Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Come What May

I was viciously scanning through the TV when I suddenly found out that Moulin Rouge was going to go on air on channel 413 =) Heeeee.. I have loved this movie sinced my dear friend Xander from A Levels introduced me to it. Actually, he was not introducing me to the movie, he introduced me to the soundtrack, this song in particular, as we were auditioning for a play in the campus =P

Oh well, I have always loved musicals. Name it, Cats, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Hello Dolly, and a lot more, I know them all. I can even sing along with most of them. LoL. I would kill to be a part of a play, may it just to be the tree!!! Hahaha. It takes a lot to be in a big production like that, and I could love to be a part of something big and somehow magical to me.

Moulin Rouge is about a courtesan falling in love with a penniless writer, and had to go against all odds to be together, though in the end, she had to give in to a bigger power, more powerful than love itself.

The movie was about the Bohemian Revolution where a man went to the city of Paris, and accidentally accepting a job as a writer in a new musical Spectacular Spectacular. It is a combination of freedom, truth and love. And the songs sang in the movie were like my favourite!!!!! =) Oh, this movie is also hilarious! It's a combination of emotion you could ever feel!

There's two parts in this movie where they sing this song. I love this part the most =) Especially when the gun hit the Eiffel Tower =P

*I am freakishly posting a lot of songs lately!~ urgh!

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