Monday, August 16, 2010

I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing

Chia showed me this video of a Japanese singer singing this song. She's really good! Her voice is superb and she is pretty too :) Heee. I wanted to have a haircut just like that once, but someone wont let me, saying it'll take 10 years off me, meaning, I'll look like I'm 12. So I cut off the idea and yea, be happy with this long curly redhead that I'm having :) Hahaha.

The lyrics of this song is so deep, not just about someone watching their loved ones sleeping, but about not missing a single moment that presents in life. I would love to have someone watch me sleep, *sounds like Twilight, right?* though the next thought it would be creepy and deeply embarrassing too. Haha. I don't even know how I look like when I close my eyes, how worst it could be when I'm sleep! Urgh don't remind me!! I loved a line in The Expendables last night, "One day you'll be happy to find a man who just wants to watch you sleep." Can I have him to keep, please????

Oh, adik likes a guy who likes to watch her sleep, then again, she also wants someone who can sparkle in the sun. So yea. LoL.

It's true, that we shouldn't let anything in life stop us from appreciating what matters most to us. Sometimes we have to let go of something in order to gain something, and sometimes we just need to fight for our rights, if it is worth fighting for. But knowing which one to let go, and which one to hold on to will forever remain a mystery, until the day we actually take the step and face the music.

Life doesn't give you choices. It gives you options to pick, and when you have, you can't turn back.

There were some things lingering in my mind, intensified with doubt. But now my greatest fear is gone, and I know that it is mine to keep =)

I don't want to miss my life, waiting for something that will never come, or miss it by holding on. I don't want to miss the things that I have let go, things that have brought me up, or things that have defined me in the past. I might not be the same little girl I once was, so help me please in redefining myself.

There are times when I wonder if what I have done the right choice by giving up... Only time can tell, and if it doesn't I guess maybe I wont find out here, I will in the hereafter.

I'm insecure and scared, at times I'm so vulnerable and fragile. I'm scared of things that I'm uncertain of, things that I could never understand. And I'm also scared that I would lose it all, and have nothing to hold on to.


Just bear with me for a moment, hold me tight, and I'll be alright.

I'm now home, having a one week holiday. I have a lot of things on my mind waiting to be done. Let's start with watching all the movies in the laptop =) And a long list of food I would want for iftar.. Hahaha... I only have a one day holiday for raya, so mind me please =) Heeeeeee///


abel said...

I kinda like ur post here. A lot of it really makes sense. You know which line :)

And the song's always a favourite. It's a dream for a girl to have that kind of man, who's devoted enough to love her kan? haha ok im crapping.

almost a week dah puasa. happy sahur+iftar+bpuasa! huhu

ms. mac said...

i like this post too!!! nana...i tgh period niiii...lagy2 la my emotions shaking...huhuhu

NaNa XD said...

Abel: I think the line from the movie? heeeeee... or u like them all??

Haha. A childish dream we will never outgrow, oite?

Happy Ramadhan to you too *covers it all, aite?*

Wafaa: hahahahhaha...... ur emotions shaking dear? dun wurry, you'll always have your girlfriends here for you, doll =) heeee

ms. mac said...

btw, adik u xley blah! someone to watch her sleep + sparkles in the sun! ahahhaha! edward!

NaNa XD said...

hahaha.. tell me abt it, kan wafaa.. so girly girl dreams. LoL