) I am honoured to be a part of such a spendid show.

After the show, We went to the autograph session. It made me even happier to actually speak to Tiara in person and that she actually acknowledged me reading her blog. I even got the chance to take a picture of her and Stephen Rahman though it was not permitted.. Sowwie... But I appreciate it anyways.. I was really touched and smiled the whole way back home. :))) ... (Well, my sisters thought I might get them into an accident!! LOL)

To Tiara: I am your biggest fan ever! Would do anything to just watch you on stage again!!

Me waiting in line for autographs

The adorable Gusti Putri and handsome Hang Tuah