Friday, August 27, 2010

After a Whole Week...

I'm still not in the "4th year medical student mode" just yet.

The week has been kinda long and tiring, yet fun and exciting in another way.

I'm leaving to Terendak on Sunday, so I was literally texting everyone from my previous group to have iftar with me. Syazz ALMOST joined me in Nelayan, yet I managed to get her to come with me on Thursday and Friday!~ Heeeeeee... I also had iftar with Wafaa too, oh, I miss having iftar and Sahur in Sepang with them!~ =(

Friday = Holiday = FUN!

Syazz and I had iftar together and Era came over for a little girly girl time =) It was super fun! Heeee... I'm gonna miss my dolls so much!

It's gonna be a long three weeks, and I don't think I'll be coming back to KL during the weekends. Nothing to look forward to, really, and with the fasting going on, I doubt I'll be having the energy to drive all the way back to KL.

I think I'll be spending most of my time at my grandma's, since I haven't had much time there yet. The last time I've been home was during my cousin's wedding, and it has been months since.

Oh well, I hope I'll get the attitude right, I need to start studying. Our exams will only be after the final week of the second posting. I hope I don't get too relaxed. Since ortho is holidays, anyway.

It's a big weekend for some of us. Events and all. Wishing you all the best. I hope this weekend will be the beginning to a never ending happiness in your life. =)

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