Thursday, May 23, 2013

Holiday Holiday

After my honeymoon eurotrip and our trip to Singapore a few months back, I haven't been out of Kuala Lumpur yet. I've been busy with my new posting (okay not so new) but the fact that I get 2 days off per week makes my life better than ever, given that I'm in my second going to third trimester, it makes things even better.

In a few weeks I'll be done with this posting and my feet are itching to go for another trip. I can't plan for any holiday outside Malaysia since the travel itself will take some time and I will need to plan carefully in case anything happens along the way. Besides, I'll be in my third trimester already.

Initially I wanted to plan for a trip to Sabah to visit Chia. Since we started working, we haven't seen him at all!!! But we just couldn't fit in the right time, and I guess Baby wants to see Uncle Chia face to face, so we decided to postpone Sabah and go somewhere nearer.

Anyway, I've finally booked rooms for our two trips next month. There's a nice cancellation policy, so I'm rather glad I'm settled with that for now.

When Baby is older, there are a few places I want to travel to. Will definitely make the trip more lively!!!!

For now, I can only look at these pictures and envision myself being there. That will do :) Besides, everything will be worth it when Baby is born. Honestly, I can't waot to hold Baby in my arms :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Shopping

I'm stepping into the third trimester soon, and now am starting to think about more important things about Baby. For example where will Baby stay when I go to work, when to take my maternity leave and so on.

Initially I wanted to take my leave from 36 weeks, but when I think about it and after a long discussion with Farid, we think it is wise for me to continue on working and be active till my water breaks (or on regular contractions )

After deciding that, we decided that we have to start buying stuff for Baby real soon. It was not easy to decide what we want to buy, and also the budgeting, what more being a new couple.

So, I've divided my baby stuff into a few categories:

1. Travel
I will need to bring Baby to a lot of places, and some might even involve traveling by air. So a good stroller as well as a baby carrier and a car seat will be much in need. Other accessories can come later on :)

2. Bedtime
As we know, babies sleep most of the time. And Baby will definitely need a comfortable place to sleep in. So this category will have
- baby cot
- mattress
- cot set
- pillow
- mini mattress (on the floor)

3. Feeding
I'm planning to fully breastfeed my baby till 6 months, and expressed breast milk once I start working. This is a really important matter to me, as I know the benefits of breast milk to the baby and also the effect that it will have to my body, mainly for contraception :) so this category will have
- breastpump
- storage bottle
- feeding bottle
- steriliser
- warmer
- freezer (I'm getting a new freezer as I would not want my breast milk to be mixed with raw food and infect Baby)

4. Bath
Baby needs a suitable place to bathe. I decided to buy those 'mini swimming pools' to ensure that if anything happens the surrounding is soft and that Baby wont be injured. This category will have
- basin/pool
- soap
- shampoo

I can't list down anything for the clothes category as that will grow in time :)

Other stuff that I would like to buy:

1. Burberry diaper bag.
Trust me when I say if I ever get my hands on this bag it will be the ultimate baby bag. It comes with a changing mat and also it is so stylish that I can bring it around as my handbag as well!

2. Medical related
- thermometer (the only thing I can think about now)

So basically that's it. I'm almost 60% done with buying/booking the stuff, and I'm planning to complete the nursery by Ramadhan as I worry that I wont have much energy that time to walk in the malls (maybe, maybe not)

One thing that can make me really happy these days "mothercare"! Hehe.

Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling, and I don't feel heavy at all, Alhamdulillah. May our journey be blessed, and I can't wait to see you in 3 months :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Being Active & Pregnant

... Is not easy

I know everyone says that you have to be active when you're pregnant. Apparently it helps with delivery and also post partum, to get back into shape.

Right now I run up and down daily across the hall to attend to my patient, while being scolded by the staffs for being too active.

The aftermath?

Leg cramps more than 4 times in a night. I really beed some kind of solution for my leg cramps as they are getting more frequent and lasts longer :(

But I'm glad that I am not feeling so "heavy." I notice that some people are using the pregnancy as an excuse to rest in the staff room and some of them are not even pregnant and act like so tired. So when I compare myself to them, i think that I score fairly well. I had my bad pregnancy days, but it will only last for a day or two, an I'm back bouncing all around.

My sister in law is getting married next week and I remember imagining myself to be super big and tired and bloated and so tak larat by that time, but surprisingly I can still wear most of my clothes, (with Baby showing off of course) and my skinny jeans from Forever 21 can still be buttoned and zipped. Yay me. But it made Farid change his mind about buying me new clothes. He said that I should get back to my old shape and then only buy new clothes. Pttff....

Oh well. I still need that solution for leg cramps :( anyone? Anyone?

For now, I'll try to limit myself, to not be too active.

But still, I don't think I'll be able to walk like this....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Walk Slowly!

I am always known to walk fast since my school days. Being in a boarding school, we have to manage our time well and have to hurry here and there, so it became a habit for me.

Being pregnant, I keep on getting screamed by the staffs in the ward as I love to walk fast. Its not that I'm rushing, its just that it is my natural habit to walk fast.

Working in a hospital is another reason when I need to walk fast, especially when I am now in charge in the maternity hospital. Everything needs to be done there and there, immediately, so I have no choice but to run up and down all the time. In the way, I'm glad that I am not heavy, and that I rarely feel that I am pregnant during the day and my pregnancy does not prevent me from being an active member of the team.

But the aftermath of being too active when you're 6months++ is that you'll wale up multiple times at night for leg cramps. I used to have leg cramps in highschool when we had to do our march and everything, and almost every night during my first trimester as I was in charge in medical then, so I know the manoeuvres to sooth it. However the almost 5 minute cramp I experienced last night was the worst ever and I just need a solution for this.

So yea, maybe I should consider to walk slowly, IF I can ;)