Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Simply Because I Have You

I am currently in week 6 of O&G, and in week 8 we'll be having our finals. How fast time flies, I thought it was just yesterday I was having cendol with Wafaa and Ammar at the food court near her house discussing how the third year will be, and now we're already finishing third year! It seems like just yesterday I enrolled in a medical school, dreaming of becoming a doctor, and now, I am more than halfway through =)

Wafaa has specially dedicated an entry for our group, Group 5. All the pictures are in her post which is right here

These group mates I have are definitely crazy yet caring at the same time, funny, but serious on occasions. I know somehow, even if we're not in the same group with them, they're just a phone-call or a text message away =)

I am lost of words to describe how meaningful this friendship is to me. It is beyond word, beyond everything. I just hope that it'll be a friendship that will never be tarnished by time, and change with age. It is a friendship to last forever, God willing.

I dedicate this song to my group mates, Ku Ada Kamu by Adira, the finalist of AF8. I don't really watch AF, but last weekend I watch the final, and think I really like this song..

If the sky falls tomorrow
Be strong and carry it with me
If tomorrow the world's in hurricane
I wont be scared as long as I have you..

Andai hari esok, langit akan runtuh
Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku
Andai hari esok, dunia gelora
Takkan kugemuruh selagi ku ada kamu...


ms. mac said...

nanaaaaa sekarang i plak sdey....=(( gonna miss our group soo much!

NaNa XD said...

dun cry wafaa.. handing onver the tissue box :)

Group said...

nana, so sweet lah u..em, i pun klu bley xnak tukar grup..nnt klu dpt ngan org yg kita xngam, kan susah..huhu..really gonna miss tis grup!!!!uhuk2...tq so much for everything guys..n sorry if i ade membuat korng terase..mesti adenyelah korng terase ngan i..sbb kita manusia, xterlepas dr melukakan hati orng lain walaupun kite xsedar..papepun, i sayang korang!!!!=)