Friday, November 27, 2009

Sweet 15..~

Someone turned 15 this month!!!!

Happy-happy birthday to my youngest sister - AIDA!!!

Kakak and I wanted to make her birthday this year memorable. So we bought her something that she wanted more than anything *for now*. The designer Gypsy Rose guitar is now in her hands. We had difficulty in finding it at first, not sure which music store would have it. Aida found this blog where and Australian girl got this guitar for valentine's and immediately fell in love with it.

So, now it's all hers. We are back in Kelantan for the weekend. So, it's time for prize giving!!!
Hope you'll finally get a grip and be able to play those songs adik. And don't be lazy to practice!!!!!! =P

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Would you be my friend?

Sometimes life gets you and hits you hard till you feel you can never get back up. Things seem to be even more complicated today than it was yesterday, and you know for sure that it will even be more complicated when you open your eyes tomorrow.

Do you remember how it feels like on the first day you stepped into kindergarten? Wonder how you look like, if your hair is tied up in the two little pony tails you've always insist mummy making every morning, wearing your favourite dress and smiling ever so widely. Then daddy brings you to the teacher who takes your hand and leads you into a class full of strangers. Your eyes fill with water, you feel scared, not knowing what to do. You turn back and daddy's at the door, waving goodbye. Closing your eyes tightly, you hope you were still at home, where everything you know is there, a safe place. That is when someone taps on your back. When you turn, it's a girl just about your age with a same huge smile on her face. "Want to play with me?" and you smiled back.

That's how friendship started when we were kids. Just pure feelings of completeness whenever the person is around you. Not being scared of backstabbers, or people who are opportunistic and manipulative.

As we grow older, pure friendship is even harder to find. Sometimes you get friends just because you have the latest DVD or wearing the latest designs, but when you are at the lowest point of your life they will just leave you and not looking back even a glance.

But along the way of finding myself, I found true friends. Those whom I know will always be there for me, through my ups and downs, who will always be there for me in my worst moments, will look out for me even when it's risky and will be able to tell me that things are wrong and saying NO. Yes, I have definitely encounter friends who would just want to use you and not want you anymore, those who pretend to be nice to you but talk behind your back a million times worst, and those who judge you but never tell.

Some may say I am naive to think that people actually look out for their friends. I realize that we are living in a world with cold-blooded people, who roam around us without a tinge of sympathy nor love, able to step and push away everything in their path to get what they want. Yes, even I do think of myself. Who doesn't? They say the only thing that can save you in the end is yourself.

I may have just lived for slightly more than 21 years, known more people as I grow older. But it does not stop me from making stupid and naive judgments that effects how I am and how I will be.

Even if we hate someone today, it does not mean we will not ask for their help tomorrow. You are at your worst when you hate someone in return. I know I haven't been a good friend, sometimes being too busy with stuff. But I do miss every single one of them, especially those who have made me the person I am today.

It might not just be the birthday wished that we get once a year, or the text messages we get occasionally. It is more than just holding hands, more than playing together. It is the friendship that holds the heart would mean the most.

I miss being a kid when there is nothing to worry about. No heartaches, no lies. But I look forward to the future, and everything that is ahead of me...

Thank you for being my friend, friends.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movie Mania!~

What a wonderful weekend!! After 2 weeks of postponing, I am finally able to finish this post. Haih..

Saturday morning, waking up in my room in Cyberheights was totally bliss. But not completely, as I realized I haven't unpacked yet. Changed the plan for the day, going to Kamal Bookstore for some medical-book-shopping after an almost-breakfast at Mak Teh's. Well, just for the record, I don't really go there anymore. The service is SUPER SLOW, not to forget the food which most of the time is the reason for me visiting the restroom in increased frequency =P

Well, I bought a few surgery books, recommended by my dad and also the lecturers, and immediately headed off to The Gardens. I haven't had breaskfast yet, nor lunch, so we rushed to get a movie ticket and had a quick lunch. But I still managed to grab a new sweater beforehand =P

The first movie of the day......


Well, in my opinion this is just an OK movie. Nothing much to be so WOW about it. There is not much of a story line, just Megan Fox showing off all she has. Amanda in the movie really shine and she acted her part well, but being side by side with Megan doesn't really help you to show off.

This movie to me is rather a disappointment. I was hoping it to be better. But well, it was a light movie. The effects were good. The message... well I would say if I get one, it is, "make sure she's a virgin before you sacrifice her". Haha. LOL, I know.

So, after the movie in The Gardens, we rushed to Pavilion since our next movie was there. I bought the Michael Jackson's This Is It wayyyyyy earlier than anyone else just so that I will get the best seats and I am really dying to watch it.

I am not really his biggest fan. I am more towards a Britney, Taylor and those kind of artists' fan. But with MJ, he's a phenomenon. I would really want to see for real what he had done for the concert as I ahve seen a lot of it on E. Since his death, the Jackson's family was not let to be living in the same quiet condition. It's not that they have been all this time, but the sudden attention given could really break someone into pieces.

So there we were, waiting to watch This Is It..

This Is It.. Michael Jackson

I would say this is a very well documentary, revealing exactly everything needed about the concert and the people behind it.

I was talking to my lecturer the other day, about the fans who were divided into two - wanting to watch and not wanting to watch. But after watching this, all I can say, it is a win-win situation afterall.

Yes, they get A LOT of money for producing this, and YES, they used his death. But on the other hand, as fans, we get to see EVERYONE that is involved in the hard work for the production. This is not a planned documentary, every action, every move and every word that came out from everyone was just something sincere and simple.

To start of with, EVERYONE wanted to be in the production. Millions showed up to be included as a back dancer, as a backup singer or anything at all in that matter. The props, the setting, the dancing... It was incredible!

Sometimes I wish I knew what really happen in his life, but he is now gone, without getting the chance to let the last curtain call falls with grace and dignity. But his music has touch us all, and his spirit will live forever. Not just in all his songs, his dance, and even to his children.

My heart reached out to his family, especially his 3 children, Prince, Paris and Blanket. He must have done something right to be loved by 3 such adorable kids. I wish him well. May he rest in peace.

I think that's my update for now. Wait for the updates of the following movies:

1. Time Traveler's Wife
2. Pisau Cukur
3. 2012

Friday, November 6, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

It's been some time since a movie could bring tears to my eyes, and it also have been a long time since I enjoyed any family or romance. Well today I decided to stay home, as I have just arrived from Terendak yesterday. Bee gave me this movie. We wanted to watch it in a cinema at first, but then looking at the movie list, this movie has not been brought into Malaysia. Sometimes I wonder how issues such as genetically conceiving could be so sensitive to the people in this country. Or maybe it is the part where the main character demands to have control of herself, causing her to disobey her parents? But isn't that in ALL movies? Why is this one different anyway?

Enough of the country's issues.

The last movie I watched a few weeks ago was Law Abiding Citizen. Yes, it was definitely a good movie, I just love the storyline, but maybe the ending and conclusion of the story could have been better.

"My Sister's Keeper"

Is a very famous book indeed by Jodi Picoult. Though the movie is different, it touches your heart just the same. This is in my opinion a good adaptation from the original piece.

There are things which are closely related to our everyday life portrayed in this movie. I may say that this movie could bring tears to those who watches it and also reads the book. Every single second spent is definitely worth it.

sometimes we take things for granted, just thinking that there will always be tomorrow to say thank you, sorry and I love you, and the next thing you know, time has passed you by and it's already too late

Love is not limited to time, space nor distance. You will sacrifice every drop of blood in your body just to save a loved one. You would rather be in pain than to see them hurt.

Everything we do is for a reason, and everything that has happened has definitely happened for a reason. We think that we might regret not doing something, or we thing that things can change, but you will never be who you are today if you weren't the same person you were yesterday

Family is life (fullstop!) Love your family, your parents, your siblings and your relatives as long as you could, as much as you could. Tell them that they are loved and appreciated

Listen to the people around you, they may be telling you something hurtful, something that can definitely break your heart, but just listen, as you will never know if it'll be the last thing they will ever say to you
There are also some lines in this movie that touched my heart more than others.

"Will you wait for me?"
"I knew I took your first love from you. I only hope one day you will get her back"
"You gave up everything for me"
"I'm important too!"
"I'm sorry I let them hurt you"
"Sorry I took all the attention when you were the one who needed it the most"

There are still a few others, but I'd leave it to you to watch it.

Tomorrow I'm going to watch This Is It. Some fans would want to watch, some do not as they see it as an opportunity for some parties to gain benefit of MJ's death. But in the end, if you cannot give in glory, you can still rest in peace and glory. Another living proof, we do take things for granted.

Don't wake me

The mid-posting-examination for surgery is in a few hours. But my body aches like it never has before! Urgh! I just feel like dipping my body into ice cold water! Or sleep and never wake up till the pain is gone. Haih. Still, I have some other things to settle after the *I-hope-short-paper* later.

Back in Cyberjaya. Having my exams here. Yesterday was so fun, seeing my other group-mates whom I left for three weeks. Gosh, I really do miss them! But it's their turn to leave to Terendak. OwMG, I miss Terendak so deeply. Everyone there was un-limitedly helpful!!! And I miss every single one of them.. Sigh.