Wednesday, June 23, 2010


On the 21th of April 2010, we welcomed another member into the family.. Abang Pit and Kak Rosha's first baby, Mohd. Dinie Ifad was born at 38 weeks of gestation *Ok, enough with O&G*.

Anyway, I only had the honour to see him almost two months after that, on my cousin's wedding in Melaka last weekend. I wanted to attend his shaving ceremony but I had to be a mamma remember? Hee...

When I first saw him I was like.... "OMG, can I hold him???"

What can I say? He's cute!!!!!!!

Today he is 2 months and 2 days old. Grow up to be a refined young man my love.

So, as promised, I gave him a bottle sterilizer to ensure his bottles are well cleaned before his next meal. I even gave him a cute baby Pooh dress. I was waiting for him to come back from shopping, and when he did, I had to wait till he woke up to put it on him. Well, here it is.... See!!!!

He's so handsome! Haha. He'll be going back to Kedah on Friday, and God knows when I'm gonna see him again. Take care little Dinie. Gonna miss you so much. And don't forget your Aunty Nana =) Heeeeeeeeee. Love you so much!


Phyckeriee said...

Nana, nama dia Muhammad Dinie Iffat. . . bukan Ifad . . .hehe. . . saje nak betulkan. . . .

Fullmoon Princess said...

How cute he is ^^
His parents must be very proud of him... and Aunt Nana too!

Congratulations =D

NaNa XD said...

Abg Pit: Haha, sorry! =)

Fullmoon Princess: Thank you so much dear =)