Thursday, August 19, 2010


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder...

Some girls go frantic when they see the number on the weighing scale goes up, even by just one digit. Then they start to wonder what they had for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole month! Then they start to count the calories they had taken, and worst, they stop eating altogether!

Some of these girls end up binge eating, where they eat A LOT of food at once, and the next thing they do is stop eating. And the vicious cycle goes on and on and on.

Is it really important to be all thin and slim??

I used to have no problem with my weight till I started to eat a lot during my first professional examination preparation. Eating makes me less stressed up, and yea, I ate almost all the time. Most of the members from my study group gained extra pounds towards the examination.

And daddy got really mad! =(

He gave me a long lecture about weight gaining and having a healthy life. It's not that I was obese or even overweight or anything, it's just that it's NOT YET. And you would regret the day you're diagnosed with chronic conditions like that.

So after my examinations, I went into this ultimate realization where I had to lose weight. I HAVE to! I noticed most of my friends gained weight throughout the exam season and holidays, so I managed to gather up a few friends and we TRIED to lose weight by eating healthily.

It took a lot of courage and support, as I have left sports since forever that I can remember *make that since I enrolled into med school* and I am nowhere near FIT!

But cutting off my diet was the best I did, though I rarely exercised. I was in 3rd year of medical school, and I hardly have any time to do anything! Oh fine, I am a nerd. Though that's not the reason I don't do outdoor activities. I really miss the days in Sunway when I actually had the spirit to do those stuff as all I needed was to go down the elevator, now it doesn't seem fun anymore. Haha.

Then Amar came and introduced me to wall climbing. Yea, it was super fun! Though I realized that my hands and legs get super shaky. I easily panic, and that was a real problem to me.

Up till today, I am still nowhere near fit! Haha. But thank goodness the diet worked out.

Now, my official weight is 43kgs. Back to basics =)

What I realize today is that the figure on the weighing scale is just a set of digits. What most important is how you look, your body figure. I don't want just to be light, with no curves, a walking stick. And I definitely don't mind to have some extra kgs at the right places - if you know what I'm talking about *winks*

But above it all, the most important thing is to be healthy, no matter what you weigh or how you look like. I hate it when a person tells you that you should be thinner or fairer or prettier, as no one is perfect and you are just trying to pull a person's self esteem down. Be supportive, use the right words to tell them how they should be, and don't ever look down on them. They might not look so nice to you, but just angelic in another person's eyes.

And to all the girls out there, if a guy doesn't like you just because of the way you look or who you are, NEVER change for him, as he is definitely not worth it. One day you will find a guy who loves you for who you are, be it your looks, your voice, the way you carry yourself or the way you smell. And that is the man you've been looking for.

I've watched this movie a few years back, and it really tells you that superficial beauty is not what matters. What matters most is who you are on the inside, and that is all that matters.. =)

200 Pound Beauty


Fullmoon Princess said...

Oh great message Nana! ^^
Yes, you're right. This remember me one friend of mine. She's absolutly normal, but the boy she like... well, he doens't like her the same way she like him, so she began, some months ago, a great diet. She wasn't fat... she's one of the most thin girls I know. And I asked her one day, why she was changing for a person who doesn't accept her for who she was. And she told me: because I love him. But I believe that love (true love) haven't any eyes. We simply love, because yes, with any explication.

We love one person because of what she is (fat, thin, silly, smart...), not because of what we want to.

(Sorry dear, for my english]

NaNa XD said...

Hey Fullmoon Princess, it's true, love is blind. You just love. And there are times when the blindness hurts you so much.

Most importantly, you have to love yourself first =)

Don't worry about your English dear, it'll be perfect soon =)

Fullmoon Princess said...

Yes, I think my english isn't bad at all =P But it could be better, maybe with time I reach that. I wish I could speak english so well as I speak Portuguese. ^^

I don't understand a word of the trailer, but I caught the message ^^ It's a message to all our lives xD

PS: Your weight is so low... is that normal in your country? =O How strange... here that will mean that you have anorexia... =O But in Rome be Roman ^^

NaNa XD said...

Hahaha. The weight actually depends on the size of your body. I'm kinda petite, so this weight my be best for me. If I go heavier, I might easily get overweight!!!

Your English will definitely be perfect some day =)

Haha. I can't find any trailers with the subtitles!!! Sorry!!!