Monday, September 16, 2013

Getting Ready

Life has definitely change for Farid and I with the presence of Aleesya. I wouldn't say that it is easy, but we are having fun learning day by day.

Yesterday marks the day I finish my pantang and we had a family outing + Baem's wedding.

Usually it will take about an hour for Farid and I to get ready before any date. But yesterday, we had to add up another hour to get our little princess ready.

The fuss was all about her. Is she full? Are her diapers wet? Have we pack her bag? How many extra diapers do we need? What about a change of clothes?

I made sure that Aleesya was full before we leave the house, as she'll be in the car seat and I don't want her to feel hungry and need to feed her while in the car as it will be rather dangerous. After feeding and burping her, I ended up with this on my skirt.....

This is totally a new experience for us and we are totally loving it. Aleesya on the other hand has been a really nice baby, even when she's not sleeping she'll be able to play by her own in her pram. 

Here's to many more family outings. What would I do without these two?

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