Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Knot Tied Forever

I've been close to Kak Ija since I could ever remember. She's my cousin living in Melaka and during holidays I would spend the whole time in Melaka with all my cousins. It used to be a mad house, where everyone will be enjoying ourselves and doing crazy things together. I remember playing badminton in min afternoon till we were scolded by nenek, sewing dresses for our barbies, playing cards and watching movies together. There used to be an old building in front of our house in a Minangkabau style attached to the rest of our house where we would consider it as our playhouse and sometimes it feels like that part is going to fall down anytime!!!

I love all my cousins. We're close, even closer than siblings. It's like there's a bond between all of us that made us inseparable even after so many years have gone by. You might think that it's just like another relative, but in reality it is not. We defend each other through good and bad times, always with each other to face challengers and tease each other all the time!!

So much time has passed, though looking back, it feels as if only yesterday we had those childish fights about who would want to pick the channel and so on. Now most of my cousins, I mean those more than 25 are married with one or more or on the way children. Even so, our family bond is still strong, especially when we are together, we would talk and tease each other non-stop!

Last weekend I was hardly online as it was an extremely busy weekend for me. Kak Ija, my lovely cousin is finally tying the know with the love of her life, Firdaus. I don't know much about this Firdaus since I'm busy with classes and I seldom see him since he got engaged to my cousin, but I'm glad the whole ceremony ran through smoothly. =)

On Friday, 18th June 2010, at 3.30 pm, Firdaus finally said those words of promise to share a lifetime with my cousin, and with just one breath, they are husband and wife. A wedding bracelet was given as a symbol of forever love and eternity =)

Kak Ija then had her photoshoot sessions with A LOT of dresses, but I did not take all the photos as I would be disturbing the photographer's job =P

I was in charge of making sure all the kids were at their best behaviour for the day and that they will not create any scene. I warn you, we have a LOT of kids in our family, and this is not even half of them!!! Haha..

That night the "Berinai Besar" Ceremony was held. Kak Ija wore a beautiful dress and waited for her husband to come at the entrance of our house. Both bride and groom walked under a constellation of fireworks. Honestly, I'm scared of loud noises and fireworks aren't much of an exception. LOL. But I still think it was beautiful.

The night ended with an extremely loooong karaoke session and I danced the night away with cute little Huda =) She's SUPER adorable! Not to mention, blur too!! Hehe.

On Saturday, 19th June 2010 was the reception on our side, the bride's reception. I tried waking up as early as possible as my jetlag has not fully recovered. I got ready and immediately ask all my cousins to line up to get their make up done. I'm not good in doing the make up, but I'd rather see them with some colours on their faces rather than a pale I-just-woke-up face. I even put make up on my two adorable nieces Husna and Huda!

The guests started to arrive at about 10+ and we had to get ready very fast as most of us woke up at 9+. I wasn't even ready when the Berzanji group arrived. LOL.

It was a hot sunny day, a perfect day for a wedding. The guests were flowing well, everyone got a good seat and a good meal. The live band played wonderful songs, and I even performed a song especially dedicated to everyone who came that day =)
At about 2.50pm the groom arrived and once again they were put on parade before going up on the stage where everyone would be able to see and give their blessings. They were just beautiful, a match made in heaven, simply stunning and adorable. Oh, I was suddenly appointed as the bridesmaid and had to carry Kak Ija's long veil. Haha.

After the blessing ceremony, they headed to the main tent to have the formal lunch. As usual, I played my role helping to give the door gifts to the V.I.P which were the groom's family.

After the lunch ended, the guests started to lessen and we were lucky enough to taste the bride's food!!! Heee.. MY favourite part of all! Haha. I love the prawns and the red beef. Hehe. While I was eating, I was called for the photo session! Haha. I warned everyone NOT to take MY prawns =P

My parents head to the airport that very evening and both my sisters went back to Cyberjaya too. It was a great wedding, yet at the end of the day we were exhausted!! Oh, not to forget, the latest edition of our family, Mohd Dinie Ifad was also there!!! He's almost two months old and 101% cute! Oh, he's Abg Pit and Kak Rosha's first son, born in April =)

Today is the reception for the groom but sadly I could not attend as I followed mama home. I'm really sorry! =( I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I love you so much Kak Ija. Be happy!

Lots of love XOXO


Faidhi(FyD) said...

hey! nmpk best gile. hahahaha
d kids are so cute! Huda kn yg u tgh dancing wit tu? haih.. best2.
u and aida looked great in pink, btw.
wat song u nyanyi?

NaNa XD said...

hahahah... yea, it was super nice!
yup2, Huda yg dance ngan i.. comel kan dia!~
oh, i sang Apa Guna Berjanji by Saloma. Tot of singing another song, but had to take care of the kids. hehe

hey, hurry, come back!~ hahaha

ms. mac said...

nana!! i love the pink baju u and ur sister wore! they're lovely!!

NaNa XD said...

Wafaa! Tqx hun!~ heee