Saturday, December 25, 2010

Its Been...

... days since that last mistake.

And God forbid I would ever cross that path ever again.

God forbid I would ever hurt you again.

God forbid you would ever cross my mind again.

I miss being in Dubai at the end of the year. Winter there does not equal to snow, or snowman, or anything in that sense. Just cold breeze, with a hot bowl of maggie made by mummy =) Bliss. Its easy.

I am really grateful I have a place to go where I would lose touch with everyone, unless I come online or blog or anything. Besides that, my phone is not on roaming, and it is super expansive to call or text using my Dubai number, which apparently is no longer in service. Haha.

You see, sometimes its really nice to escape everything, and just run away for awhile. Run from everything, everyone. It could be sick and tiring sometimes to be at square one over and over again.

But I'm done with that. I'm done with running, and its time to face reality. No matter how bitter it is, how hard it gets, I know I would have to do this. So here it goes. I shouldn't be that scared little girl anymore. Right?

And I know somehow I can do this.

Cause I'm not alone, I never will be alone.

I have you.

For you I will.

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