Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Final Week

It's already the final week of REBM, and it still feels like just yesterday I was whining about not wanting to come back to college so soon. This whole month in REBM has been a mixture of every single emotion a person could feel, but by the end of the day, I'm glad it's finally over and I hope I would be able to move on. If ever I were to look back, I just hope I could smile.

It's Monday, and tomorrow will be the last day we could eat in broad daylight. Ramadhan's coming, everyone is excited. Me too!! =) I still remember those days when I was younger, I used to play all day to avoid thinking of food, and it works! My cousins and I will sew new clothes for our barbie dolls and even give them a new haircut for the coming Eid. Haha. My parents told me that we'll be spending Raya in Kelantan. I prefer spending the Raya in Melaka, but oh well, anywhere would do. I only have 3 days holiday, so it wont make much difference anyway.

I'll be having one week holiday before I commence into my clinical posting, and my first posting will be orthopedics! I might need to go to Melaka for a maximum diration of 3 weeks, but oh well, it's like holiday there. Haha.

So, what have I learn in REBM?

1. Research proposals
2. How to conduct a study
3. ........ hahahahah

I can't wait for the one week holiday next week! Gonna spend all my time at home doing literally nothing. Oh, I have some shopping to do. Now, where's my shopping partner??????

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