Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Of Being A Doctor - so far

Time flies, so they say. It has been almost 6 weeks since I am officially called Dr. The first few times people actually call me that, I actually cringe and felt really awkward. Seeing my name being written with the title in front of it makes it all look surreal.

The first week of work was rather smooth. Slowly, I began to love my work. I praise to God that up to this very moment I have not regretted my decision into becoming a doctor. Seeing my patients smile, and some of them even said thank you and remembered me when passing by around the hospital makes me think. "At least I am making a change and touching people's life."

But I do feel tired and exhausted at times. My whole body aches, I get leg cramps almost every single night, and I dream of managing patients! It is pathetic, I know, but sometimes I cannot help but wonder if I could have done something better during my duty.

Having a friend to talk to is more than important to get you through the day. Yes, I have Farid, but we decided not to go into the same ward as it will be difficult to ask for leave. So I am gladly stuck with Aneesah, a partner in crime and Milo drinker almost every single day! Having her around makes the day bearable. Apart of having other new friends who have the same wavelength, it is just awesome!!

A few days back I received my first pay. Surreal, I thought. All this while I wondered how it would feel to be spending your own money, and trust me, it felt good :) I treated mama, bapak, Aty, Abg Pit and Kak Rosha for lunch and my in-law's family for dinner on our post-call day. Spent quite a bit, but definitely worth it.

If I were to summarise my feeling of working, it is simple - I love it. And I thank God for making me have a strong heart and supporting friends. I pray that this enthusiasm will last a lifetime, insyaAllah :)

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