Sunday, August 15, 2010

Of Memories and Growing Up

Last night I sent a dear friend to the airport. We have been close since I was 17, a few days before our SPM.

Well, he hated me at first sight. I guess many of you do too. Not that I care, but just don't judge me before getting to know me first. Cause if you still hate me after knowing who I am, that's totally fine :) But if you decide to listen to other people, then I would suggest, please leave.

Then the first text message brought us to unstoppable conversations about everything under the sun. I enjoyed texting and talking to him so much.

Moving into Sunway, he went to INTEC, and was about to go to Australia, but there were some problems, so he had to continue his studies in IMU.

Last night, he left for Ireland.

At this very second, I miss him...

He's a friend, a brother, a critic and everything in between. He is bold, he tells you stuff that hurts your feelings the most, but most of them are true. He's judgmental, but he is able to change his first impression.

Oh, he is also a really good sweet talker. LoL...

Whenever I am down, or there are things bothering me, he'll be the one I'll call. I just need to listen to his silly jokes, and everything will be alright.

I know things have change between us, a lot. You've found new friends, I've found new friends too. But one thing that will never change is our friendship. Thank you for always being there for me, helping me getting through the hardships of life, the little tiny bits of it, the big chunky parts too. I know sometimes your advice are just jokes, not meant to be taken seriously, and some of them are too painful to bear, but you always thought the best of your friends, and that's why, though whatever people say about us, we will stick up for each other.

Amar Faliq,
I wish you all the best. Things will definitely change when you come back next summer, and I really hope that I will be able to meet you in London soon! But my number wont change, so you'd better call me soon. Haha. Be good, study hard, 'cousin'. Take care, and just remember, you always have a friend in me. =)


Fullmoon Princess said...

Don't worry Nana, he'll be back soon. I have a great great friend in Brazil too. We only can talk in Internet but our friendship never changes because of that.

I'll give you an advice:
In Portuguese we said that distance could make relationships more strong or simply destroy them. I'm sure your case is the first. It won't be easy but you'll see that isn't the end of nothing.

God bless you for what you are Nana ;)

From Portugal with friendship ;)

PS: Maybe one day you can visit my country... don't worry, I can teach you some words of Portuguese xD

NaNa XD said...

Hey, thank you so much. I know that true friends are hard to find, and when you do, you must keep them closely to your heart.

Maybe one day I will visit you. Thanks for all the wonderful comments =)