Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time Out With The Girls!

Since we commenced into the Obstetric and Gynaecology posting, the group has been seperated apart though still in the same hospital. Rarely we would still be able to have lunch together in the cafeteria, or a short trip to Alamanda for food! But we never had the chance to watch a movie together as most of the time we would be exhausted to continue a movie after the day has ended and during weekends most of us will be wrapped up in our own personal matters.

So after five weeks sailing through this posting, at last, the most anticipated movie,


was out, and Wafaa immediately text me, "Nana, let's go watch Shrek on Thursday!" And I immediately agree. But due to some circumstances, we decided to watch it on Friday instead. We bought the ticket on Thursday during lunch as we were afraid that the tickets will be sold out, or that we will get not-so-nice seats. We haven't decided who to invite to join us yet, so we ended up making phone calls in front of the counter.

Finally, we ended up with seven tickets for Wafaa, Rusha, Era, Midah, Tim, Chia and I for the 1.20pm show. Chia joined us to be our bodyguard!!~

I went to Alamanda with Chia *too lazy to drive!* and met up with Wafaa there while the rest said that they were coming a bit later. We ended up doing something the three of us were very good at...


At 1.20 they all arrived and we rushed into the cinema hall.......

SHREK FOREVER AFTER is the fourth installment for the story of the famous ogre Shrek. I've always loved the story and I've watch all three movies before. This time, the story is about after Shrek has rescued Fiona and saving the kingdom, with three children, Shrek is no longer the ogre feared by many.

He wonders if he is ever a real ogre anymore, he does the same thing everyday, and no one is scared of him anymore. So he made a deal with Rumplestiltskin, for a day to become and feel like a real ogre. Little did he knew then, that Rumple was actually mad at him for saving Fiona as the king and queen ALMOST signed in their kingdom to him!

When Shrek woke up, he was elated at first, feeling that finally he had a day to feel like himself again. Then suddenly he noticed that things are different, and at last he was enlightened with the fact that scared him most - to get a day, you have to give a day. And what day did Rumple took??? The day he was BORN!!! That means, after the day has ended, he will disappear forever!!

The only thing that could make things better is... True Love's Kiss. So Shrek tried his best to convince Fiona that he is her true love, and that his kiss will make everything better. Fiona has no idea who Shrek is, and worst, she is already done with all the 'true love will make things better' story.

Will Shrek get his true love's kiss and go back to where he truly belong? Or will he just disappear??

I think this movie is great. All Shrek movies are entertaining and also educational. All of us came out from the cinema hall smiling....

What I've learnt from this movie is...

  • Be grateful for things that you have, for you will never be satisfied till it's all gone
  • True love conquers in the end =)
  • Never take something that was never meant to be yours in the first place
  • Never set a deal with someone you don't trust
  • Friends are forever!
Well, if you ask me, this movie is a definitely must watch with your family and friends! After a long day in class or at work, or a looooong tiring week, this is definitely the gateway.

And for me, I just enjoy it simply because my friends were there for me...

So girls, what's our next movie?


ms. mac said...

next: nightmare in elm's st!! hehehe

NaNa XD said...

we definitely shall!!! =)