Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Welcome to the 4th year of medical school!~

So I officially started my clinical posting yesterday with a loooooooong talk by the deputy dean, the batch coordinator and my posting coordinator. My first posting will be orthopaedics, and I'm loving it. Heeeee!~

I'll be leaving for Terendak this weekend =) Chia's coming too, so we're gonna have so much fun!~

Yesterday was super tiring. After the day ended, all I wanted was a super long nap. And yea, it really energized me at night, I was super hyper when Era came. =) Hehe.

I need to go back to mama's this weekend as they'll be leaving for UK next week and I wont be around to send them off =( Happy Raya in advance!~ I really hope we could register in Terendak after National Day, but it all depends on what Prof. Khai has to say about that. Huuuuu. But I don't really mind, since I will be able to spend time with Huda, Husna and Acip, so nothing matters, really!~ Heeeeee....

I'm kinda drowsy today. Haven't had coffee for quite some time, and today I had a can of it to keep me awake. And yes, my head is spinning! Urgh.

Oh, class is at 12!~ =)) *Happy Face!*

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