Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Road trips are fun, be it with friends or family. But being a mix-blood of Kelantan and Melaka, I have spent countless hours on the road and eventually grew tired of it.

It is really important to be safe. No sleepy drivers please, as it is really dangerous with all the lorries and busses on the road with you. If you feel tired or sleepy, turn the radio on really loud could help, or just stop at any R&R station for that matter. It is also good to bring someone who can drive so that if you're tired they can drive for you :p

Today we are heading to Melaka, for our induction. First day of work. Pray for us!!!


david barkley said...

Desert Safari Dubai is most amazing thing in Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai said...

It means you had great fun, lovely Post...!