Monday, May 24, 2010

Freddy's Back!

One Two, Freddys Coming For You,
Three Four, Better Lock Your Door,
Five Six, Grab A Crucifix,

Seven Eight, Gonna Stay Up Late,

Nine Ten, You'll Never Sleep Again!

Nightmare on Elm Street has been out for a few weeks, yet I haven’t had the time to watch it yet. I’m not such a big fan of horror movies, but my friends convinced me that it would be nice, so I thought, why not?

So today, Wafaa, Tim and I went to Alamanda to watch the movie. We didn’t know the schedule as GSC’s website was having some kind of trouble, so we decided to have lunch there and just buy the ticket there and then. Lucky I may say, we got seats at 2.40pm =)

I had late breakfast today, so I did not join them for lunch. Instead, I went window shopping. A few things caught my eye, but I’m aiming to adopt a new look *maybe* this weekend, so I don’t plan on spending just yet. I’ve called my hairdresser and he said that he would be free on Saturday after two in Rawang. Yay!~

Chia and Farid joined Wafaa and Tm for lunch, and I joined them at 2.30, slightly before our movie started and we we cam-whoring all the way to the cinema!!

The movie was a nice thriller movie, some parts make you want to jump off your seats, some parts make you want to close your ears shut. Even from the very beginning it gives chills along your spine.

Watching this movie, you will wonder why the things are happening and what will stop them.

Then there will come a part when you question about innocence and judgment.

Then it's the end.

Oh, Kakak told me there's a stretch of stories of how Freddy Krueger became who he was. Out of curiosity, i google-d him, and found out that he had a bad history, from the beginning. Yes, I really had nothing better to do. You can read about his history, if you're interested about it.. here! WARNING! It's from wiki :P

I had a lot of fun today! Should really do this more often!! I'm having a few other "must watch" movies, starting with Prince of Persia this weekend.

I just read Wafaa's blog about our group, and suddenly it hits me, in a few days, I might not be in the same group as they are =( I just hope we can have our outings and hangouts like usual. Or, I shall go to your house for a game of ping pong, hmm Wafaa?? You can read the post here.

Anyway, apart from everything, I should really get started with studying. Final's in a couple of weeks, and I can't wait to meet my mummy and daddy!


ms. mac said...

*like* cane lak nnt dh xsame group...=(

NaNa XD said...

it's ok wafaa, we can have midnite movies, or after 5 movies. they say 4th year blk awl =P

anything, we'll plan something! =)