Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Day.

I arrived at KLIA approximately at 6.10 this morning, waking up to a smooth landing. Having so many experiences on a plane enables me to judge if the pilot could able to land the plane smoothly or not. And this one, I'd give it a 9.5.

I waited in KLIA for our bags, only to find out that one of our bags have gone missing!!!! Thankfully, the bag contained food and a pair of high heels, but the high heels were adik's new Nine West heels that she was supposed to wear for the wedding this weekend. Poor adik =( Huu. But I guess you'll get a new one anyway.

After breakfast, which I didn't find so nice, I head home.

I'm currently finishing a novel I bought right after my final exams last week. Only a few more pages to go, and I'd be done.

But what I'm worried about is that I will have to move out of this house in a week, and I haven't pack anything yet!!!! Sigh. Maybe I'll start packing as soon as I come back from the wedding.

I must TRY to get some sleep. Tomorrow I'll be driving and I don't want to be dozing off behind the wheel. God forbid!

And right now I am in desperate need of advice on orange, pink and nude makeup! Any suggestions anyone?

I guess I'll be updating again if I can't sleep later. LOL.

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