Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girl Next Door

I've been listening to a lot of songs since forever that I could ever remember. Some of them are nice, some are just crap. I prefer to listen to lyrics as compared to the music. To me, a good song should have a good message or a good meaning. The least a long could give is a good story line.

Oldies have this criteria - giving a good story line. Just listen to songs like Tell Laura I Love Her or Sad Movies or even Tennessee Waltz . It's telling you stories about love and lost. I love listening to these kind of songs, and sometimes I could imagine a movie acting out the lyrics. It would be beautiful!

Then there are also songs which are very poetical like Disney songs such as Colours of The Wind, Circle of Life and A Whole New World. I've grown up with these kind of songs and till today sometimes I still turn on my Disney's Best Collection CD in my car and sing-along to the wonderful tunes.

Other songs are just easy to listen. Like songs by Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus. These are songs liked most by girls. Songs about high school and so on. These songs bring me to yesterday, especially when I listen to my Fearless album by Taylor Swift, I would remember how Wafaa, Syazz and I would sing on the top of our lungs with our definitely annoying voices in the car in Sepang. Oh, I miss those days!!!!

What caught my attention are song where the lyrics are all about a girl who is no one, wearing sneakers, no cheerleader, no one in school, and she compares her self to the most popular girl in school, all pretty, sexy, lady-like and so on. Never have I listen to any song that portrays the emotion of the girl in the heels and skirts as compared to the girl in sneakers. It's just something like the movie Mean Girls!~

Give you the song "You Belong With Me" as an example. In the end of the video clip, she transformed herself into a dress-heels-wearing-girl and she caught the attention of the guy of her dreams.

Girls will always be girls. To me, it's not wrong for us to wear ladylike clothes, a dress, a skirt once a while. And it is definitely not a sin to try to put on some make up on that pale face, trying to look nice. Who says you would look desperate. Like Wafaa has always say - Heels brings confidence! Ngeee....

Sometimes the girl in the sneakers would want to wear heels, and sometimes the girl in heels would want to feel how it's like to wear sneakers. Nothings wrong. It's only normal.

What's most important is to be yourself and be presentable. You do not want your simple self without any powder and the just-woke-up look to be the way people see you. Being simple is not wrong, as too me, too much overdo would make you look 'trying too hard'. Just put on some powder and a tinge of lipstick or lip balm. It would work wonders.

On special occasions, it would be okay to dress up a bit more than usual. But do not limit dressing up ONLY to special occasions. Dress up does not mean wearing something fancy or blings, it means wearing something decent and nice accordingly. You might think you look cool by wearing a jumpsuit and sweatpants, but everything will create an impression. Yes, a jumpsuit and sweatpants would look great on the track, but people seeing you elsewhere will think you have just finished working out, all sweaty.

So what's simple?

Simple to me is a plain shirt with a pair of jeans. Maybe with some powder and lip balm. If you look too pale, a tinge of blush will do the trick. But you don't have to wear it all the time. And it is definitely okay to wear some ear-rings and a necklace.

This does not mean that I don't like to dress up. I definitely do. =)

I'm not so good in wearing makeup. Syazz is definitely wayyyyyy better. She even did the makeup for our friend during her dinner. You can see the results here. So, what do you think? She can definitely be a makeup artist. If you want her to do your makeup, just contact her through her blog!!! =) Oh, she's also the one who taught me all about makeups. If I am not in her group, I would not even know how to apply a blusher!!!! Honest!!

Just another advice, don't put on TOO MUCH makeup. It spoils the look and you just look like you're overdoing things. It just wont work.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sands of Time

Notice how quickly sand escapes you fingers as you try to hold them more tightly in your hands. Every single drop, unable to stop. That's how easy and fast time flies before us. Without knowing it, we are already at a certain time where we have to make decisions, or when we have to do an important task. Yet sometimes we are not able to do it perfectly, as we have not been doing the right thing before, and that is when we think, if only we could turn back time.

I've watched Prince of Persia last night. It was an awesome story! I would recommend all of you to go and watch it. Me? I would definitely want to watch it again! It's fast, and your heart beats faster with each passing scene. Though the villain could already be predicted, the ending was indeed an interesting twist. Yes, everyone knows it will be good wins and bad looses, but this time it's different.

I've been playing the video game of Prince of Persia as long as I could remember. Even the first PC that daddy bought for us had that game, though I never managed to get pass the guards that time. Haha. The movie was just like playing a game. The movements seem so familiar you could memorize it and feel like you're holding the jockey stick of your playstation.

I would definitely hate to give you spoilers for this movie, as I have already asked all of you to go and watch it in the cinema.

Anyway, I've learn from this story that time is precious and everyone in this world will give anything just to turn back time, even myself. Though I have no specific time I would love to go to, turning time can change a lot of things that has happened and will happen, and it will never happen.

Not just that, I have also learned that all of us are linked through destiny, and we will not just get there by doing nothing. Destiny is not something that just comes to us in the middle of our sleep or doing nothing. Yes, I agree that destiny is something meant to be. But it is also an outcome of what we strive for.

Oh oh, Prince Dastan is super hot and Princess Tamina is super pretty!~

This is a reminder to myself - stop wasting time!!!!

And to those who would like to watch the trailer... It would be here :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simply Because I Have You

I am currently in week 6 of O&G, and in week 8 we'll be having our finals. How fast time flies, I thought it was just yesterday I was having cendol with Wafaa and Ammar at the food court near her house discussing how the third year will be, and now we're already finishing third year! It seems like just yesterday I enrolled in a medical school, dreaming of becoming a doctor, and now, I am more than halfway through =)

Wafaa has specially dedicated an entry for our group, Group 5. All the pictures are in her post which is right here

These group mates I have are definitely crazy yet caring at the same time, funny, but serious on occasions. I know somehow, even if we're not in the same group with them, they're just a phone-call or a text message away =)

I am lost of words to describe how meaningful this friendship is to me. It is beyond word, beyond everything. I just hope that it'll be a friendship that will never be tarnished by time, and change with age. It is a friendship to last forever, God willing.

I dedicate this song to my group mates, Ku Ada Kamu by Adira, the finalist of AF8. I don't really watch AF, but last weekend I watch the final, and think I really like this song..

If the sky falls tomorrow
Be strong and carry it with me
If tomorrow the world's in hurricane
I wont be scared as long as I have you..

Andai hari esok, langit akan runtuh
Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku
Andai hari esok, dunia gelora
Takkan kugemuruh selagi ku ada kamu...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Freddy's Back!

One Two, Freddys Coming For You,
Three Four, Better Lock Your Door,
Five Six, Grab A Crucifix,

Seven Eight, Gonna Stay Up Late,

Nine Ten, You'll Never Sleep Again!

Nightmare on Elm Street has been out for a few weeks, yet I haven’t had the time to watch it yet. I’m not such a big fan of horror movies, but my friends convinced me that it would be nice, so I thought, why not?

So today, Wafaa, Tim and I went to Alamanda to watch the movie. We didn’t know the schedule as GSC’s website was having some kind of trouble, so we decided to have lunch there and just buy the ticket there and then. Lucky I may say, we got seats at 2.40pm =)

I had late breakfast today, so I did not join them for lunch. Instead, I went window shopping. A few things caught my eye, but I’m aiming to adopt a new look *maybe* this weekend, so I don’t plan on spending just yet. I’ve called my hairdresser and he said that he would be free on Saturday after two in Rawang. Yay!~

Chia and Farid joined Wafaa and Tm for lunch, and I joined them at 2.30, slightly before our movie started and we we cam-whoring all the way to the cinema!!

The movie was a nice thriller movie, some parts make you want to jump off your seats, some parts make you want to close your ears shut. Even from the very beginning it gives chills along your spine.

Watching this movie, you will wonder why the things are happening and what will stop them.

Then there will come a part when you question about innocence and judgment.

Then it's the end.

Oh, Kakak told me there's a stretch of stories of how Freddy Krueger became who he was. Out of curiosity, i google-d him, and found out that he had a bad history, from the beginning. Yes, I really had nothing better to do. You can read about his history, if you're interested about it.. here! WARNING! It's from wiki :P

I had a lot of fun today! Should really do this more often!! I'm having a few other "must watch" movies, starting with Prince of Persia this weekend.

I just read Wafaa's blog about our group, and suddenly it hits me, in a few days, I might not be in the same group as they are =( I just hope we can have our outings and hangouts like usual. Or, I shall go to your house for a game of ping pong, hmm Wafaa?? You can read the post here.

Anyway, apart from everything, I should really get started with studying. Final's in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait to meet my mummy and daddy!


People change. Yea, big surprise. Everyone knows that. Sooner or later, people around you will start to be different. Sometimes they change for the better, while others change for the worst. It's not up to you to judge if their changes is for the better or for the worst. Most people change as they find an influencing factor that gives an impact to their lives, say a dying relative, an accident or experiencing failure. There are also positive factors that make people change such as big job and big money. What made them change does not matter, what matters is to what they've change into.

A friend just recently told me that her boyfriend is currently ignoring her, giving her the cold treatment. They've been together for almost 4 years, and her confession shocked me. He just started working, and I tried to reassure her that he'll come to his senses and be okay. But she said that the boyfriend claimed that he is not good enough for her. Heavens, who can tell if a person is the perfect match for each other? You might be in a 10 year relationship but still you see differences in each other, and that's what make it special.

It make an issue that was long put to pause arise. Can doctors be with non-doctors? I'm not trying to say that non-doctors are not good enough for doctors just because as doctors we will have our MBBS. For God's sake, it's just a piece of paper! But can the lifestyle be the same?

I've seen successful relationships, and also failures as well in these type of relationships.

Let me give you an example.
A housemen will have to do on calls and there will be times when they have to stay back up to 36 hours. This will lead to less time at home and tired physically and mentally. Housemen will have to STAY at the hospital without going home AT ALL. What will this leads to? Misunderstanding between the couple and leads to mistrust.

Things get complicated when you're a girl, you have to treat the other gender, have to go on call with them, and your loved ones cannot deny themselves from jealousy.

I am definitely not saying that ALL relationships will end up in disaster. But there's a possibility, like when you see who celebrities tying up the knot, you wonder till when will it last. This is exactly the same. You just keep on waiting for when the next shoe will drop and you're out.

I don't know what I'm going to specialize in yet, but as Dr. Ezzad said, something that has a life. Being a girl, I think I should consider that, if I ever have a family *God willing* in the future.

To all those who are medical students or doctors in a relationship with those not in the medical field, trust and communication is the foundation of every relationship. Not just to these people, but everyone out there! And yes, we have our differences, but work it out, and try to overcome it.

People change for a reason, and that's for sure.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Preparation For The Big Day!!

June 18th will create another historical day in our family. My cousin, Faizah is getting married!! Everyone's excited to have yet another big event coming up!

So, this weekend, put aside watching tv and being online, I had to help out with the preparation. Somehow, my aunty - mama and my cousin Kak Anje are very gifted in handicraft. From my first cousin's wedding till today, they are the mastermind in the decorations especially the door-gifts. They make everything themselves from the bunga telur, the muffins, the chocolate and so on =) I've always love to 'steal' some of the chocolate chip cookies, and sometimes I would ask them to make some for me =)

The theme for this coming wedding is pink and purple! During our last trip to India, my aunty bought a lot.. and I mean it.. A LOT of material in that colour. I haven't made mine yet, maybe I'll just buy a ready made dress for the occasion. *Oh, I've also designed my new baju raya =)*

It sure takes a lot of time and effort to do all this, and I'm really glad that everyone's doing it together. My family's bond is as thick as blood, and I'm really proud of that. In my family, everything is like CNN! You just broke up, next second, everyone knows! Your friends praise you, next second, everyone knows! You have a crush on someone you met during a wedding, a dinner or anything, next second, everyone knows! But what I love about this is when you feel down, they're always there for you and when you need help, you definitely know they'll lend you a hand.

My sister, the most manja Aida Ab Rani is home for the weekend. She complained of headache, nausea and vomiting one week prior to coming home. She claimed that her vomitus contains digested food and she feels lethargy all the time. Differentials anyone? Well, since her Canon 500D is wayyyyy in Dubai, she did the honour taking these pictures using Aty's Canon IXUS 100IS. She's talented in that way. =)

Anyway, to anyone out there who is interested for such services can contact me =)

Time Out With The Girls!

Since we commenced into the Obstetric and Gynaecology posting, the group has been seperated apart though still in the same hospital. Rarely we would still be able to have lunch together in the cafeteria, or a short trip to Alamanda for food! But we never had the chance to watch a movie together as most of the time we would be exhausted to continue a movie after the day has ended and during weekends most of us will be wrapped up in our own personal matters.

So after five weeks sailing through this posting, at last, the most anticipated movie,


was out, and Wafaa immediately text me, "Nana, let's go watch Shrek on Thursday!" And I immediately agree. But due to some circumstances, we decided to watch it on Friday instead. We bought the ticket on Thursday during lunch as we were afraid that the tickets will be sold out, or that we will get not-so-nice seats. We haven't decided who to invite to join us yet, so we ended up making phone calls in front of the counter.

Finally, we ended up with seven tickets for Wafaa, Rusha, Era, Midah, Tim, Chia and I for the 1.20pm show. Chia joined us to be our bodyguard!!~

I went to Alamanda with Chia *too lazy to drive!* and met up with Wafaa there while the rest said that they were coming a bit later. We ended up doing something the three of us were very good at...


At 1.20 they all arrived and we rushed into the cinema hall.......

SHREK FOREVER AFTER is the fourth installment for the story of the famous ogre Shrek. I've always loved the story and I've watch all three movies before. This time, the story is about after Shrek has rescued Fiona and saving the kingdom, with three children, Shrek is no longer the ogre feared by many.

He wonders if he is ever a real ogre anymore, he does the same thing everyday, and no one is scared of him anymore. So he made a deal with Rumplestiltskin, for a day to become and feel like a real ogre. Little did he knew then, that Rumple was actually mad at him for saving Fiona as the king and queen ALMOST signed in their kingdom to him!

When Shrek woke up, he was elated at first, feeling that finally he had a day to feel like himself again. Then suddenly he noticed that things are different, and at last he was enlightened with the fact that scared him most - to get a day, you have to give a day. And what day did Rumple took??? The day he was BORN!!! That means, after the day has ended, he will disappear forever!!

The only thing that could make things better is... True Love's Kiss. So Shrek tried his best to convince Fiona that he is her true love, and that his kiss will make everything better. Fiona has no idea who Shrek is, and worst, she is already done with all the 'true love will make things better' story.

Will Shrek get his true love's kiss and go back to where he truly belong? Or will he just disappear??

I think this movie is great. All Shrek movies are entertaining and also educational. All of us came out from the cinema hall smiling....

What I've learnt from this movie is...

  • Be grateful for things that you have, for you will never be satisfied till it's all gone
  • True love conquers in the end =)
  • Never take something that was never meant to be yours in the first place
  • Never set a deal with someone you don't trust
  • Friends are forever!
Well, if you ask me, this movie is a definitely must watch with your family and friends! After a long day in class or at work, or a looooong tiring week, this is definitely the gateway.

And for me, I just enjoy it simply because my friends were there for me...

So girls, what's our next movie?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Only Exception

When I was 15, I fell in love for the first time. Yes, cliche it may sound, as it is of a very young age, an age I hardly know anything about love and lost. What Taylor Swift sang in her song - Fifteen - was very close to what I felt when I was at that age. I say I fell in love, as I knew back then it was not just a crush, it was not just a fling, it was true love. I felt it with every breath I took, with every drop of blood inside my body. I was in love.

Little did I know about love at that time, what I only knew was I wanted to be with him forever. I swore I was going to marry him one day. Yes, childhood dreams right? I didn't realize that one day I'll be having bigger dreams. See, I'm such a fairy tale believer. I did everything I could, I wanted him to know that he's special, I wanted him to know that I love him, and that I'd do anything to fight for what we have. Back then, it felt like the right thing to do, the only thing to do.

I tried my best not to hurt him at all, when deep inside I was hurt deeply to the core of my soul. Each time, I tried to give reasons for the way he treats me, what he did and everything else. I tried to act understanding, and that I would be there for him each and every time. I thought if you love someone, you should give everything you can, everything you have. But I wanted to feel special, too. I wanted to feel that I was needed, that I was someone, not just plain "that girl". Mostly, I wanted to know that he'll be there when I needed him. I tried and wanted to be the very best for him till I thought that being 'me' is not enough.

I always wanted a fairy tale love story, but then reality hits back, and I found out it's just an ordinary world.

I've learn that now, love hurts. But it's still the best feeling of all.

I'm not saying that I don't believe in true love. I believe that one day you'll find someone, realizing that you are good enough for each other and be together. But to find someone perfect, who fits your every single criteria is impossible. It's not a movie we're living in, it's the real world, and in the real world, there are no such deals.

What I'm looking for is the only exception, the one that could make me believe that things are going to be okay, though not as we planned, but in a different way, better or just as good as it is.

I know everyone's looking for the only exception for themselves.

This song, sang by Paramore, says the words that I'm trying to say just right. *Loving her hair! I want that shade!! - wont suit me though, and mummy will kill me!* Maybe the only exception might not even be "the other half". We might find it in true friendship, in our family or just a stranger that makes our day. I've seen people growing up and be stronger after heartaches, though there's a fair amount of those who just drown in misery and despair. Honestly, it's your choice.

Love doesn't fade away, disappearing just like that. Even if you find a way to learn to love someone else, it means your heart has expanded to give more space for love.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Everyone sleeps at night, some gets sweet dreams, some gets nightmares, and others just wake up fresh after a dark solid sleep.

Which one's better?

Every night we wish our loved ones "Good night, sweet dreams" What do we actually mean?

Sometimes I wonder if there is any significant meaning to the dreams I am having at night. For instance, when I dream about a particular college mate, does it mean that I think to much about that person, or does that person think too much about me? Till now, I still don't have the answer.

There are mornings when I just walk up to the person that haunts me in my dreams and simply say "Can you stop stalking me at night already?" And both of us will end up laughing till we can't do a single thing.

I remember dreaming about studying Chemistry AFTER I studied Chemistry. I mean, I just finished a chapter, and decided to go to bed, when in my dreams, I dream of studying again! Sigh. No wonder there's I dreamed a dream. I just wished I could remember everything I studied in my dreams, then I could have cut my study time into half!!

I normally dream of my days, and the things I want, places I want to go and people I want to meet. Being short sighted, my dreams are always blurry, or so I thought that was the reason. Or is everyone's dream as blurry as mine?

There are also times when I would be actually grateful to wake up, realizing that it was just a dream. I have nightmares, but most of them revolves around not getting good grades to having to repeat a semester or so. Don't blame me, I'm a nerd! *Yes, I finally said it!*

Do you believe in dream interpretations??

As far as I know, people do this based on studies done. It is never 100% right, well, nothing is. If not, why has nobody proposed me when I dream about the snake a few months back? There's an old folks tale to it, saying that if you have such dreams, you will be asked for your hand in marriage. Well, I am too young for that. Maybe I'll pass my luck for now to someone who's older and deserves it. Maybe someone who is already working perhaps?? Haha.

I have wild imaginations of waking up just to find that my dreams are real. Well, who doesn't?

This reminds me of a song in Cinderella..

A dream is a wish your heart makes,
When you're fast asleep,
In dreams you will lose your heartache,
Whatever you wish for you'll be,
Have faith in your dreams and someday,
Your rainbow will be smiling through,
No matter how your heart is grieving,
If you keep on believing,
The dream that you wish will come true...

I love the last three lines of it. I have a few dreams that I wish will come true, and one of them is to be successful, respected and noble. Haha. Yes! That's what I dream of.

I too, have my own childish dreams, that one day my prince charming will come and save me from a flaming dragon, carry me to his white stallion and together we ride till eternity. Well, which girl doesn't?

I realize that it is time for me to live up my dreams. And sometimes, to achieve them, there will always be a need to sacrifice something. I don't know if I have sacrificed enough, but I know that I will keep on trying.

Week 5 in O&G. Finished all the TBLs, now's the time to study study study, and yes, palpate! Will give you more updates!~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Education Never Gets Too Old

Being a student is not as easy as it looks like - books, books and books again. There is always a setback such as emotions and influences by the people and things around you that will eventually make you deviate from the right path. Things get worst when suddenly you stumble, not being able to maintain your grades or when suddenly you are down with a fever during the examination week that made you flunk.

Honestly, I had those times when I felt like just giving up, when things get too difficult, or I just couldn't understand a single thing. Sometimes, this would happen due to too much playing around, or too much work, which ever comes first.

Reading the news in yahoo today made me realize that I am lucky enough to be able to actually seek education right now, not 20 or 30 years down the road. There are some less fortunate people who might have other major problems which made them let go of their dreams in pursuing a degree, and those people make my own problems seem like peanuts.

Hazel Soares, a 94 year old woman from California proved that it is never too late to seek education, and nevertheless to make your dream come true.

You can read about it here

She is truly an inspiration, after having grandchildren, she still wants to make her lifelong dream come true.

And I, am truly inspired!~

Just remember, we're never too old. Age is just a set of numbers =) It's the mind that controls the body.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Vampire Diaries

Yes, I know, you must be wondering how many series I'm currently watching. Well, I do watch a lot, but most of them are recommended by my fellow friends. Most of the series I'm currently watching is going to finish this or next week.

The Vampire Diaries is a series I just recently started to watch together when I started to watch Gossip Girl. It's about vampires, *obviously* and a girl *period*. Nowadays, those supernatural stuff are really on. Haha.

Anyway, I love this series, but I find the ending for the first season a bit.... less dramatic. I was imagining more drama and suspense, but it was nice.

Damon and Stephan are two brothers who are vampires, and they've live almost 150 years. Stephan came to the town where they were brought up to meet a girl, resembling their girlfriend, Katherine, who was also a vampire. But Elena is nothing like Katherine. Why?? Because she has a soft heart and would not hurt a single soul! Katherine on the other hand is mean and vicious, killing for her own pleasure and excitement.

At first, I thought that Damon is a bad guy. Eventually, through this series I learn that why Damon did all that was because he concealed all his humanity to make life for him easier - emotionless. This way, he shuts all his feelings, the guilt, the sorrow, the loneliness. He also did not want to be a vampire, after he realized he was turned. He started to develop anger and hatred in his soul, to disable all the other feelings, and make his life easier to live through. His eyes... Oh! His eyes are super hot! One of my friends *ehem..* likes guy's arms. But me, I like their eyes. They could just melt me away.. Weeee...

Stephan on the other hand was a good guy. He changed his diet from human blood to animal blood, just to contain himself and avoided killing for years. He was in love with Elena, which he saved from a car accident, the day both of her parents dies. Elena eventually learned that she resembles a very powerful vampire, Katherine, the vampire that once had the Salvatore brothers on each arm. Stephan loves his brother, and he was the one who talked him into completing the transformation. But Damon hated him, as Damon felt that Stephan was not supposed to be transformed and that Katherine was supposed to love him alone.

I don't know much about Katherine, all I know is that she is pretty! Oh, and she's the bad vampire that was once in between Stephan and Damon. She also had a long term vision to live with both Stephan and Damon forever! She was caught by the founding families when she was in bed with Stephan. I just LOVE Nina Dobrev being Katherine. Maybe I'm biased towards her dress and hair. Oh well. Elena's fine, but I still prefer Katherine though she's the bad vampy =P

The resemblance between Katherine and Elena still remains a mystery till the season finale. This means it will only be revealed in the seasons to come.

Sorry for the spoiler folks, but Katherine's BACK!!! Yes!!! As freaky as it was for me to watch Elena kiss Damon, in the end of the season finale everyone learns that it was not actually Elena. Then, guess who it was?? Yes! Katherine!!!!!

I can't wait for the next season! But guess I'll just have to wait toll September or so. Maybe I'll just keep on following Nina Dobrev's twitter. More information there =)

Anyway, this series is really nice, for those vampire lovers out there. And I LOVE Katherine's hair and her Victorian dress!!! *winks*

I've got something new in my shopping list now. Haha

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Honestly, I've been hearing about this series for quite some time. I've even read blogs commenting about it and so on. Since I'm currently in Obstetrics and Gynaecology posting, I rarely reach home before 8. Especially when I was posted in the labour room, or if I did manage to come home before 8, I'll be sleeping the whole evening! The timetable is not really hectic, but the actions in the ward and the L&D which made me not wanting to come back early.

Anyway, back to this series. What made me watch it was my beloved house mate, Era.. Yes, the birthday girl :) She was watching it in the living room and since we are not in the same group, I sat down next to her for a chat while watching the series.

Basically, it's a story about a love triangle. There's the girlfriend who is so in love with her boyfriend, and her boyfriend who can't forget his first love. Then, there's the parents who wants the girl to get married to someone else. So, there comes the husband, being all caring and responsible, trying to give all he can to his dearest wife. He tried his best, and he gained her love.

But the boyfriend came back, after a broken marriage, leaving two children behind, he wanted to seek for his girlfriend's love. The girlfriend, still succumbed by the memories they had together, was stupid and blind to leave the husband and their cute daughter to spend time with the boyfriend. They were not divorced, but she did not carry out her responsibility as a wife, blinded she was, to try to walk away from a 6 year marriage which had been her world.

It was only time the girlfriend realized that the boyfriend is a sick and desperate guy, who did not want to accept reality, and the reality is, they could never be together. He was never a good person, not even fit to be a father.

But the husband misunderstood, he thought that being separated was what the wife wanted, so he left their house, leaving a letter behind. He loves her, he wants to make all her dreams come true.

In the end, the wife went down on bended knees, asking for forgiveness from her one and truly love - her husband.

Love this song!~

So, what have I learned by watching this for the past week???

  • You can always learn to love someone
  • Your first love is not always your true love
  • Don't deny how you feel, it'll only hurt you and the other person in return
  • Old flames can destroy you, and in the end you'll realize that you shouldn't have played with fire
  • Memories should stay as memories, sometimes they'll come and overwhelm you, all you have to do is close your eyes, embrace them, and move on.

I don't know what's the next series. MAYBE, I'll watch it. This means I'll be late for may on calls =P

Oh oh oh, I so love Lisa Surihani's acting. She's a natural. I wish I could meet her one day :) Can't wait to watch Lagenda Budak Setan this June!!!!