Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Do You Ever Stop Loving?

People come and people leave, leaving footprints all over your heart. Some of them are just tiny bits and pieces that would eventually be erased with time, and some leaves bigger ones, which remains in your heart. We meet people everyday and fall in love. Then, our hearts get broken, shattered into a million pieces.

The feeling of heartbreak is just unbearable, it's like there's a huge hole inside you that you could never be able to fill in. A hollow feeling, where nothing seems to be in place anymore and you just don't want to wake up and face another day. It feels like nothing matters anymore.

But do you really stop loving the person you once loved? The person you once held in your heart for so long, the person you once shared your every dream? I would say no.

Yes, hearts get broken, but it doesn't get smaller. It just heals, though not the same, but it's different. You will find the strength to expand it even more, to give space to another person. This new person may never fill in the hole that was once created, but will create a new comfort, where you'll be fine once more. The heart will keep on expanding, giving room to each person you want to love, if you just learn to love them.

Someone once asked me, how to forget the person they once loved.

The answer is simple.. - You never do.

That person will forever have a place in your heart, but the new person will shine brighter. Just like a constellation of stars in a midnight sky. You don't see them all, but every single one of them is shining upon you. You will only see the brightest of them all, and that's the person you really love and cherish your whole life.

Love is never lost. Love is never replaced.

Sometimes a person leaves you just because he or she found another sparkling star in their lives. It might sound cruel, but it happens. And one day, you'll find a brighter star to wish upon. You heart wont be broken forever and new love will come definitely.

There are time when you don't get to tell the person you love that you love them, and then the chance that you had just passes by. Fate sometimes has its own twist and turn your luck around, but sometimes you just regret the day you didn't say those words.

Love is a gift you give yourself.


ms. mac said...
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ms. mac said...

i second almost all the things u said. but nana, from what i had in falling in love and getting out of love, i think that love is simple. it only seem complicated to those who's not really keen on breaking up at the time of the breakup. from what i had, the 1st two was so easy to let go only the third took me some time and thats simply bcuz i wasnt ready to forgive. when i have forgiven, everything seemed fine. i forgot y i was even broken hearted in the 1st place. and of coz, time healed me. totally.

well, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. loved wut u wrote! ur expressions and opinions got me into deep thoughts =)

luv ya!

NaNa XD said...

dear wafaa, ur such a strong girl, and i have no doubt that you would fine someone that will make your dreams come true. I'm glad ur healed and i wish you all the happiness, joy and love in this world. i love you!

Fullmoon Princess said...

Look, more important than love someone is love yourself. You must look to the mirror of life and aprecciate everything you see. That's the first step to be happy and if you do that, no one could never don't love you.


NaNa XD said...

Fullmoon Princess, I totally agree with you. As long as we love ourselves, there will be someone who loves us =)

Farish Elmy said...

For me, the answer is no. But it depends on situation even we do move on but it may take many years depending on how deep the love was. True love never dies. Its not the erotic type love. its the real deep caring that exists in our heart and soul. Yes its very hard to forget but it takes time to heal and accept that its over.

My friend says : "Love is a part of Life and sometimes Life just doesn't go the way you want it to go"

As I know, in life we have three types of people we meet... the leaves, the branches and the roots... the leaves may make the tree look pretty but its only for a season because it does fall off and it does very easily... those are the people that comes and go in and out of our life.. then there are the branches. the branches can be confusing because they stick to the tree and all though they may not be as easy to break they can fall off... those are the people who are there for us but we know there will be a time in our life when we will need to get rid of them... then they are the roots... we may not always have to see them but they are there holdiing us down... no matter how hot or cold it may be the roots are always there holding down the tree... sometimes in life we have to let the brances of our tree fall off. it will be harder than just taking off leaves because its been there for a while but time does heal all wounds... i really believe that, Kak Nana... =]

lot of love,

NaNa XD said...

Rishmie... thanks for the lovely comment. yea, it definitely depends on the situation. but don't worry, true love will find you, i believe that =) and when you do, never let go

Farish Elmy said...

hehe ok2...thanks too :P:P