Friday, May 28, 2010

Sands of Time

Notice how quickly sand escapes you fingers as you try to hold them more tightly in your hands. Every single drop, unable to stop. That's how easy and fast time flies before us. Without knowing it, we are already at a certain time where we have to make decisions, or when we have to do an important task. Yet sometimes we are not able to do it perfectly, as we have not been doing the right thing before, and that is when we think, if only we could turn back time.

I've watched Prince of Persia last night. It was an awesome story! I would recommend all of you to go and watch it. Me? I would definitely want to watch it again! It's fast, and your heart beats faster with each passing scene. Though the villain could already be predicted, the ending was indeed an interesting twist. Yes, everyone knows it will be good wins and bad looses, but this time it's different.

I've been playing the video game of Prince of Persia as long as I could remember. Even the first PC that daddy bought for us had that game, though I never managed to get pass the guards that time. Haha. The movie was just like playing a game. The movements seem so familiar you could memorize it and feel like you're holding the jockey stick of your playstation.

I would definitely hate to give you spoilers for this movie, as I have already asked all of you to go and watch it in the cinema.

Anyway, I've learn from this story that time is precious and everyone in this world will give anything just to turn back time, even myself. Though I have no specific time I would love to go to, turning time can change a lot of things that has happened and will happen, and it will never happen.

Not just that, I have also learned that all of us are linked through destiny, and we will not just get there by doing nothing. Destiny is not something that just comes to us in the middle of our sleep or doing nothing. Yes, I agree that destiny is something meant to be. But it is also an outcome of what we strive for.

Oh oh, Prince Dastan is super hot and Princess Tamina is super pretty!~

This is a reminder to myself - stop wasting time!!!!

And to those who would like to watch the trailer... It would be here :)


ms. mac said...

nak tgk!!!!!!!!

NaNa XD said...

hee... if u nk ajak i tgk, i can watch it AGAIN!!!!!~