Saturday, May 22, 2010

Preparation For The Big Day!!

June 18th will create another historical day in our family. My cousin, Faizah is getting married!! Everyone's excited to have yet another big event coming up!

So, this weekend, put aside watching tv and being online, I had to help out with the preparation. Somehow, my aunty - mama and my cousin Kak Anje are very gifted in handicraft. From my first cousin's wedding till today, they are the mastermind in the decorations especially the door-gifts. They make everything themselves from the bunga telur, the muffins, the chocolate and so on =) I've always love to 'steal' some of the chocolate chip cookies, and sometimes I would ask them to make some for me =)

The theme for this coming wedding is pink and purple! During our last trip to India, my aunty bought a lot.. and I mean it.. A LOT of material in that colour. I haven't made mine yet, maybe I'll just buy a ready made dress for the occasion. *Oh, I've also designed my new baju raya =)*

It sure takes a lot of time and effort to do all this, and I'm really glad that everyone's doing it together. My family's bond is as thick as blood, and I'm really proud of that. In my family, everything is like CNN! You just broke up, next second, everyone knows! Your friends praise you, next second, everyone knows! You have a crush on someone you met during a wedding, a dinner or anything, next second, everyone knows! But what I love about this is when you feel down, they're always there for you and when you need help, you definitely know they'll lend you a hand.

My sister, the most manja Aida Ab Rani is home for the weekend. She complained of headache, nausea and vomiting one week prior to coming home. She claimed that her vomitus contains digested food and she feels lethargy all the time. Differentials anyone? Well, since her Canon 500D is wayyyyy in Dubai, she did the honour taking these pictures using Aty's Canon IXUS 100IS. She's talented in that way. =)

Anyway, to anyone out there who is interested for such services can contact me =)

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