Thursday, August 12, 2010


My life has been pretty eventful these few days. It all started with a day before Ramadhan when I went out with Mr. Zamri Hussin and Cik Izzaty for a lunch date at Pavilion. We had a decent lunch at Madame Kwan's and a complete tour of Pavilion. I wanted to send them to Kak Niza's office near Pudu, but it was slightly after 4.30 and I doubt that I could ever make it to home in the next couple of hours!!! Sorry darlings, will drive you guys again next time, definitely!~

Then I had to rush back to meet my supervisor for my proposal. There was a huge traffic jam at Jalan Tun Razak, so I was kinda late. Oh well. She was waiting for us already, but we met her for barely 5 minutes!

That night, I went to Williams Kelana Jaya with a few friends. We were aiming to eat as much as we could before fasting. Haha. Syazz almost finished a whole meal. Pity her, she didn't like her drink. Ok Syaz, next time I'll stop you from ordering anything with avocado in it, okay????? Heeeeeee. I'm really gonna miss this cute girl once we're posted in our clinical rotation. I guess I'll be calling her now and then anyway. Syazz, thanks for always being there, and I'm really sorry for everything you had to put up to. I really appreciate you as my friend and I'm blessed to have one like you. I would not want to ask for anyone else!! =) No one to gossip and tell my deepest secrets! You are so going into my top 10 list of most dialed numbers sayang! Hahahahah.

Then the first day of Ramadhan, we had a loooooooooooooong day of presentations. There were 18 groups and we ended the day at almost 5pm! The Q&A were not as scary as we thought it could be. Heeeee. Prof. R was kinda funny throughout the whole posting and we decided it is because it's not clinical - yet. Heeeeeee.....

A couple of friends and I went to OU for Iftar in Seoul Garden Restaurant. The traffic was horrible, but the food was amazing, and we spent almost 3 hours there! Our tummies were full and we went home happily ever after =) I wished Syazz and Era could've join us yesterday. Maybe we'll plan that for another time!!~

My parents are both here, though their flight was delayed last night. Huuuuu. And last night I had a bad, bad, bad, gastric attack! Urgh! I still can't comprehend why I had gastric when I had A LOT for iftar. Mummy brought me to HPJ and when I was called, it was Dr. J. Hahahah. Funny, he thought I was Kakak. Oh, whateva. I insisted on injection, which resulted in immediate side effect of light headed-ness!! I had be observed for over an hour in the A&E. Thankfully nothing happened later on and I was allowed home. I am grateful that I actually took the injection, if not I wont be able to fast today. Huuuuu.... It was 3.30am when we arrived home, and mummy immediately prepared the sahur.

So today I did not go to class since I had trouble waking up. My tummy was okay up to the evening, well, I don't really expect it to be 100% okay, not by fasting. I finally found the answer I was looking for! I had gastric not because I didn't eat, but because I did not have rice!!!!! Hahahah. I am such a rice-lover, since I was young. Mummy kept on insisting on that fact! Haha.

Anyway, tomorrow is officially the final day of REBM. I can't wait to go back to fast at home!!! Oh, adik's coming back every weekend. Haha. Good for her. I hope she finds it in the heart to accept the school. She's in good hands now, and I hope she'll be fine =)


akusyazz said...

nana, jgn la wat post cmni...nanti i nangis!!

abel said...

haha nice update. a whole week's life in one? hehe. yup how i wish all of us can do rotations together kan? EBM regathering was gr8. too bad we're too big as a group!

NaNa XD said...

Syazz: No cry-cry syg... :))

Abel: Too big as a group? you get that one right. Yea, so many things in just one week, and it's not even the end of the week yet!! hahaha :P how I wish we not need to be separated.