Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hello July, Sorry June

No posts in June!!!!!!!

Hahaha. I'm currently struggling for my final professional examination. Done with two, and one more to go.

June has been eventful and busy at the same time, with exam and wedding preparation, it has been really chaotic!!!

And no thanks to my mood, I'm being teary almost everyday. When I'm done with this exam, my life will change 180 degrees, and sometimes I am scared of the things that might happen.

Having supportive friends by my side has been helpful and I can't help but be grateful for giving me such great friends in this time of need.

Tomorrow is my last task before being a qualified doctor, and I need prayers and luck from everyone to get through. I promise I'll be a caring and safe doctor and that I will attend to anyone in need!

One more friends, just one more. We can do this!!!

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