Friday, September 28, 2012


I know, I know, I have not been updating for ages. Well, I am still out of the country, currently chilling with my parents in Dubai. Not so chilling I guess, it is more like relaxing in the hot hot weather. But whatever, I am enjoying it regardless.

I've so much to update about - my nikah ceremony, both the reception and my one month honeymoon trip. All of that has to wait till I am safe and sound in Malaysia next week! Haha

This post is dedicated to my obsession to fragrance! Haha. Believe it or not, for the whole trip I got myself two perfumes and another gift set as a wedding gift, making it theee new bottles in a month! Even my Purr by Katy Perry is not even half yet! Heeee. I've been in love with bottles of perfume for almost 6 years and each bottle is arranged nicely on a shelf. Maybe I will assign each perfume when I get back to a certain occasion like work, dinner, home. But thinking of it again, maybe I'll just assign it by days :p

I haven't tried all three bottles, just one - Valentina by Valentino. I love the smell the moment I tried the tester at Dubai airport during my transit to London late last month and I had to buy it!! I decided to wait till I am in Dubai to purchase it as the price difference is really huge!

So yeah, a few nights ago I bought it and even mummy and hubby likes it! The elegant floral touch on the bottle gives a soft impression and sure does tell you everything of what is inside.

To me, I like this kind of smell. It is sweet, soft and flowery. Not to forget fresh! Thank you hubby for letting me buy this one! Hehe.

Will update again, soon I hope :)