Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girl Next Door

I've been listening to a lot of songs since forever that I could ever remember. Some of them are nice, some are just crap. I prefer to listen to lyrics as compared to the music. To me, a good song should have a good message or a good meaning. The least a long could give is a good story line.

Oldies have this criteria - giving a good story line. Just listen to songs like Tell Laura I Love Her or Sad Movies or even Tennessee Waltz . It's telling you stories about love and lost. I love listening to these kind of songs, and sometimes I could imagine a movie acting out the lyrics. It would be beautiful!

Then there are also songs which are very poetical like Disney songs such as Colours of The Wind, Circle of Life and A Whole New World. I've grown up with these kind of songs and till today sometimes I still turn on my Disney's Best Collection CD in my car and sing-along to the wonderful tunes.

Other songs are just easy to listen. Like songs by Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and Miley Cyrus. These are songs liked most by girls. Songs about high school and so on. These songs bring me to yesterday, especially when I listen to my Fearless album by Taylor Swift, I would remember how Wafaa, Syazz and I would sing on the top of our lungs with our definitely annoying voices in the car in Sepang. Oh, I miss those days!!!!

What caught my attention are song where the lyrics are all about a girl who is no one, wearing sneakers, no cheerleader, no one in school, and she compares her self to the most popular girl in school, all pretty, sexy, lady-like and so on. Never have I listen to any song that portrays the emotion of the girl in the heels and skirts as compared to the girl in sneakers. It's just something like the movie Mean Girls!~

Give you the song "You Belong With Me" as an example. In the end of the video clip, she transformed herself into a dress-heels-wearing-girl and she caught the attention of the guy of her dreams.

Girls will always be girls. To me, it's not wrong for us to wear ladylike clothes, a dress, a skirt once a while. And it is definitely not a sin to try to put on some make up on that pale face, trying to look nice. Who says you would look desperate. Like Wafaa has always say - Heels brings confidence! Ngeee....

Sometimes the girl in the sneakers would want to wear heels, and sometimes the girl in heels would want to feel how it's like to wear sneakers. Nothings wrong. It's only normal.

What's most important is to be yourself and be presentable. You do not want your simple self without any powder and the just-woke-up look to be the way people see you. Being simple is not wrong, as too me, too much overdo would make you look 'trying too hard'. Just put on some powder and a tinge of lipstick or lip balm. It would work wonders.

On special occasions, it would be okay to dress up a bit more than usual. But do not limit dressing up ONLY to special occasions. Dress up does not mean wearing something fancy or blings, it means wearing something decent and nice accordingly. You might think you look cool by wearing a jumpsuit and sweatpants, but everything will create an impression. Yes, a jumpsuit and sweatpants would look great on the track, but people seeing you elsewhere will think you have just finished working out, all sweaty.

So what's simple?

Simple to me is a plain shirt with a pair of jeans. Maybe with some powder and lip balm. If you look too pale, a tinge of blush will do the trick. But you don't have to wear it all the time. And it is definitely okay to wear some ear-rings and a necklace.

This does not mean that I don't like to dress up. I definitely do. =)

I'm not so good in wearing makeup. Syazz is definitely wayyyyyy better. She even did the makeup for our friend during her dinner. You can see the results here. So, what do you think? She can definitely be a makeup artist. If you want her to do your makeup, just contact her through her blog!!! =) Oh, she's also the one who taught me all about makeups. If I am not in her group, I would not even know how to apply a blusher!!!! Honest!!

Just another advice, don't put on TOO MUCH makeup. It spoils the look and you just look like you're overdoing things. It just wont work.


ms. mac said...

nana....before this i only listen to the rythm, and never bothered about the lyrics....but u taught me to listen to the meaning of the song, now i learn to appreciate more of the songs and the stories behind it....huhu

btw nana, ade gak lagu yg talking about herself being vain e.g. lucky by britney spears

kan? huhuhu

NaNa XD said...

huhu.. ye la wafaa.. now that you've mentioned it, nnt i'll try to add it in.. hehe... best kan d lyrics =))