Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aleesya's First Jab

Today marks Aleesya's 6th week of life! And she has a doctor's appointment for her first immunisation. 

I usually tell her if we're going to do anything new, so I told her about the jab and that it might hurt. I told her that it was okay to cry a bit, but not too much and that the jab is to make her healthy :)

Farid's working late today so he can't come to the hospital with us, so mama, bapak and little Dayyan brought us to the hospital instead.

Aleesya had to fast before the vaccine is given, so I fed her till she was full before leaving the house. She feeds two hourly, so I was rather worried that she might get hungry if the waiting line was long.

The first vaccine was given orally, and as Aleesya was already hungry, she did not reject it at all! The next one was a jab at her thigh. I was really worried, so I got mama to hold her while the doctor was injecting.

She did let out a cry which lasted for a whole 30 seconds, then went quiet. Sigh. She's such a good girl.

Now we are home happily and she is back in her comfort zone, on her bouncing chair with blankie and beanie ;)

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